It’s here! Round three of our TV’s Best Whisper-Talkers Tournament Quarterfinals that pits Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Angel against The Vampire Diariess Klaus.

But first, earlier today, Chuck Bass beat out Tina Belcher in the first quarterfinals round with a landslide in the final moments at 70% of the votes in an otherwise neck to neck competition. He will be moving on and battling either John Casey (Chuck) or John Reese (Person of Interest) next week.

Speaking of neck to neck races, Klaus was in a fierce battle against Eric from True Blood in the most passionate preliminary battle round of this tourney. Will this round also spark such interest? It’s time to find out! Which whisper-talker do you like most?

Angel or Klaus will go on to face either Brooke Davis or Rick Grimes next week. This poll closes Friday at 9pm ET. You may vote as many times as you like.

Round 1: Chuck Bass vs Tina Belcher | Winner: Chuck Bass
Round 2: John Casey vs John Reese | Vote here! Closes tomorrow
Round 3: Angel vs Klaus Mikaelson | Vote above!
Round 4: Brooke Davis vs Rick Grimes | Opens tomorrow!

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Michael Collado
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  • M.

    This is like the hardest round !!!!

  • Dude it’s get REAL!!! Angel badass because his has alter ego Angelus!!!!

  • BruNzr

    can’t believe angel lost for klaus

  • Tunde Ballack

    hhhh joke. Klaus gets decapitated