It’s official: some shows are just not going to return this year. Upfronts was all last week and in the process, the networks sealed some of our favorites from never returning on the small screen. (Truth be told, some we could do without. But that’s not the purpose of this post.)

We here at NoWhiteNoise also have a few we’re quite saddened over. These series will never get to finish their stories — we’ll never know what happens after that awesome cliffhanger. Sad. So, here are just a few cancellations we’re taking quite passive aggressively, and in the comments share yours!

It helps to share the grief, you know?


One of the most genius series I’ve seen in a long time. Quality TV with superb acting! NBC can’t handle high-concept dramas. I feel for you, Jason Isaacs.


It was absurd but it had me on the edge of my seat and I love SMG!

The Secret Circle

The show’s ratings weren’t the best, but they were better than most of The CW’s shows. How could they renew Gossip Girl and not renew TSC? It’s so sad that every show Britt Robertson is in gets cancelled. Give the girl a chance. First LUX, now this. The show was fun and suspenseful; it was a stupid move canceling it.


It really started to find it’s footing toward the end (though I admit the season finale was a bit of a mess).   Desperate Housewives wasn’t really going to give it any ratings, imo, and then ABC aired two episodes in one night and took it off for a week.  It was just bad placement and I don’t think the network committed.  It had the makings to be really good guilty pleasure TV.

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Okay, okay, okay…so technically it ended, but also technically NBC made that decision for the show. And it’s been months, but I’m still not over it. A month ago, “Rivers and Roads” popped up on shuffled and I cried (not really, but you understand). Two days ago, I accidentally stumbled across a Chuck GIF on Tumblr and almost had a breakdown (this one may have been real). Truthfully, I don’t ever think a show will replace what Chuck is for me. One of the best shows of my generation, and my favorite show of all time. I’m calling it. And there’s lots of time left!

Michael Collado
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  • Katie Kindle

    The cancellation of GCB hurt my heart. Yes it was outrageous and a little out there but coming from an East Texas girl sadly not all of this show was that to far off base. And with TSC I’ve got my fingers crossed that another network will pick it up. The show got more viewers than 3 of the shows CW renewed so I have no idea what they were thinking.

  • I’m still recovering from the Chuck finale. I loved Chuck so much.

  • TSC’s cancellation was heartbreaking. it was getting really good. the end scene with the balcoin children would’ve made an incredible storyline. :'(

  • They’re cancelling AWAKE??? That’s CRAZY!!! What a great show!!!

  • My soul has been aching over Awake for a few weeks now. :'( I hope TNT can step in like it did for Southland or Direct TV with Damages. #allthetearsssforeverrr

  • Rachel

    I’m gutted about The Finder being cancelled. Hart Hanson is such an incredible writer. At least Bones is still on, but The Finder will definitely be missed.

  • katherine_fan

    The secret circle.I enjoyed it more than TVD this year.And you know what?If the secret circle had been airing before the vampire diaries,I believe it wouldn’t have been cancelled because the ratings would have been a lot better.I was disappointed that the Ringer got cancelled,too.Not all the episodes were great and I wasn’t shocked that they cancelled it,but I was hoping that it would get better in season 2.I know it’s not on the list but another cancellation I didn’t see coming was CSI Miami.I don’t know if it had low ratings but I still can’t believe that I won’t be seeing Horatio Cane next fall!

  • CHUCK!!! *ugly sobs* I got the DVD box set last week, and I still haven’t been able to watch anything on it besides the bloopers. And I really want to watch the finale with the commentary, but whenever I get close to doing it, I freak out and turn the TV off. I cried so hard the first time around, literally cried myself to sleep, I don’t think I’m prepared to experience it again.

    But nothing will be as bad as the total meltdown I had when Lost ended. I didn’t leave my house for a week after that one. Can’t even imagine what I’ll be like when Fringe ends.

    I’m sad Awake got cancelled, but not at all surprised. It was great, but the plot would have been much better suited for a movie. Plus NBC is the devil and likes to cancel anything worth watching.

  • Vivy

    Obv. TSC. Still haven’t recovered from the loss, and probably never will. <.< And I'm still hoping another network will pick it up. The show is gold.

  • xrnzaaas

    I think I’ll miss Chuck the most, but I’d also wish that The River and Alcatraz would continue.

  • Val

    I’m still mourning the loss of Dark Angel, 10 years ago.

  • luzmf

    I’m in denial stage about TSC cancellation.

  • BruNzr

    The Secret Circle
    I can’t believe they’ve cancelled it )’:

  • Neiro

    TSC mostly because I didn’t think it would happen, the ratings could’ve been better but it was there with a lot of CW’s shows. I’m not happy ¬¬

  • Michele

    Unforgettable is gonna be quiet a loss as well.
    I’m in the process of watching the entire series of Chuck (I’m on S4 nearly 2 weeks since watching the pilot) and I’m already bracing myself for the finale (which is about 35 episodes away for me). It has quickly become my favorite show to watch.

  • Chuck!! Broke my heart into a billion pieces.

    And I’m still not over the way they ended Heroes. I will never forgive NBC for leaving me hanging with that ending!