This episode picks up right after last week’s panel.  Leila is crying because she is so grateful to the fans for helping her win the Tyra Suite, which she chooses to share with Laura.  But there isn’t much down time before they get a new message from Tyra about the upcoming makeovers, which is everyone’s favorite part of this show, except for Victoria and Maria who are worried about what Tyra and her crew will do to their hair.  And after her back talk at last week’s panel, Maria really should be toning it down before that attitude gets her in trouble.  Don’t these girls understand that Tyra and her people are experts? Obviously if they say you will look good with a certain style, you WILL look good. Why wouldn’t you want to do what they say? I just don’t get it.

The next morning the girls head over to the salon for the makeovers, but there is a twist.  This season the girls get to decide if they actually want to get a makeover, but they have to decide before they see what the planned makeover is.  In the end all of the girls choose to take Tyra’s recommended changes except for Maria and Victoria. What a poor choice. And as punishment they must have a little chat with a disapproving Tyra.  Tyra tells them that she doesn’t know if they are suited for the industry since they chose not to change and she lets them see what their makeover would have been before she runs off to deal with the girls who are getting made over.  She just leaves them feeling her disappointment. Tyra knows what she is doing.

Poor Maria also have to talk to Kelly, who is not nearly as nice as Tyra was.  She straight up tells Maria that she is “really committed to defending mediocrity.”  Burn, Maria, Burnnnn.

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Most of the girls are happy with their makeovers except for Destiny, who thinks she looks like a lesbian/little boy.  Tyra tries to comfort her, but getting your hair chopped off can be quite tough for some girls, as we have seen in basically every cycle of this show.

Once the girls are all made over, P’Trique shows up with more Tyra mail that makes the girls believe they are going to be nude in their next event.  What is the point of P’Trique? He just runs in, spouts off some Tyra riddle, and runs away. I don’t get what his purpose is.

Back at the house, the drama begins.  Everyone thinks Maria is a brat with a poor attitude and they think she should just go home.  Kiara is also annoyed with Darian’s loudness late at night.  Darian says that Kiara is not ‘real bitch,’ which leads to more fighting and only makes the girls dislike Kiara more because she insists that she IS a ‘real bitch.’  Meanwhile, Victoria is completely baffled by this whole exchange, and for once she has a point. Arguing about who is the ‘realer bitch’ really isn’t an argument at all. I mean, clearly she has never seen this show before, but she IS right that it is just stupid.

The next day, the girls arrive on set to find out they are shooting naked with a male model. And that model is Rob Evans, the panel judge. So not only to they have to be naked with a super hot male model during their second ever photo shoot, but he is also responsible for judging them later on. Talk about pressure.

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Surprisingly, Victoria doesn’t have a freak out about the nudity. I really thought that would be something that she would be timid about, since she is so sheltered, but maybe her slight reprimand form Tyra has made her super accommodating.  Instead, it is Maria who doesn’t want to do it.  It seems like the makeover scolding had the opposite effect on her, and she decided that she doesn’t want to be in the competition anymore and she chooses to go home.

At judging, the girls don’t have any challenge score, since they had makeovers instead of a challenge, but there is still the photo shoot scores and the online reviews to decide who stays and who goes.  Victoria gets great scores all around, even though she chose not to do the makeover (but she did apologize for that, which Tyra greatly appreciated) and she gets the first perfect score (from Tyra, of course).  Rob also throws out a ten for last week’s top picture winner, Leila and Tyra gives one to Allysa.  But in the end the best photo still goes to Victoria.  Clearly she had nothing to worry about, even without her makeover.  Darian and Yvonne are left in the bottom two, and they actually had a tied score, but Yvonne had a higher social media score, so she stayed while Darian is eliminated. She is clearly devastated, but Tyra lets her know about the online series that gives her the chance to comeback, so there is still hope for her.

Next week Tyler Perry comes to visit and there is even more girl drama in the house. The excitement never ends!

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