I know, I know. This isn’t a day later, but this news is far too exiting to hold back. The CW has announced their renewals and cancellations for this year.


Ringer and The Secret Circle will not be returning next fall. I think everyone was expecting this. Sorry for those of you who read Aussiello’s tweet about the renewal of The Secret Circle. I was one of them. Bummer!

Gossip Girl will be returning for their final season of 10 or 11 episodes. Nikita and Hart Of Dixie are also renewed.

They’ve also ordered Arrow, The Carrie Diaries, Cult, First Cut and Beauty and The Beast. Cult has been given the 13-episode order.


There are also some cancellations at NBC. Bent, Awake, Best Friends Forever, Are You There, Chelsea? and Harry’s Law have been cut from their schedule.

They’ve added one last new show!

  • Next Caller: Single-Camera comedy focusing on an alpha male DJ and his new, feminist co-host set in their office of a satellite radio station starring Dane Cook.


Some good news for the Happy Endings fans, because this one is coming back!

Again, see you guys tomorrow or when they release exiting news!


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Guinevere De Raymaeker
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  • Extremely bummed about the Secret Circle news. Ugh. It truly, I think, was becoming one of their best series. Quite honestly, I’ve been enjoying it more than TVD as of late (then again, I don’t review TSC, so that could be it). I’m glad about Nikita. It’s such an ambitious show. Really glad it’s back.

    And about Gossip Girl… well… dot dot dot.

    • I’m really bothered by Secret Circle getting cancelled too. I think it was so much better than Gossip Girl or 90210. I wish some other network would pick up Secret Circle, but somehow I doubt it happens

      I am happy too about Nikita surviving though.

      • Ooh and I forgot to mention that I’m EXTREMELY excited for CULT!!! Can NOT wait for that show!

        • I’m really excited about Cult too!
          Bad thing it’s only a 13-episodes season. 🙁

          • GuinevereDeRaymaeker

            That could be a good thing for Cult. With those kind of series it’s better not to drag things out. They should have done the same with Ringer imo.

          • And there’s also First Cut. Looks interesting too. 😛

          • Yeah, that’s true. I did gave up Ringer on episode 13, and I’m supposed to be excited for Arrow, since I am an avid Smallville fan, but I don’t see how this will work out without Justin Hartley. I’ll check it out anyway.

          • GuinevereDeRaymaeker

            It will be superconfusing. Justin Hartley in First Cut and then another dude in Arrow

          • Dont quite understand why they did that. But is ok.

  • xrnzaaas

    Cancellation of TSC was a big surprise to me. I didn’t like the show personally, but it was performing decent in the ratings… I guess CW has bigger expectations for Thursdays and with TVD as a lead-in.

  • Eric Pharand

    TSC and Nikita were my two favorite CW series.

    Couldn’t Gossip Girl/Supernatural have finished up their storylines this season? They’ve been on forever. 90210 has no/minimal multi-season storylines so doesn’t need another season either. Ringer started out fine then got progressively worse and apparently just crazy for crazy’s sake after I quit. Nikita’s storylines are scattered but I’d be fine with another half-season. TSC started out slow and and got lost by mid-season but the last third was very good. I think I only watched the first third of HOD before I couldn’t tolerate it anymore. I guess if you liked the concept, you can excuse it’s faults. I hope people didn’t just watch it to see shirtless Wade cause that would be sad.
    Awake would have done better on another night. Bent was better than Are you there Chelsea ? though DeeDee was hilarious.Happy Endings is one of the best and most consistently funny sitcoms ever.

    Arrow and Cult look promising.

  • Spike

    very sad for Ringer but I knew it was coming. I found TSC a very dumb show so I don’t care that it was cancelled. At least my favorite comedy Happy Endings got renewed for a full season!!! A-mah-zing! 😀

  • Jen

    I’m sad that Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to TV wasn’t more successful, but I could never get into Ringer or take it as seriously as it took itself. I enjoyed the Secret Circle but I’m just not invested enough to really care that it got cancelled. At least the show ended with Faye and Jake being hot and together and Diana finally leaving. I’m good.

    SO HAPPY about Hart of Dixie and Nikita! I LOVE THEMMM. I’m glad that Gossip Girl gets a few episodes it knows for sure are its last so it can wrap of the series in (hopefully) a satisfying way. All in all, I approve CW.

  • Gossip Girl will be returning for their final season of 10 or 11 episodes. Nikita and Hart Of Dixie are also renewed.

    Sorry, I'm just really really happy that they've renewed Nikita. This show is amazing, the plot is insane, the characters are perfect, the dialogues are well-written, the action is mind blowing! These last episodes are being heartbreaking, but now I can enjoy it to the most! There will be Season 3! Yes! Yes! Yes!.

    Oh, congrats to GG, it needs an ending after all.

  • Jen

    WTH (heck) is wrong with some of this world!!! how could one not get into ringer 😮 maybe it was hard for some of you guys to relate to…I can because I have a twin sister…well triplets but its two girls and a boy, my sis and i are closer lol :p Well anyways i am extremely dissapointed at the way the series ended, how could it end with Bridget finding out siobhan is alive!! ugh! It’s one of the best shows CW has ever had. Well I am appreciative they kept vampire diaries and Nikita, but i really wish they would have kept CW. It always made my tuesday nights. Sarah Michelle Gellar was perfect for the double roles as well lol!

    • Jen

      I meant ringer:p lol

    • Jen

      This is an upset just like ghost whisperer and hawthorne :p i wish those shows were never cancelled also lol:p