Okay, I’m going to be honest: I’m not a Jonas Brothers fan. I never have been. In fact, for personal reasons, I actually kind of loathed them (It is a long story. Can’t and shouldn’t get into it). So, for those reasons, I do enjoy hearing about the things they get into (like crazy E! reality shows) and laughing hysterically at them. Which is why when I heard that Married to Jonas was a thing that was happening I KNEW I had to watch.

The episode starts with Kevin and Danielle cuddling in bed with their puppies (SO ADORABLE!) discussing his desire to start a family. How long have they been married? Like a year? Anyway, before they can really get deep into the topic, Danielle’s father comes over unannounced, which is apparently his “thing.”  When he hears that Kevin’s parents are coming over for dinner, he goes into extreme detail about what the young couple should make for dinner. He must be a chef, right? I know Kevin said the guy likes to eat, but who cooks like that except chefs? Anything that requires the use of a stove/oven to make is basically a gourmet feast to me.

Later Dani and Kev are heading out to a charity event and Danielle is nervous, as she always is for events.  It is tough on her, but she loves him (aww!) so she would do anything. Aren’t they precious?

Besides the pressure of the celebrity events, Danielle is also nervous about the dinner with her in-laws, especially because Mrs. Jonas is very loud and out-going and she is the first daughter-in-law so she doesn’t really know her place yet.  Luckily Dani has her older sister Dina (who is quite the firecracker) and her mother to give her advice.

While Danielle is stressing, Kevin is in the studio with his Bros recording their first album in 3 years. It is a very important album because they are ‘grown-ups’ now (Isn’t Nick only like 19?) so this is their first adult album, and obviously people besides 13-year old girls are going to be buying it.

And after his long day in the studio, Kevin comes home with the desserts Danielle asked him to buy, but he epically failed at it. Instead of buying a ‘cake’ he bought a little crumb cake, which was clearly not enough for the entire family and he was sad he had to go back to the store.  While he was whining, Dani threatened him with a banana (which is apparently a fruit he doesn’t like), and when Kevin made a dirty joke about it, she got VERY upset. Did she over react? Sure. Even her sister thought so. But, to be fair, it is a bit embarrassing to talk about such things in front of your parents. And Jonas Brothers are probably not supposed to speak of such things in public. Disney wouldn’t like it.

When the Jonases show up, there is that awkward greeting, talk about the weather, small-talk moment in the foyer before everyone heads into the house and the women go to the kitchen.  Despite the fact that the chicken was still a bit undercooked at first, Mrs. Jonas is very impressed with the meal, and her and Dani even share a laugh when Danielle forgets that bacon is, in fact, pork. Do we have the next Jessica Simpson on our hands? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I hope not.

At dinner Mr. Jonas announces that the first JoBro reunion concert will be at Rockefeller Center before they head off to Europe. Everyone is excited until Kevin decides, out of nowhere, to bring up the possibility of him and Danielle having a baby and how that would affect the band.  Danielle is a bit taken aback by the fact that they are discussing it and planning it out with this whole family, especially when she wasn’t even ready to discuss it with Kevin that morning.

After the in-laws leave, Dani discusses this with Kevin, explaining that she didn’t really get to have a say-so in the planning for their future child. Her dream was not to have a baby on the road, but Kevin is a musician. This is what he does! So, they agree to just see what happens and put the baby off for a little while.  Aww, look at these two talking things out! Aren’t they the cutest? However, even though everything ended all happy this week, it looks like this isn’t the last time this season the baby topic will cause problems and there will be plenty more drama to come! Can. Not. Wait.

I'm Sam, your reality TV expert. When it comes to television my motto is: the trashier, the better. If a show is winning Emmys and making critics swoon, it probably isn't my style. I'll take Kardashians and teen moms over great acting and writing any day of the week.
  • Neiro

    I don’t get what am I supossed to do with this show… I guess I don’t even care enough about their lives to keep watching, real life looks boring with them

    • Yeah, I’m still holding out hope that it will get better, but it is pretty clear that Danielle is too shy and anti-spotlight to really create a quality trashy reality show. Obviously this was all kevin (and his family)’s decision.

  • Monika Alem

    hmmmm doesn’t sound trashy enough to compete with all the other reality shows