Just when we thought all the relationship drama had been settled, JWOWW and Roger are going out to breakfast to talk because they woke up and things were ‘cool’ between them.  Over their meal they talk about how they still have stuff to work on, which is why they are not anywhere near ready to get married.  They laugh over the fact that Roger would never have dated Jenny if he knew her like he does now, but he is in love and it is too late for him. He is stuck with her. Awwww! After that everything is good, and they discuss Jenny’s plan to get fake babies for her and Nicole so they can get ready for the arrival of Snooki’s real baby.

While Jenny is at breakfast with her boo, Snooki is volunteering again at that animal place and she is dying Jenny’s dogs pink and purple.  She was only supposed to do their tails and paws, but she splattered a bit on Noel, so she decided to dye the whole puppy. Whoops.  Jenny is a bit taken aback when she sees her puppies at first, especially Noel, who is now completely purple, but the dogs are happy and the dye comes out in 4-6 washes so it is all good!

A bit later a delivery man comes with two packages for JWOWW. The babies are here!! Snooki is a bit grossed out that her baby actually has a wiener and she is weirded out by its strange breathing.  Both girls find the babies to be creepy because they don’t have facial expressions and they make strange noises like aliens. Suddenly both babies start crying and the girls have 2 minutes to figure out what it needs.  Parenthood is a lot of work.

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That night the girls are going out with the three gay Joeys to see if they will all get along.  There is a twink Joey, and otter Joey, and a bear Joey.  I don’t know what these all mean, but I love all of them.  The girls realize they are going to have to take their babies to the bar and all of the Joeys pitch in to help out with the fake infants. They are so ready to be the gay uncles, even though bear Joey almost lost a diaper.

After the bar everyone heads back to the girls’ apartment and all of the Joeys are pretty wasted.  Twink Joey is kind of a mess and threw up on the couch and in the sink. Poor guy.  Snooki immediately retreats to her room, but luckily the other two Joeys were there to help him out.

Snooki is getting frustrated because her baby is waking her up every few hours, but this is her future so she needs to get used to it.  The next morning she and Jenny have to get ready and gather their babies to head over to Snooki’s doctor appointment with her mom and Jionni where she is hopefully going to find out the sex of her baby. Jionni seems perplexed by the fake baby and when it starts crying he is completely lost and not taking it seriously, which worries Snooki.

Snooki gets her ultrasound and they all get to see the baby.  The doctor lets them know that the baby does in fact have a wiener and Jenny says it is a nice one. She is the godmother, remember. She is allowed to say these things.

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Next week we see the girls switch boyfriends for a date and Snooki considers leaving her apartment with her bestie to be with Jionni. She can’t go! They must stay together! Even though I know she won’t go quite yet, I’m still worried.

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