Yesterday’s Vampire Diaries panel at Comic-Con was anything but satisfying. We learned nothing new, basically. It was all AU — if the cast were ever in a Hunger Games arena, who would they kill first? Who’s the one character they want their character to hook up with? Nothing cannon, really. They might as well have written a fanfiction then and there. And that, of course, pissed me off because I had stayed up till 2 AM after being exhausted all day just to read tweets and live-blogs about what’s next on TVD. But some of things said at the panel did get me thinking, what do I really want from the next season of The Vampire Diaries?

6. Gone But Not Forgotten

One of the pieces OLD news that was “revealed” last night was that Matt Davis will contractually be able to appear on TVD next season. One of the fans suggested that he returns in flashbacks, but I’m not really interested in those because I feel like we learned everything there is to know about Alaric and his past – unless they are Dalaric flashbacks with new footage; I would die for that. But the Alaric I really want to see in season 4 is the Alaric Jeremy saw after he died, the guy that told Jeremy he’d always be there watching over him. I want him to return when day when all hell is breaking loose in Mytsic Falls and only he can help them from the Other Side. I cannot imagine the show without Alaric, so they better bring him back next season. But I’m pretty optimistic, to be honest. The show has proved to be loyal to its dead ones over the past three seasons and that gives me lots of hope.

5. The Return of Katherine Pierce

Julie Plec has repeatedly said that Katherine won’t return to Mystic Falls until the Klaus threat is gone (and she said it again last night), and since we know Klaus is not leaving anytime soon, where does that leave Katherine? I don’t think there’s a time as ideal for Katherine to return as now. I mean, Elena’s a vampire, for crying out loud. How freaked out will Katherine be when she finds out? That scene is probably the one scene I’m enthusiastically waiting for, as long as the wait might be. Fighting with her over Stefan’s affection for eternity? That is bound to leave her angry as hell. And there’s nothing more fun to watch than angry Katherine!

In addition, it will be interesting to see how Elena pulls off being a vampire without becoming Katherine. And having her around will probably add the sufficient pressure on Nina Dobrev to create a vampire Elena with an identity different than that of Katherine’s. And let’s face it, we are going to make those comparisons. Having her around will make it a tad easier.

4. Phoebe Tonkin, please?

“I love Phoebe. I love her. I want her on Vampire Diaries. I ought to write her in,” Kevin Williamson told IGN’s Eric Goldman back in May, and I really, really wish he would. It doesn’t seem like she’s going to be on the show anytime soon, though, because when Julie Plec was asked on Twitter if Tonkin has officially been cast as April Young, the new 16-year-old character on the show, Plec said that the character is meant to be younger than Tonkin. And I haven’t heard yet of any other female characters joining the show next season.

The show has cast few of the most epic guest stars from our YA world, though: Taylor Kinney, Arielle Kebbel, Cassidy Freeman, Torey freakin’ DeVitto! So Tonkin would fit right in.

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Plus, can you imagine how AWESOME it would be if she played some sort of evil vampire coming to town to kill everybody? Her teaming up with Klaus and Rebekah against everyone in town, or vice versa? It would be SO good. Oh, Kevin. PLEASE write her in.

3. Decent story-lines for both Matt & Bonnie

The writers were too distracted last season by all the triangles they were creating that they forgot two major characters on the show: Matt and Bonnie. I mean, besides dying, almost dying, and seeing Vicky’s ghost, what did Matt do last season? NOTHING. As for Bonnie, all they did was make the audience hate her more instead of making them embrace her. I love Bonnie, but I do understand the hate surrounding her character.

“I don’t know if this is the Season of Matt, but this is the season of Matt trying to stay human,” Zach Roerig said in last night’s panel. He’s going to feel guilty about what happened to Elena because of him so he’s going to offer whatever part of his body to her to feed on. Also, expect Damon to go batshit crazy on Matt because he’s going to blame him for what happened to Elena, according to Ask Ausiello. But you guys, this guy NEEDS to get laid. At SDCC, Roerig joked that he wants his character hook up with Sheriff Forbes, but that would be a little creepy, don’t you think? I always thought he and Rebekah would make a cute couple, actually. Because, like Elena once said, Rebekah is “Just a girl. She loves blindly and recklessly even if it consumes her.” But now that she drove them off the Wickery Bridge, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

As for Bonnie, just ANYTHING that will make her resonate with the audience as the amazing character that she is. If there’s one disappointing factor about the show for the last three seasons, it’s her story-lines; they’re either awful or unnecessary and they’re never enough to keep you invested with her as a character. The show left off with quite the twisted reveal when it comes to Bonnie: she helped Klaus inhabit Taylor’s body. I’m sure this is going to make a lot of fans like her less but if you think about it, for once, she’s not the righteous judgmental witch. She was just like everyone else on the show – doing anything, even if it’s something no one will understand, to keep her friends and family alive. So I hope the show explores that further – the teenager stuck in a messed up supernatural world. I’d also like to see her smile more often, if that’s possible. Mopey Bonnie really pisses me off. Oh, and no more Jamie, please? I feel like the show created a relationship between those two just to shut the fans up. We gave her a love interest, now calm down.

2. Less “I Don’t Knows” and More Badassness

Besides creating enemies within the TVD fandom, all that the Delena/Stelena triangle has caused is make the fans of the show like Elena less – just like with Blair on Gossip Girl. She has become nothing more than a part of this triangle, the girl that gets around. She made a decision in regards to which of the Salvatore brothers she wants, but we all know this show too much to think that this decision will stick. Now that she’s a vampire, Damon’s compulsion on her is going to wear off. She’s going to remember that he told her he loved her but that his brother deserved her more and that she met him first. Of course, that’s going to confuse her even more. And we’re going to return to that all-consuming triangle. But with her emotions heightened, maybe her decision will be easier this time around? Oh God, I hope so.

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I can’t take another season-long arc of Elena kissing and leaning on both brothers and then saying, “I don’t know” whenever she’s asked which Salvatore brother she really wants. Julie Plec stated last night that she likes to root for both ships, and I think that’s why she’s going back and forth with them. But like Elena needs to make a decision, so does Julie. I won’t get into what I want as a shipper to happen, so let’s move on.

Not everyone is thrilled about Elena becoming a vampire, obviously. (By the way, it’s a twist the writers intended to create since the second season.) But think about it, with Elena a vampire, she’s no longer a damsel in distress. She’s no longer Klaus’s blood-bank. And she can defend herself from now on something Ian believes will create a new dynamic between her and the Salvatore brothers.

1. More of Human Klaus

Neither Candice or Joseph were at last night’s panel, so we basically got ZERO information about the two. But the way the show dealt with the Caroline and Klaus pairing last season, and the way the season ended, you have to expect the writers to dig deeper when it comes to that couple. You’d be a fool to think the writers are going to neglect one of the most intensely shipped pairs on the show.

But the truth is (and I know I’m going to piss off a lot of fans while writing this, but bear with me), Caroline cannot be with someone as evil as Klaus (he is evil, let’s not argue about that) at the moment. She was there before, with Damon. And she was hurt and abused and manipulated. Klaus will definitely treat her better; I know that for a fact because whether you like him or not, you have to admit, he has feelings for her. He’s almost obsessed with her. But she’s been scarred too badly to let someone like Klaus in that easily. The writers have to humanize him the way they did with Damon over the past two seasons. There has to be more scenes where Klaus pours his heart to her for her to trust him. He has to stop randomly killing people, and he has to leave Tyler alone. I cannot and will not accept a Klaus/Caroline heart to heart after she finds out he’s possessed her boyfriend’s body because that would just be ridiculous.

I’m not saying the writers should change who he is, but in season 3, as much of a villain as Klaus was, we got a glimpse of what and who he really is behind his lunacy. There’s more to him than an Original who wants to create an army of hybrids for his service. He’s a guy that needs a family. He’s a guy that needs human contact, that needs a friend, a brother – one that he saw in Stefan. He has crushes and his heart breaks. And I would like to see more of that Klaus in the next season because the writers are brilliant in forming this thin line between good and evil – it’s not all black or white to them. And Klaus shouldn’t be black or white, either.

At the panel, as well, Ian said that Damon will no longer try to be the nice guy. I hope that doesn’t mean he’ll go on a killing spree again because I would totally hate that.

Well, that’s probably about it. What would YOU like to see in the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries?

All information about last night’s panel are from Hitfix, Digital Spy, and EW’s SDCC live-blogs.

Heba could watch television forever. And she LOVES writing about it. She was never meant to be born in a land so far away from TV Land! Her favorite shows are Mad Men, The Vampire Diaries, Happy Endings, Community, Cougar Town and MUCH MUCH more. Follow her on twitter: @ClumsyHibz
  • GuinevereDeRaymaeker

    Actually (this will probably piss a few people off) I don’t want Alaric to come back at all. He was given an emotional goodbye and send-off. I’d like for once that the dead people stay dead, like aunt Jenna. It doesn’t have really that huge of an impact anymore when a character dies, because those stick around and maybe even are revived. I think that was one of my biggest issues this season.

    What I do want: -More Kol and Elijah. I love the original family, and it’s too bad that Plec has a fancy for Klaus. We hardly know anything about Kol.
    – For Katherine to come back asap.
    Lastly, I’m not seeing Klaus as a threat anymore, maybe because he’s partly already humanized in our eyes. I’m wondering what or who will be the big threat this season. Will it be Elena as a vampire or somebody/something totally different.

    • Heba Bsat

      1) Yes, more of the Originals, definitely. I should have added that to my list, actually. I want more of them ALL.

      2) Yep, that’s why I want Phoebe Tonkin to join the show as an evil vampire; she could be the new big bad thing.

  • katherine_fan

    I don’t understand JP’s reasoning at all!First of all,she had Katherine running from Klaus for 500 years,then she had K stalking Klaus in the 20’s and helping Damon kill him by pretending to be Elena (therefore,standing right in front of Klaus in ‘Homecoming’) and now she’s saying Katherine will come back once Klaus is dead?Have we been watching the same show,Julie?Second of all,she said that Phoebe can’t play the role of sixteen-year-old girl.Ummm,Julie,Phoebe did that quite successfully in TSC.Is she telling us that Claire can pass like a teenager but Phoebe can’t?That’s ridiculous!I wouldn’t hold my breath about Bonnie getting a decent storyline next season!And yes!Please less “I don’t know’s”-I can’t take it anymore!

    • JP is crazy to said that Phoebe can’t be a Teenager because Paul Wesley is 28 year old and his caracter has 17 forever. She’ll do whatever she feels, That`s the problem with TVD now, every caracter is useless because they got the worst storyline ever…… like Matt, he can o can not see ghost??? What the deal with that??? and Bonnie don’t…. please give us a favor KILL HER!!!!

      • Heba Bsat

        I agree with both you and @katherine_fan:disqus when it comes to the Phoebe Tonkin issue, actually. They’re ALL way older than 17/18 and passing for them brilliantly. :/

        • I think she don’t like her. That simple and she never hears the fans and then said things like that i’m pissed me off

      • QMargo

        LOL, puhlease Ian is 33 and he is playing a guy who is also about 15 years younger…so yeah, I don’t get what JP’s deal is about Tonkin.

    • Heba Bsat

      Katherine NEEDS to come back, y’all.

  • Eric Pharand

    1. Bonnie, Jeremy, Tyler, Klaus, Kol, Katherine, Elena, Matt die
    2. No more ghosts
    3. Consistent writing/storylines/characterization
    4. More Caroline, Elijah, Rebecca
    5. MUCH less triangles
    6. Magic IS NOT a plot device
    7. Phoebe Tonkin
    8. More sex,
    9. LGBT storylines,
    10. Polyamoral storylines

    • Heba Bsat

      LOL at number 1.

    • You all right please kill bonnie o kol ….. LGTB Storyline, they’re vampires don’t tell me if they haven’t be with someone(male/male – female/female). It’s just have to be a little true blood plots y’know…

    • QMargo

      More Caroline and Elijah, yep, I approve! Not a big fan of Becky tho..

  • I REALLY doubt they will allow Katherine to return any time soon, considering we already have a katherine-clone known as Becky taking over all of the possible plotlines Katherine would shine in.
    Katherine has been reduced to plot device who appears when plot needs her, sad but true.

    As for Klaus – I DO NOT want a “human Klaus” I want a badass insane villain that we were being promised for two seasons of build up, not a house-building, tear-shedding painting-panting dude. Sadly that won’t happen any time soon, considering TVD’s very bad track-record with its villains.

    As for Elena – I really doubt that they will handle her any better. They had SO MANY chances to develop her as character(the most recent being the flashback in the finale,w hich they COMPLETELY wasted). By now I feel that its just too late to make elena interesting. The damage done to her character is irreversible. She will forever stay in the minds of fanbase as “just another bella swan” and NO MATTER what the writers could try to make her “badass” it WILL feel fake, considering everything in S2 and S3.

    For Elena to be in any way interesting, S2 and S3 should not have happened.
    Otherwise meh, article sounds way too wishful

    • Heba Bsat

      It’s intended to be hopeful. It’s the things that I *want* to see in season 4 and not *expect* to see. I’m not giving up on the show anytime soon with all its flaws and inconsistencies so I might as well be hopeful, no?

      Anyway, I agree with you on the whole Elena thing. I hate how female characters have become just parts of love triangles. Even Caroline who was pretty badass in season 2 has been reduced to that level.

      • I guess I got fed up with being hopeful and by now I am just bitter for all the lost potential this show had 😛

        And well, Caroline had a better treatment in S2 but it was already apparent back then too – the show is incredibly sexist. All the female characters get to do is getting kidnapped, tortured or swooning over romance interests.

        Even female vampires – all male vamps are all muscle-flexing and throwing people at the walls, while the only power of female vampires seems to be subterfuge and courtesan like manipulations. Elijah is causing earthquakes with his foot, shattering shops with coins, Steffie and damon are all neck-breaking and stuff. What do Becky, Katherine, etc do? Becky spends time torturing people over her romances. Katherine spends time either manipulating or swooning over Steffie..

        There’s no real balance between the genders in this show.

        However with Elena, its far more insulting because she IS essentially the lead heroine and “the protagonist” something we should relate to – what do we relate to when there’s nothing relatable in her?

        She was turned vampire and yet we still have not seen nor KNOWN her real life. With Caroline we have seen parts of her real life, we FELT the loss of that. With Elena? Her real life seemingly consisted on her swooning over salvatore bros or caringa bout the sins of the entire world. There’s no impact in her turning.

        I mean, let’s just let that sink in – A main character got KILLED and turned into VAMPIRE. And there’s no emotion at all from viewers on that. Do we care about what happened to her? Do we mourn what she lost? No. At best the fandom is all “yay she will remember the plot device retconed in the flashback”.

        Plec stated in San Diego Comic-Con that the cast will graduate and obviously go to college and that made me even more realize on how badly developed Elena is – Is it believable for someone like her to graduate? Have seen her TRY to live her normal life, study, or any implication at all that she does ANYTHING besides what she does best(sitting in boarding house frowning, caring, swooning)? Not really.

        Plec keeps saying that Elena “has an IQ over 140” but I just don’t feel it. She does not act like that.

        The things that should MAKE us care about her seem to be but an afterthought. Hell, even her love triangle as annoying and as drawn out would have been BEARABLE if she had a life and a personality to be interested in. Because then we would have a context in her struggle, her struggle between brothers would be an extension of her own personality…sadly…

        I really hoped that Season three would fix that. that the flashbacks of whatever would add the sorely needed development. In the end Season Three came off as a filler-season. One could just skip every episode between the first few and the last few and one would not miss much. Hell one could skip away from S1 finale to S3 finale and one would still not miss much…

        You just know that something is fundamentally wrong with the show when all the emotions the “lead heroine” manages to evoke for you is disappointment and irritation.

        • it’s true and hate JP regarless to follow the storyline of the books, at some point they lost the mainstory and made the salvatore`s brothers like Elena’s puppys for her love. That’s why second half S3 to me don’t feel like TVD. Their focus for the show is wrong and TVD could follow the path of Gossip Girl. Just makes me angry for that

          • Couldn’t say it better my self, TVD is turning into Gossip Girl with fangs, everybody is dating and somehow someone as illiterate as Elena can graduate somehow.

  • QMargo

    First of all, I know how you feel, I saw the videos of that Comic Con conference and was bored to tears with it. I feel that Candice and Joseph should have been there, not to answer questions about Klaroline, but to give us insight into what will be happening to their characters this season as Caroline is supposed to flee Mystic Falls and Klaus is now in a different body….so I was pissed not to see them there. Hunger Games? Ok, yes, I have heard its a good movie, but this is not about movies, its about your show, and they could have spent that times talking about things like that. Who wants to hook up with whom….oh gosh, really?!

    Anyway, my first point, I want, no I demand consistency from the episodes of s4. I do not want to see several episodes in a row that do not tie into what is happening and for that to work there needs to be a general story line for the whole season, create episodes around it, make the viewers see where the show is going and why, so that we feel the build up to what is supposed to be a finale.
    Second, I am one of those who don’t see anything good coming from Elena as a vampire. Ships aside, to which I will get later, her character has become so intolerable that becoming a vampire, I fear will just make her even more terrible. The writers won’t be able to work the same magic with her character as they did with Caroline – turn her into a vampire and she became awesome. Caroline had the “prerequisites” if you can say so, to become a better character, she had a lot of insecurities, becoming a vampire she started appreciating the things in her life more, and she grew to become awesome. Elena on the other hand has deeper problems than Caroline had. All I can say is I don’t see what will change in Elena when she turns, some say she will no longer be the damsel in distress, true, but else other than that? Will it make her stronger psychologically? I doubt it. Anyway, I do hope that the writers keep her a vampire for a long time, so that she realizes what has she lost. I don’t want to see Bonnie finding a spell 5 episodes later and all will be well. Because I am a fan of the TVD books, where the author managed to make me care about Elena turning, I felt how unfair and cruel that was to the main character in terms, of it felt like one of those moments when people say Life is not always fair. With tv Elena, I did not feel sorry for her or the situation at all, I was like, well, that was about to happen….
    Same can be said for Matt and Bonnie, yes, decent storylines would be great for them. Still, taking into account that nothing much has happened to them over the past 2 seasons, I can’t all of a sudden invest into something about them. Sorry but the writers have made this show tooo much about the triangle, and left almost no space for other characters to be relevant.
    Thirdly, about Klaus. I would not say I want to see more human Klaus, because that is not who he is or who I want him to be. I want him to remain a villain in terms of presenting a real threat, but I don’t want to hear anything more about hybrids or wanting love and appreciation from his mother or family. I want to see Klaus growing up, as funny as it may sound, he needs to let go of o100000 century plans of building armies…I want to see him have more screen time with Elijah, and Kol. He did say he has hopes for Kol, so seeing that brother dynamic would be interesting to me.

    Finally, I want TVD to stop adapting things every season, by now they should have worked out a format within which they should set the show, not be like Oh this season TVD will be this and next season it will be that. Less ships would be appreciated to, otherwise, it is starting to feel like Gossip Girl where the characters share beds more often than they share dialogs with each other. Oh and last thing, TVD needs to finalize its rules about vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts and their abilities, because, for example, with Esther this season it felt like she can do anything because the writers were just coming up with new witch abilities every episodes.

    • You had read my mind. God that’s the stuff

  • cacherr1

    Thank you on the more Matt and Bonnie thing. I have said before I have no problem on expanding characters roles from their book counterparts (like Caroline or GG’s Chuck) but I do take issue over diminishing the role of characters who were more important after the 3 the triangle characters which is what has happen to Bonnie and Matt (in Bonnie’s case people have noticed most of her storylines from the books have been given to Caroline). It annoying and quite frankly of waste of everyone whose involve (the writers, actors, and audience) to keep characters you do not intend to develop. I have lately been on just kill Bonnie and free Kat Graham kick as I think JP reveal her opinion on the Bonnie character in the twitter incident. Bonnie is meant to be the magical negro and nothing more. She is a stereotype and it needs to stop.

  • lol I only want to see the following next season, because Plec is attempting to retcon her way to cover her inability to think with logic:

    More Kol
    More Klaus,
    Shirtless Klaus

    More Rebekah

    Elena getting bitchslapped by everybody

    Elena getting tortured

    Elena getting staked
    Elena gtfo

    Matt dying a horrible death
    Elijah (wishful thinking)

    Caroline storylines that doesn’t involve guys.

    Storylines that doesn’t revolve on Elena
    Storylines that doesn’t involve love interests, come the f*ck on really!

    oh yeah a legitimate villain please

    A girl can dream…

  • Chris

    I would like to see ALaric come back albiet not very much. I’m telling you I don’t know WHAT I want for this upcoming season because season 3 was just all over the place. If you watch part of the start of the season and then the last episode, they don’t correlate AT ALL. The beginning was “gotta get Stefan” and the end was “gotta kill the originals” what?? Seasons 1 and 2 felt smoother and there was a focused scheme, season 3 just sucked badly for me. Elena’s gotten on my nerves but I don’t want to see HER KILLED OFF!! Seriously some of these comments, I just don’t get it. I hope Matt, Bonnie, and Kol receive expanding storylines because all they are are plot devices (especially Bonnie- it just screams laziness). A more humanized Klaus? Only if they bring in an actual villian and don’t sissify him like they started to do with Klaus. I’m sorry but Julie Plec said Phoebe won’t be on the show because the character is meant to be younger???!? Does she even know what show she writes for anymore? I’m sorry but these actors DO NOT look like they’re in high school, come one Julie!! She tries to act like she’s all about the fans but I think this show is HER OWN personal fan fiction. I hope Kevin Williamson steps back into this more because IMO his absence has been felt and it’s not been good.

  • Know what I want? I want Elena to decide that she doesn’t want either of the Salvatore brothers. Kill the damn triangle already and put her with Elijah. That’s a real man right there. THEN I want the writers to focus more on character development rather than plot twists and surprises and shocking discoveries. I don’t think they realize this (or maybe they do) but the more complicated their plots get, the less sense they start to make. I could probably point out 5 or 6 plot holes that were developed by the new discoveries and whatnot last season. Don’t get me wrong, I still love this show, but the third season was by far the worst.

    • cacherr1

      One of my plotholes was the idea that Mikael knew about Elena as a baby and then not bothering to explain it considering in season 2 it was known that everyone believe Katherine was dead and had no children. However I noticed plotholes started in season 1 when they had the brothers say one thing in History Repeating and it was contradictory to Children of the Damned and Blood Brothers.

      • Exactly, i discuss this in Buffy Recaps, the shows don’t follow the story, i mean, just forgot what happen 3 episodes ago when they do the flasbacks you say WTF that was i learn in the past…..

        • cacherr1

          I think they think by going against what was said is considered a twist but to me that is just plain sloppy. BTVS is actually very consistent with its flashbacks but then again when ever characters discuss the flashbacks which is more common in ATS then BTVS it very vague so technically it rarely contradictory. TVD has characters say specific things and then makes everyone look like a liar or just plain stupid in flashbacks.

        • BTVS actually went to great lengths to make sure that flashbacks do not contradict stuff. Its frighteningly consistent in terms of cause and effect and there are pretty much no real contradictions and once one is rewatching one can very clearly notice certain set ups or sayings that hint at stuff revealed seasons latter. Notably there’s one certain episode in Season Four that is made ENTIRELY out of foreshadowing and it all makes perfect sense. Because plot remains coherent and consistent.

          TVD just outright retcons stuff and the plot by now has more holes than a slice of cheese. Its like there’s no plot at all and they just go along creating more and more ridiculous concepts and retcons.

          • The more I analyze TVD, the more plotholes I find. The show has become completely ridiculous, to the point where I can’t even take it seriously anymore. (Writers…we can find these plotholes. Why can’t you find them before you write them into the story? Isn’t that part of your job?) You’re right about Buffy, though. That show was pretty much perfect when it comes to consistency. There might’ve been a thing or two (I can’t say for sure) but honestly nothing comes to mind right now.

    • Keeks

      Only thing I’d disagree with is putting Elijah with Elena. Katherine perhaps but not Elena. I just don’t like this idea that a centuries old vampire wants nothing more than an illiterate girl fresh out of high school. I mean seriously, does that make sense to anyone? Just no. Elijah is way too good for Elena. And they had to pussify Klaus and put him with Caroline? Get the fuck out. This show. *facepalm*

      I feel the show could be much stronger if they actually focused on Elena’s relationships with her friends and family. It’s become too watered down with this focus on dramatic nonsense romances. The only pairings that seemed to make sense to me were Elena/Stefan (prior to his ripper reveal) and Aunt/Alaric. Most other pairings either came out of nowhere, though some were fine after the start, or were too short-lived and underdeveloped.

      But with Julie as captain of this ship I see the show continuing to tank in quality.

      • I agree. The show was at least decent with Kevin Williamson on board. Now? Oh my GOD…

  • Sanders

    I was about to write something about Lilith for some reason…

    What I really want is something that I can actually remember afterwards. I watch TVD and I love every episode far more than I should but looking back at it I really can’t recall anything in particular happening. The seasons seem to just run together for me and about the only significant thing I can recall is the Originals coming to town.

  • Emily

    6 things I would like to see:

    1) Less of a triangle: I am not even going to into shipping wars. But the downfall of season 3 was its focus on the Delena/stelena triangle. Dont fall into the trap that GG did, Plec, make a decision that would help the storyline and stick with it. Dont cater to the needs of both Delena and Stelena. VD might have started as love triangle but it went way beyond a teen show. Dont ruin it!

    2) A legitimate villain: there needs to be an evil that our gang is fighting. And that evil needs to deserve that much fear. Post mid season 3 Klaus became a sort of standing joke. If he is truly the ultimate villain, make him scary, more driven. Give him a constructive goal. Dont just say fear him..he is evil. Show us his power.

    3) More Damon-ness please.. I dont want a sweet and understanding Damon. I want Damon who is a badass and proud to be so. Damon was so muted all through s3.

    4) I loved the ripper Stefan/ It gave him so much more than just stand by and hold Elena as she cries..


    6) Caroline needs an arc of her own. She rocks every story line. Use her good.

  • cacherr1

    I just watched a clip of Nina and she point blankly states I think Elena loves the good qualities about the brothers. So I think Michael was right about that the issue is Elena has only been attracted to Damon’s goodness.

  • vampire

    it would be really great to see megan fox with ian somerhalder …. That would give the show an unforgettable excitment , I would die just to see them together (in the tvd,show)