I’m a little rusty on the reviewing process… I don’t think I’m quite the same since The Secret Circle was cancelled… but,  I shall do my best to entertain! (Sobs in the corner for another minute or five…)

Last season we ended at Carlton’s prom with Emmett’s little infidelity flub being exposed, and some other crap that I really can’t be bothered to remember at this point in time. But, what I do know is that the premiere came back strong… not practical. But strong.

Post finding out Emmett cheated on her with her arch enemy (her words, not mine), Bay left the country for some amazing summer getaway. Totally likely? Yeah. Right. She comes back with some feathers in her hair (ooohhh edgy) and a cute (hearing abled) boyfriend. Good job Bay, get over Emmett by getting under this chap! Not like it’s going to work… but good try. She’s clearly heartbroken and who can blame her. Cheating is wrong. Isn’t it? Bay loves Emmett. Emmett loves Bay. More beer?

There’s no love in the land of Daphne, just… cooking. Great idea! I love cooking. She seems to be adjusting well considering all the family has been through the past few months. Wilkie who? That-a-girl Daph. This new Chef guy is a hottie, I’ll give him that. But he’s a DICK, with a capital D-I-C-K. I’m glad to see Daphne is trying to deal with the obstacles in the kitchen in her own way and not letting Kathryn take over.

On a smaller scale, Simone tries to apologize to Bay, and although honorable, I probably would have smacked her in the face. It’s a lovely face, but it would have been smacked. Twice! And poor whats his face… the brother… God, really what’s his name… Oh yeah, TOBY! Poor guy. I don’t see a storyline for him this season, or ever.

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Angelo is deported, but oh wait, Regina saves the day by marrying him. GAG. Like, seriously… how realistic is that!? If a judge just sentenced you to leave the country… and you just happen to get married ten seconds later, wouldn’t that raise a few red flags with immigration? That doesn’t really happen! Nor is it legal (because I’m a lawyer and everything now). Clearly this will put a damper on Regina and that dude she’s been sleeping with. Boo, you whore!

Speaking of putting a damper on relationships, Kathryn and John seem to be heading for rocky waters. The book is out, and Kathryn is clearly just getting started. “I TARZAN, YOU JANE.” John doesn’t like this whole role reversal situation. Papa Kennish must be a Romney supporter, oohhh, burn.

I foresee Emmett continuing to grovel at Bay’s feet, Kathryn being too busy for boom-boom, and the beginning of Regina’s love triangle madness.

What did you think of the premiere of Switched At Birth? Hit or miss?

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  • Huge miss. They pumped it up so much in the previews but frankly, it didn’t deliver for me, at least compared to all the other “big” episodes last season.

    • There should have been less all the other stuff… and more of the fighting!