So I’ve spent the past week and a half catching up on Pretty Little Liars—I’d never seen the show until I started writing these recaps at the beginning of the summer—and my first thought after finishing season one was: “Wow. That was surprisingly pretty good.” The pilot was okay, but by the time I got three or four episodes in I was hooked. Sure, it had its share of lame totally teen moments (some of the acting was absolutely horrific as well) but overall I’ve got to say that I enjoyed watching. Trust me, I would not have blown through 22 episodes that quickly if I wasn’t having fun. Afterwards I jumped right into season two, and in all honestly I’ve got to say that I’m finding it a little more difficult to watch. I’m on episode 12 right now, and it’s to the point where I’m going, “All right, they need to just tell us who A is already.” It is seriously getting ridiculous. I watched a few cast interviews, and supposedly we do find out who A is at the end of season two, but we’re in season three right now and it looks to me like they still have no freaking clue who this bitch is. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I thought season three was pretty good when I first started writing these recaps, but that was before I’d seen season one. You die-hard Pretty Little Liars fans are probably as disappointed as I am, no?

I was especially disappointed in last week’s episode, to tell you the truth. I put off writing about it until yesterday because…well, there isn’t really all that much to write about, in my opinion. The fearsome foursome (that’s what I’m going to call them from now on) has managed to crack into Maya’s website, courtesy of Caleb. They didn’t find much on the site (surprise, surprise) aside from dozens of videos of Maya talking to her camera. There were several photos on the site as well, and in last week’s episode Hanna cleverly used some of those photos to discover that Maya had been hanging out at one Noll’s places right before she was killed. And when I say “place,” I mean some old cabin that Noll throws parties at on weekends. So Hanna and Emily head over to Noll’s cabin to investigate, and what happens to them there is rather horrifying. They find a secret room in the cabin, and in it they discover one of Maya’s bags, meaning that she’d probably been camping out there for a while. As Hanna and Emily were leafing through Maya’s belongings someone suddenly shut them in (obviously A). Long story short, Emily broke them out, but Hanna got a nasty cut from a shard of glass in the process. Poor Hanna…Wren took care of it, though, as we all knew that he would.

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By the way, I used to like the idea of Hanna and Wren together, but now that I know more about this show I do not like Wren. At all. I love Caleb. Hanna needs to be with him, not with some jackass who cheated on her best friend’s sister. Besides…Caleb loves Hanna. If Hanna takes up Wren’s offer and goes out for coffee with him or something I’m going to be seriously pissed. Just saying.

Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra are fighting, as usual. Here is yet another couple that I used to like but now no longer do. They are not even cute, in my humble opinion, and I don’t think it could be any more obvious that they just aren’t right for each other. Aria was my favorite girl at first, but after watching more of this show I have to say that she is now my least favorite. Her style is similar to mine, so that’s probably why I liked her in the initial. Anyway, I digress. In last week’s episode Aria was mad at Ezra for not telling her about yet another girl that he dated. Granted, Ezra probably should have been more honest with her about his past relationships (and his last name) but…but I just can’t bring myself to empathize with Aria too much here. I’m sorry, guys, but I find Aria infuriating. She gets mad so easily and doesn’t ever want to hear Ezra out. And as for him? Well, he needs to start telling the full truth and stop keeping things from her. The past is important, dude. Anyway, in a nutshell, I don’t see their relationship working out long-term. Am I the only one who thinks so? There’s just always a problem. Always.

As for Spencer, she unfortunately did not appear much in last week’s episode. I say that this is unfortunate because as I was watching season one my favorite girl quickly went from Aria to Spencer. Sorry, but I am going to digress again here for a moment and explain why. First of all, Spencer is book smart and street smart (unheard of in this day in age) and she is not afraid to stand up for herself. (She was, after all, the only one of them who dared call Alison out on her bitchery.) Aside from that, she’s driven, she’s determined, she doesn’t care what people think of her, and you know what else? She is able to change her mind about things. For instance, Toby was an outcast in season one, and Spencer hated him at first because she thought he killed Alison, but when she got to know him better she changed her opinion. And when people gave her a hard time for hanging out with him? She didn’t give a shit. Hell, she started dating him when the whole town still thought he was a killer. Spencer, you rock. Granted, I do find your wardrobe to be somewhat alarming every now and then, but for the most part…you’re awesome. Please give us more of Spencer in the next episode. If any of them has a chance at finding out who A is, it’s definitely her.

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In other news, Emily kissed Nate…and Paige saw! That’s right, folks. Just when Emily gets settled into a new relationship she goes and screws it up. Like a pro. Way to go, Em! Just kidding, I like Emily; she was clearly just trying to comfort Nate when she kissed him, but I still felt bad for Paige, mainly because she had to see it. But instead of confronting Emily right then and there (as I would have done if caught in a similar situation) she stomped off and sent Emily a text saying that she felt sick and couldn’t see her. Uh…you can’t avoid this forever, Paige. You’re just going to feel like crap until you get it over with and say what you need to say. Take it from someone who knows.

Anyway, to wrap this up, the episode ended with Noll sending a video to Spencer via email. Apparently he’s on their side now? Who knows…all I know is that I still don’t trust that guy. Oh, and the video that he sent Spencer was from a surveillance camera at his cabin. In it we see Maya pull up to the cabin on her bike. She jumps off her bike, goes inside, and then some time later she comes back out, only to be suddenly snatched by some crazy lunatic who apparently knew there was a camera there. He or she stayed out of the camera’s range, so all we saw was Maya being grabbed by a pair of arms and then yanked aside. Creepy.

Like I said, I hope this show starts to pick up a little more here soon; the whole thing is beginning to feel so dragged out it’s not even funny. Whoever killed Alison is clearly a mastermind…like, he or she is probably an ex CIA agent or something. They would have to be.  Anyway, don’t forget to watch Pretty Little Liars tonight on ABC! Later, guys!

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