What a good finale! I wouldn’t say that the episode was brilliant, like I did last week. I kind of expected a little bit more out of it, but after rewatching the entire series maybe the point wasn’t to shock the viewers with older Alec’s cooperation in the whole time travelling ordeal. Anyone with a good eye could sense his involvement from the pilot, ; think the point from the first season was to ask ourselves “Why did Kiera travel to the past and what purpose does she have in Alec’s big plan?”

After Kiera fled Kellog’s boat (along with the piece he stole from her), doing a walk of shame basically because they totally did hook up somewhere between the previous episode and the finale. Anyway so after she fled the boat, Kiera stumbled on some scientist who claimed he knew her from the future. Turns out Kiera and Liber8 aren’t the only ones who timetravelled to the past. The fella timetravelled to 1999, so he’s been there for a while now. After being released from the mad house, the guy claimed that he had built another time machine which he would use for Kiera and himself.

The only problem was that that exact same day was the day that one of Vancouver’s buildings would explode, killing thousands of people in the process, Kiera doesn’t remember which building exactly and decides to evacuate every possible building. A new cop immediately distrusts Kiera and never really has heard from Section 6, so he digs a little deeper only to be stopped by a mysterious Mr. Asher. This man is described as Kiera’s guardian angel and it’s not too farfetched to think that Asher could also be a dude from the future. Imagine if Asher would be her annoying husband.

Alec decides to search for Julian who has been hiding out at Liber8’s place. The rest of Liber8 capture Alec and chain him to a chair. Julian rides away into the sunset with a truck loaded with explosives! No, I’m just kidding. Julian drives into one of those buildings with a truck loaded with explosives! Meanwhile, Kagame decides to have a little chat with Alec and reveals that they had about the same conversation only then the roles were reversed. It wasn’t really a super-shocker for me, because yeah it was so obvious! But it does raise some questions. Why would older Alec help a guy who is against everything that’s related to technology, if Alec invented all those stuff? Maybe he sees the mistakes he made and wants to make things right by helping Liber8 and their cause.

From the flashbacks, it also became clear that Julian becomes Kagame’s mentor. And that the relationship between Julian and Alec is still strained after all those years. Anyhow Julian’s little drive into the building was the big diversion, while Kagame was the real bomb. Kiera failed to stop the suicide bombing and revealed her abilities to the distrusting cop. OK, let’s see how this must have looked like to the cop. I’m sure he thinks she’s a supernatural being! No man in the right mind would think she was from the future after seeing that. Anyway Kiera did sort of say goodbye to Carlos and jumped on Kellog’s boat after realising that the mad scientist was indeed mad.

At the very end, Alec calls Kiera to talk about that little file hidden in her system which Alec discovered. It revealed to Alec, because he still wouldn’t believe it, that the older Alec was indeed behind the whole time travelling and that everything that happened was on purpose. Alec even knows why Kiera was sent to the past with Liber8, but that’s for season 2 guys!

During the entire episode The Queen Of Hearts, Valentina, went to do some things for Kagame. She was the only one who knew about his master plan and provided the newborn Kagame and his mother with the necessary money to survive. Her boyfriend and previous Liber8 leader followed her to the hospital to discover that Kagame had just been born. It’s not very clear if she actually murdered him after revealing that she was the one to take over Liber8, but I never liked Travis anyway.

For me this series excels when Carlos isn’t too heavily involved in the plot. Which was the case for the last two episodes, and I thought they were great. It would also be a step back for Kiera to return to her ‘detective’ role. I’d like to see more of Kellog and his back story, this is far more interesting than Carlos in my opinion.

I’ll be here in a corner anxiously looking forward to that second season, who’s with me?

Guinevere De Raymaeker

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