It’s finally here: the trailer for the upcoming fourth season of everyone’s favorite CW vampire show, The Vampire Diaries. And it promises us lots of…vampires…and angst about vampires. Y’know, the ush.

At the end of last season, Elena drowned under the bridge her parents also died — but awoke as a vampire. It appears this coming season, she’ll sort of not like that and kind of wants to, like, not be a vampire. As expected, Bonnie will be looking for a way to reverse her newfound vampire state to turn her back into human with the help of Stefan but at the protests of Jeremy and Damon. What will come of all this!?

Meanwhile, it seems Caroline and Tyler, who is actually Klaus for now, get a bit cozy…as in naked in the woods. Also, what is WITH that Inception-esque scene in the van? Anyone? What do you guys think about the trailer — more or less excited!?!

Remember, The Vampire Diaries premieres Thursday October 11th at 8/7c on America’s Favorite Network (okay, just ours), The CW.

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Michael Collado
Mike's a television junkie located in Miami, where he spends all of his time watching TV with his best friends couch and cable access.
  • katherine_fan

    I’m on Damon’s side on this one!Elena needs to feed.Period.Why do we have to see Bonnie messing things up again via magic (hasn’t she learned her lesson,yet?) instead of seeing Elena DRINK SOME EFFING BLOOD??
    P.S.Damon compelling Caroline and Andie to date him was disgusting,but the Caroline and Tyler/Klaus thing is even worse!

    • Fifi

      Oh god.. I don’t understand why you people watch this show with real life standars…

      • katherine_fan

        Ummm,maybe because I find a person forcing another person to have sex with him/her disgusting in real life as well as in books or on TV shows!!I don’t even know what to say about the people who view that kind of ‘relationship’ acceptable or ‘romantic’!

  • InvestedInYourFuture

    Well just as expected the trailer is more or less disappointing and dull.

    N.Dobrev completely fails to sell her lines – her “upset” looks more like she is upset of someone spilling coffee on her favorite blanket than over “omg I am undead now”.

    Can’t care for elena either. To feel anything, anything AT ALL about the Bella Swan of TV shows, the writers should have….oh I don’t know, spent at least 5 minutes out of 66 episodes that already aired to actually DEVELOP her into an interesting and relatable and complex character, just like lead characters should be? Sadly that did not happen and Elena evokes no more feelings than any other piece of furniture in the sets of that trailer.

    Tyler-klaus and Caroline scene on other hand….oh wow, I mean, it WAS already obvious that show is fairly sexist and it has already excused some damn horrible things that SHOULD NOT have been just glossed over and forgotten(like Damon raping and abusing Caroline and Andie), but now the poster-boy of TVD fandom, Klaus, will attempt a double-rape? What the hell, show?

    And yay for Bonnie. Breaking all the rules, sacrificing her life, etc, to bring back the sweet queen of mary sues… I am sure if same thing(turning) happened to bonnie’s family she would do the sa…..oh wait, same thing happened to her mother and bonnie did not lift a finger. I guess this is yet another case of the strange illogical reasonless behavior of every character on the show being fixated on elena.

    Oh gods, I am so glad that I am done with this show. If before this promo I was still comically interesting into seeing how they gloss over and ignore all the problems from finale THIS TIME(like they did the last two premieres), the promo convinced me that the premiere and this season will be just as dull and directionless as the Season Three…

    Oh gods, TVD had such a promise. The show started as something that is MUST-WATCH and then suddenly somewhere after “Masquerade” devolved into more and more generic parody of Twilight…

    Why couldn’t this show remain at the level of quality it was at the S1?
    Why could not someone capable have handled it?
    Why did it all have to end up like this?

    Only regrets.

    • keeks

      Amen!! There is hardly anything good and worthwhile on television but this shit right here is damn near infuriating. I’m running out of fucks to give.

    • Fifi

      Why even watch the promo if you already decided that you were done with this show?
      I have a feeling you’ll still be watching. Elena is not sad yet because right now she’s just confused.It hasn’t hit her yet. You’ve never had one those moments, when something terrible happens to you, but you’re just…Numb?
      I think bonnie is trying to help elena because she has not fed yet..But her mother already did when bonnie found out!!
      Anyway..I dont know what irritate you so much about elena, but unlike you this trailer makes me excited…

      • katherine_fan

        When did we see Abby feed for the 1st time exactly??We saw Bonnie holding Abby’s hand when she died but that’s it.The writers have never spent a moment on Bonnie and Abby’s relationship other than having them around to cast spells!

  • cacherr1

    I hope that slo-mo was for promo for effect but then JP and her each episode is like a movie would allow that effect to happen. I can’t even with the Bonnie sacrificing herself for Elena when Elena hasn’t done anything to deserve it, just let her turn, we all know she doesn’t have the lady balls (thanks easy a) to actually allow herself to die. I don’t even think I going to bother youtubing this. I just can’t. Well at least GG looks promising.

    • InvestedInYourFuture

      “like a movie”? I am sorry? TVD has almost NO cinematography at all. Its one of dullest filmed shows on tv, with bar to none interesting camera angles, sets, lighting set-ups or clothes for characters.

      TVD was watched for the addictive storyline and its twists, even when the show was good. It had a GREAT storyline back then, but even at its best, TVD was never about cinematography, because the show just does not do anything with it.

      • cacherr1

        She was mostly talking about the writing and pacing of her episodes. Not every movie is about cinematography (mostly art house films). TV shows aren’t a director’s arena like film is, it a writer’s arena.

  • cacherr1

    Also if that Klaus in Tyler’s body, JP is gross for ever allowing that to leave the writer’s room. That featurette on the writers for the DVD was bogus and not needed since JP decided against most of the things they originally plotted out.

  • QMargo

    Wow, if Bonnie tried this hard when her OWN MOM was turned………

    • keeks

      You can blame Julie for that. Esp considering how much time Bonnie even gets to spend with her own mom without having to worry about Elena drama. We’ll be lucky to see her mom for witchy woo woo cameos.

  • I knew I didn’t want to watch that based on people’s comments before I could get to a computer (couldn’t get it to play on my phone) and then I got to a computer and watched it anyway and……I was right. I only have myself to blame.