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It’s finally here! After all the waiting, the faux-trailer, the canadian teasers, the network that gave birth to The Greatest Show Of Our Time has finally released a promo announcing to the TV-viewing public that Gossip Girl‘s sixth and final season is upon us. And they did it in true Gossip Girl fashion, by creating a text-like acronym in OMSG: One More Season of Gossip (Girl). How apropos.

Oh, and the promo’s good. Comparatively, it doesn’t offer much more beyond what appears to be the premiere episode of the season, but it at least gives us, y’know, actual dialogue. And the dialogue is great! Dan confronts Blair then gets slapped three times; Serena doesn’t want anyone at her maybe-wedding; Blair urges for “that again” post-coitus; and Serena’s new beau calls her by…Sabrina. Talk about a Call Me Serena moment gone completely awry.

Oh, and Ivy and Rufus? Totally doin’ it.

One More Season of Gossip girl, y’all. And it promises to be absolutely scandalous. Let’s just hope it lives up to the hype.

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  • I <3 this promo. I <3 it so much, I want to make sweet love to it on top of a pile of poker chips and roll around in them and get them stuck in all sorts of uncomfortable places. Rowr.

    Rufus and Ivy though? My brain is FOREVER UNCLEAN.

  • Thanks for posting this!! I’m so psyched!! Not just for the season but also for the return of GG recaps! I hope you’re scheduling them into your busy life now!!

  • Hahahahahaahahahhahahahaaah! Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

  • QMargo

    Ok, I wouldn’t put the wagon in front of the horse, CW….s6 – GG’s best season yet? If s1 one never happened then maybe…but having said that, I am excited about what I saw in the promo – Serena telling her former BFFs to GTFO (Classic GG), Dan getting slapped by S&B ( almost classic GG), UES wedding (classic GG), Georgina is back (almost yay), Rufus and Charlie making out (gross, but its GG (5 years later) so that explains it). Guys, I can’t wait to see what all of that is about!