“Not my first BBQ, Nico.”
Dr. Danni is setting up for Jeanette’s baby shower.  Jeanette is pouting that her Baby Daddy isn’t attending due to the fact that 1) he lives in Spain and 2) he’s got a big reviewer coming to eat at his restaurant.   Somehow Dr. Danni gets her to be sane and realize that Baby Daddy missing the shower isn’t a big deal so they can deal with the next big problem; Ray Jay.

Ray Jay is living in denial land, where he believes that studying for the SAT’s and doing well means he can go to any expensive, private college of his choosing.  Oh, I’m having junior/senior year flashbacks. I think I have to send my parents a gift.  Back in the real world, Dr. Danni’s pointing out that due to their tax issues, Ray Jay needs to look at state schools (the horror!) and consider living at home (okay, that really sucks for him).   Ray Jay stalks off, talking about raising the money himself, and really is that so bad? He can get a school loan and work part-time.  Big deal.

After passing his drug test last week, TK is riding high.  So high, he’s really late for a commercial shoot for a big deal endorsement.  His agent is flipping out; TK’s calm until he figures out that his stash of pain pills is gone.

Nico tells MattyD that despite passing the test, TK is definitely hitting the happy pills a little too often.  He produces the evidence (that he apparently stole from TK’s apartment?); a vial of liquid that will flush his system (which is just about as illegal in football as happy pills themselves or hitting the quarterback too hard).  Dr. Danni comes in and MattyD asks if she’s up on the situation.  She is, and is about to admit that she’s the one who called in Nico, but Nico saves her by saying he refuses to give up his source.  They share a steamy look and I wonder WTH I missed these past few weeks.  Anyway, MattyD knows Hank is going to fight them on this because TK’s playing awesomely, but Dr. Danni feels that it’s better to lose TK for one game vs. the entire season.  Oh naïve Dr. Danni, it’s like this is your first season.

Nico has another problem to solve.  A hot reporter friend gives him the tip that all their offices have been tapped.   She’s got proof, a taped conversation between MattyD and Nico about TK’s drug test, and Nico is pissed.  When she warns him that all their dirty secrets could go public in hours, Nico swears it won’t happen.   As long as he can get to the reporter before he makes it to TMZ, I believe him.  But Nico, once Harvey Levin gets those tapes, it’s over.  Clocks ticking.

“Have you met me? Everything I own is valuable!”
TK checks in with Dr. Danni to whine about being robbed.  Dr. Danni tries to get him to tell her what was taken, but TK isn’t giving it up.  She tells him the police will need some info and we find out he’s not going to make a report.  Oh TK that’s not suspicious at all.  Geesh.

Nico and Tony (one of Howard Pittman’s henchmen) have a sit down about the bugging.   Basically, Nico’s putting him on the case of finding the person who bugged the team.  The henchman worriedly asks what Nico’s going to do when he finds the person and Nico coolly informs him to use his imagination.  Anyone else feel it’s this guy?

Jeanette is at a baby CPR class for pregnant people, alone.   One of her classmates interrupts saving the plastic baby’s lives to tell Jeanette how brave she is to be having a baby alone and asks if she used a sperm donor.  Jeanette gets insulted and explains about her boyfriend’s in Spain and nobody’s buying that.  Also, she pretty much kills the plastic baby.  Apparently this is all taking place in Dr. Danni’s home because Ray Jay and a friend walk in and decide this is a commercial for celibacy.  Oh, you guys, that’s not true.  Go into the toy department at Target.  You’ll never ask to not wear a condom again.

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“You couldn’t organize a pissing contest in a pub.”
Ray Jay can’t get a job as a barista because he has no experience or some such plot device.  His friend offers up a slot in his brother’s football fantasy league that has a grand prize of 20k.  Ray Jay is skeptical and I’m proud of him.  He points out that it’s more likely he’ll lose the 2k buy in fee than win, but his friend points out that Ray Jays’ Hawks connections can help him out.  Besides, he only needs to come up with half of the fee because his friend will put up the other 1k.  This feels like cheating.   Ray Jay don’t do it! Of course, he agrees to do it, but can’t come up with more than $100.   His friend agrees to front Ray Jay $900 to “rent” some space in his backyard for his “organic plant” business.  Ray Jay acknowledges that this plan is illegal and his mom will kill him.  Then, using logic that only makes sense when you’re a teenager, he turns right around and agrees.  Hey Ray Jay, if you get a drug charge, you’re not getting into any college (not even a state school!).

MattyD, Hank and TK’s agent have a sit down regarding TK’s drug use.  The agent shuts them down by simply pointing out that any “evidence” they have was gotten illegally, during a break in at TK’s apartment, and he will tell the league and the press if they pursue this.  Oh boy.   Hank tells MattyD to get it together and threatens Nico’s job.  Hank, have I mentioned I don’t like you?

TK has a rent a doctor over who provides him with a new script and some more happy pills.  Oh TK, just go to rehab okay?  You’re better than this.

“There’s a first time for everything.  Sometimes, if you’re lucky, a second.”

Nico’s on the phone, trying to fix this bug thing, when MattyD comes up all pissed off about breaking into TK’s apartment.  Nico let’s MattyD know he doesn’t have time for this, that they’ve got bigger problems.  Between the TK After School Special and the Hawks bugging scandal, MattyD is stressed.  Good thing he looks cute even stressed out.

Nico meets with the reporter to find out why he didn’t run with the story of the taped conversations and is told “the Times is no tabloid.”  Oh that’s too funny.  No publication would turn this mess down.  Football sells, scandals sell and this is both.   They ask the reporter for info on what he was offered and basically he’s got all the drama (Pittman’s breakdown, TK’s drug problem, therapist conversations, etc).  Nico suddenly has an idea of who the bad guy is.

Before he deals with him though, Nico decides the best course of action is to go to Dr. Danni’s office to tell her that all of her sessions have been bugged. Dr. Danni freaks (as she rightly should).  Nico insists that he’ll protect her and her patients, but Dr. Danni doesn’t care and throws him out.

“I’m going to have to de-friend you on Facebook.”
Then Dr. Danni meets with MattyD to emotionally manipulate him into having an intervention for TK.  MattyD points out that he can’t do that and Dr. Danni gets pissy and tells him not to make her regret taking this job.

Dr. Danni is really good at emotional manipulation.  MattyD is starting to waiver and Nico feels horrible about letting Dr. Danni down.  So he concentrates on getting the bad guy.   He contacts the reporter again and asks him to listen to a message Tony, the Pittman henchmen, left him.  The reporter voice IDs him and Nico settles this the way we knew he would.  He uses physical violence to find out what Tony’s doing and for whom.  The mastermind? Marshall Pittman.  Guess his rehab isn’t working.

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“Sporty Boost – it’s a little bit better with vodka.”
Torn between loyalty to his boss and the right thing, MattyD shows up at the commercial re-shoot for TK.  MattyD and the agent get into it a bit, but the shoot goes on.  TK’s high, does horribly and loses the endorsement.  He fires his agent and storms off.   Back home, TK’s had some time to think things through and tries to throw the pills away, but ends up digging through the garbage to retrieve them.  Eww, TK.  There is no five second rule when it comes to digging through a garbage can.  If this doesn’t tell him he needs rehab, no clue what will.

Back at Hawks central, MattyD decides to lay down the law with Hank.  He insists that TK will go to rehab, that they’re going to do an intervention and give him no choice.  Hank is angry and points out that everyone in the league pops pills because the game is extreme and takes a toll on the players’ bodies.  Oh Necessary Roughness, tread carefully here.  The NFL is about to sue you.  MattyD insists he won’t make excuses, he cares about TK and that’s the end of it.  I have no idea how this can work as I live in the real world where you don’t get to tell your boss what to do, but for whatever reason, Hank is letting MattyD do his thing.

But he’s a little too late.  A very high TK is driving to the practice, popping pills like popcorn, when he almost plows into a child on a bike (I’m betting he doesn’t actually hit her, but THIS is what it takes for him to get to rehab).

“They’re sloppy, I’m not.”
Back at Dr. Danni’s house, Jeannette worries she’s going to be a horrible mother.   Aww.  Dr. Danni gives her a pep talk, but Jeanette feels alone.  She thinks her boyfriend might bail, but Dr. Danni has a surprise! Jeanette’s hot Spanish boyfriend is at the door. After the shower, Jeanette decides to go back to Spain with him. Jeanette’s not alone after all, but Dr. Danni feels a little alone and a little sad.

Nico shows up to Dr. Danni’s with the tapes of her sessions.  She worries there could be copies and he admits these are the copies.  Marshall Pittman has the originals.  That really freaks her out and she asks Nico to leave.  Nico refuses, tells her she’s not alone and that he will get her the tapes back.

So Necessary Roughness fans…one more episode this season!  How are you feeling? Are you ready for TK to enter rehab? Do you want Dr. Danni to get back together with MattyD or pursue something with Nico?  How do you feel about Marshall Pittman now that you know he’s been bugging everyone?

COTW:  A bickering married couple, who also play professional mixed doubles together, come to Dr. Danni to get their game back on track.  They think their problems are on the court, but Dr. Danni and the rest of us think it’s the marriage problems that are messing them up.  I mean, they’re swingers for God’s sakes and Ted (the husband) seems sad about that.  Turns out, we’re all a little right.  Allison (the wife) is a better player than Ted and wants to play with a higher ranked player.  She feels she can’t tell Ted because it will ruin the marriage.  After some drama at the swinger party, Dr. Danni has them talk it out and they agree to be life partners but to let Alison play mixed doubles with someone else.


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