Team Matty for the win!!! While I thought the reveal was completely anticlimactic, I am extremely excited that Jenna has not only made her choice, but has made the right one, or so we thought. To all my Team Jake readers, I’m sorry, but there’s no way they would have ended up together. If she had chosen Jake, she would always end up wondering what would have happened with Matty anyways. Besides, it doesn’t look like Jake is too torn up about it, which is really incongruent with his actions in previous episodes.

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Let’s take a look. First he was so happy to be Jenna’s boyfriend (legit), then he dumped her after finding out about her Matty-stained past (legit). Then he saw Jenna and Matty kissing and slut-carred Jenna (still legit, though douchey). Then he wanted Jenna back, and now that she’s chosen Matty he goes panty hopping for a few days before settling down with Tamara? What is going through this child’s head? Though I so predicted him getting with Tamara four episodes ago, he’s even more fickle than Jenna.

While Lacey’s advice for Jenna about Europe was surprisingly helpful, or would have been, I understand why Jenna wouldn’t want to go without her boyfriend or best friend, even though she probably would have bonded with some new people on the trip. I think she made the right decision letting Tamara take her place, though now she regrets her decision to stay home with Matty after what her mom said about all she missed out when she was dating Ben. Honestly though, if she really wanted to dance, she could just grab Tamara and Ming and come back to Matty later.

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The biggest question I’m left asking after the finale is, what’s left for next season? It looks like Ming will jump into some big drama with Becca so she can get Fred Wu back, and Jenna will have to deal with watching Tamara and Jake if they last the summer. Lacey and Kevin are back together too, and Clark is the mystery commenter (called that too!). I don’t really understand why Sadie and Lissa were at Tamara’s party, other than trying to figure out if Ricky was cheating with Tamara, which nobody mentions. However, they needed to force Sadie and Tamara together so that they could both witness Ricky and Clark hook up, which I don’t fully believe since we don’t even see his face. If Tamara hadn’t gotten together with Jake, I would say that everyone could finally be friends, but Lissa doesn’t seem to be over Jake and that’ll divide the two groups. So tell me, what could the show possibly have left to address next season?

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  • Shparky

    The hole ep. didn’t feel like a finale of a season at all which sucks because we wont get to see it for another year, I did love the scene when Sadie is pissed and almost says ‘im sorry’ but pasts out. The love triangle for me was dragged out to long I found Mings story line more interesting this year (granted it was bazaar but still good). I also didn’t like the way Jenna ended up sitting on Matty instead of having fun which was exactly like her mom who had warned her about it. I really am sick of Jenna not being happy with the men she picks if I had Matty i wouldn’t be complaining. Thanks for the recaps there really good!!

    • I totally feel you, it didn’t seem finale-ish enough to me either because they tell us who she chooses at the beginning of the episode. If I wasn’t covering the show, I probably could have turned it off after seeing that and still be semi satisfied. Thanks for reading!

  • mama dee

    during spin the bottle, when he passes on sadie [because he said he doesn’t do bears (which made me lol)], clark did say he’d make out with sadie’s boyfriend.

    • Yeah, there’s that, but I still feel like they’re just leading us to believe that it was Ricky when it really wasn’t. We don’t get to hear his point of view at all.

    • Kate

      I’m hoping that this means we’ll see more of Clark next season. He’s funny- I cracked up when I noticed that he had a pink iPhone case!

  • ugh Jenna don’t over-identify with your mom’s advice. You’re your own woman, you can dance or go to Europe if you want or let your best friend go and cuddle with Matty. All are good options and everything will be fine. Stop self-sabotaging.

    I think it’s clear that she has stronger feelings for Matty…last season her heart wanted Matty and her head wanted Jake. This season Matty is what she wants but she’s still worried he isn’t good for her. I would love for focus to be off the triangle next season with Jake and Tamara dating and dealing with problems with Jenna and Matty (they’re both such fundamentally insecure characters, it shouldn’t be hard for them to screw things up a bit). I would love to see a well-developed relationship between Jake and Tamara, Tamara needs a good guy after Ricky. Also, I want more Tamara-Sadie frenemy action.

    I think the thing with Jake is like he said, he’s a serial monogamist. He falls fast and commits fully, then when it runs its course he moves on fast. I’m sure there was a time he was totally in love with Alissa too, but he shifted his attention to Jenna before that relationship was even over. Or maybe he’s just putting on a brave face. *shrug* Jenna’s reaction to him making out with Tamara was actually totally reasonable. I hope Clark keeps talking sense into her going forward.

  • polin_ka

    tbh after this episode I started to dislike Jenna. Cannot she just be happy for at least couple of months. She just got a bf, who clearly cannot get enough of her and her biggest problem is that he doesn’t like to dance, omg most of bf don’t like to dance ;/ if she really wanted to dance, she would have gone to dance with her friends or just stayed and snog with Matty 😛 Jenna was clearly looking for any sort of trouble in her paradise and she found it. Imho, she is never gonna be happy, because that is just her personality. Matty will not be happy too, cause you just cannot be happy with a girl like that.

    Also, she repeat her mistakes from season 1, when instead of talking about her feelings, she just wonder to herself or her blog. Matty of course is clueless again. bless him 😀

  • The Ricky reveal was so creepy! Not because of what it revealed, guys, but just because…LOOK at that image! How creepy is that? It looks like he just murdered Ricky. I DO love Tamara’s, “He’s not gay. He’s just a horndog.” Hahaha I would LOVE for that to be the case, honestly. Anyway, moving on…

    I’m in the same boat as everyone else. It felt a bit thrown together *to me* even for a show that moves as quickly as Awkward does. Maybe I’m being ridiculous. I’m sort of tired of Jenna’s back and forth and never being happy. I groaned at the ending — can’t you just be content for five seconds? That said, this episode did deal with the fact that Jenna likes problems. She needs issues. Though, I think that perhaps it wasn’t exactly about choosing Jake over Matty, it’s more about choosing her boyfriend over herself (if I’m making any sense). Jenna SHOULD have gone to Europe. She SHOULD go dance. And Matty wanted her to do those things. Thus far it seems like she may be holding herself back because of her love interests (even if they are the reason for her newfound status).