We’re almost at the end of the season, everybody! Just one more episode to go and then season five of True Blood is over. Things happened this episode,  guys, so let’s get to it!


Things I liked:

1) The twisted games Lilith has started playing with her worshipers this episode– It makes her seem a far more interesting character than she’s been since she first appeared. I’m highly curious to see if she has some sort of endgame or if she’s just going to play everyone off each other until they’re all dead.

2) The sexual tension between Tara and Pam is acknowledged– I suppose we’ll see more of this storyline next season. At the moment, it feels like the strangest pairing of all time so it’ll be cool to see this play out.

3) Andy knows that Maurella is preggers– Fun should ensue. I’m mostly just waiting for Holly’s reaction.

4) Pam and Sam’s exchange in the holding cell– “Who the f-k is Luna?” LOL Also, I think it’s great that Pam is now at Base Authoritah. I fully expect her to kick some serious Lilith-worshiping ass.

Things I didn’t like:

1) Alcide and his daddy issues storyline– Like I’ve said before, I find Alcide boring. I feel like this storyline especially is so annoyingly irrelevant to the overall plot of vampires vs. humans at this point.

2) I found it weird that the fairies didn’t think about Russell glamouring Jason into finding their hiding spot. I was waiting for them to spring some sort of trap but they didn’t. I don’t understand why the Fairy Elder suddenly decided they shouldn’t fight.

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3) How easily the Fairy Elder got killed by Russell- Seriously, that was so anti-climatic. I thought she would put up a much better fight.

4) The Emma rescue mission– Sam and Luna are such incompetent rescuers. I feel like they have not used their powers to their full advantage in the effort to save Emma.

Alright, see you all for the season finale on Sunday! Thanks for reading!

Monika Alem
Monika is a senior in college, double majoring in biology and business economics. She works in a library, has a TV addiction, and loves superheroes. Monika dreams of one day being a doctor/published author. In the meantime, she likes to overdress for class and waste away in front of tumblr. Favorite shows include Archer, Workaholics, Shameless (US), Boardwalk Empire, Arrested Development, The Inbetweeners, Mad Men, The Vampire Diaries, Community, Boardwalk Empire, and Happy Endings. Firefly is the best show of all time.
  • Shparky

    Ha ha great recap. The elder fairy seemed fairly crap to me (no wonder their race is dying). The best part of the show now-a-days is Pam and her witty comments, I hope they save her and that she gives Eric a ear full, hes been a crappy maker this season 🙁

  • Sanders

    The plan was to let Jason get glamoured and they would all fight when Russell came for them.

    The fairy elder thing was interesting. Crazy idea – it was the plan to sacrifice herself to grant Russell access to the fairy hideout where he would feast on everyone and get so drunk on fairy blood that he passes out and with no more fairy blood to drink he gets stuck inside the fairy bar forever.

    I like Alcide scenes. As a straight guy, seeing people like him and Eric are a constant source of motivation to get of my ass and be the best version of myself that I can be.