Thank goodness for Canadians.

If you haven’t already seen the first Gossip Girl promo (of sorts) that aired during the MTV Video Music Awards on Much Music (which you obviously have but we haven’t posted it on the site yet so…), here it is below:

The first promo seems to be more of a teaser and the opening scenes from season 6. Mark my words, Chuck and Blair doing the horizontal monster mash (without even getting their clothes off, guys geesh!) on top of some poker chips will be your first sight come October 8th. Also, some random girl finds Serena coked out on a train. WILL SHE DIE!??!!

Obviously not, but you know. SUSPENSE!

Now, if you want to know even more about season 6, check out the pretty good season 6 trailer that Much just released.

The new trailer is INSANE. Dan gets slapped — twice. Chuck and Blair get hot and heavy again. The engagement ring is back in the picture. Nate gets punched. Lots of people have confused faces. And Ivy and Rufus are…KISSING? UH OH!

By the way, I’m serious about that confused thing. EVERYONE in the promo is freaking confused about everything! Check this out:

Not even I understand what’s happening really. I can’t expect the characters on the show to. Though nothing is said in the promo, it’s still getting me excited for October 8th! Now if only The CW would release theirs, we’d be all set. Come on CW!

What did you think of the promos? More or less excited for season 6!?

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  • Liz

    Flatlined @ “Wedding Derp” — can’t WAIT for these last 10 recaps! NWN got me through season 5 with a shred of sanity!

    • Ahh! The last ten :'( I want the series to premiere already but then it would be ending. (Which, depending on the quality of the season may or may not be devastating.)

  • LOL, yeah, basically everyone’s confused except Georgina.

    Also, Chuck and Blair fucking on top of a big pile of money? It’s everything I ever hoped for (wipes away tear).

    • Hahahaa!!! How has Gossip NOT made a scene with people banging on top of a pile of *actual* cash? This seems like it should be on their bucket list.

  • THE RECAPS RETURN! Congrats on the sex, CB.

  • Haha G is having the time of her life, i can tell :)))) Everybody is like “wtf?” and she is like “oh yeah, thats life” haha…And i can’t wait for new season!! Chuck and Blair yawzaaaaaaaa <3<3<3

  • missed your GG recaps so much btw!! only funny part of S5 was your was a horrible season. Even these two promos are soooo muuuccchhh better than the whole S5 😉

  • one other thing. how could miss Dan’s flying hair while getting slapped? LOL slaps are amazing 🙂 Go GURLS!!!

  • cacherr1

    I am so excited for this to come back on. There spoilers are promising but still have ere of mystery where I am not able to predict the premiere (take notes, Julie Plec on how one gives spoilers). Dan getting slap. That Chair sexytime is going for gold for being the sexiest scene in history there. I still love the fact Chuck will do it in a shirt. “Do. That. Again.” It the only returning CW, I am excited for, thanks Canadians.

  • Brittany

    wtfrick Ivy and rufus?!!! RUFUS WHY?!!!!! WTFRICK *brain malfunctions, short-circuits*

  • QMargo

    SRSLY, what is going on?

  • Tresty

    Michael, give us a recap of the pilot before the last season begins 🙂

  • 2xlive

    It’s baaaaack! I’ve missed your recaps so dearly! Sadly, I didn’t miss GG itself. So #accurate with all the *natefused*/”huh what?” caps. I mean why is Dan getting slapped – twice? I understand Serena but Blair? Hmmm.

    And c’mon! Sex with your clothes on can be very hot when you’re in a time crunch (just thought I’d throw that out there). Though Chuck and Blair aren’t probably in too much of a time crunch so what gives CW censors?