Before I start with the recap, let me just tell you a little story. So last week I didn’t have TV or internet for like 5 days. It was a very depressing, trying time, especially because it meant that I couldn’t watch or recap my favorite show in the whole world, America’s Next Top Model.  But when I went to watch last week’s episode before viewing the new one I discovered that, alas, there was no new episode last week! What a stroke of luck! Anyway, that made me really super excited and I’m glad I didn’t miss my chance to dissect the latest model drama and judging panel.

So on to this week’s episode, which involved my favorite activity: Go-Sees! But before that happens, Lauren is at the house still reeling from her appearance in the bottom two after her dominance the week before and Brittany is crying over a letter from her sister.  There are some close familial relationships on this show this season, aren’t there?

There is also some tension in the house after last week’s panel when the girls told Tyra about their concerns with Victoria.  Victoria feels betrayed and the girls are still worried about her inability to handle the competition.  And, of course, Victoria just wishes she could talk to her mom, who embraces her weirdness with no questions.

Finally, it is go-see time, and the girls are sent out in pairs to visit the different designers.  Kiara and Victoria get paired together, which doesn’t bode well.  Victoria is sick of Kiara’s mothering and when they visit with Whitney Port (one of Victoria’s heroes), she refuses to take it any longer. She takes over the visit and keeps talking over Kiara, which does not sit well with the other girl and it doesn’t make the best impression on Whitney.

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At the end of the time, Laura was very upset that her and Natasia didn’t seem to have enough time to make it to Guess, her favorite designer.  She starts crying, and they decide that it is close enough for them to stop in, even if they end up being late for the end of the challenge.  That was very kind of Natasia to be willing to risk giving up a challenge win, just so Laura could visit her favorite designer.  Lucky for them though, they were able to make it back just in time to make the deadline, which worked out well for Laura, who ended up booking two jobs (including Guess) and winning the challenge.

The girls go to a celebratory dinner afterwards and Victoria just can not enjoy herself because she didn’t book any jobs and she can’t understand why. Poor girl is due to have a breakdown soon.

The next day the girls show up to their photoshoot, which happens to be at a prison.  Johnny is taking this very seriously, and he makes the girls go through the whole booking process and everything, as if they had been arrested. This is apparently to illustrate to viewers that every year a whole bunch of students get arrested for being drunk and stuff.  Whatever.  Anyway, the girls are doing 50’s mug shots for their photos this week.

Kiara is very uneasy with this setting because she was arrested when she was a teenager.  Being in the prison makes her a little teary eyed, and it causes her to hold back in her photo, until Johnny says something and she completely explodes. Is she going to have a breakdown before Victoria does?  Speaking of Victoria, she yet again busts out some crazy character that she gets 100% into, even though it is getting tiresome for Johnny and the other girls.

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At judging, Victoria gets mixed reviews from the judges and poor scores from the fans, which she blames on being picked on in the house.  I don’t know about you, but that really isn’t what I have seen happen and it is obviously something that pisses off all of the girls standing behind her.  She isn’t really winning herself any friends, is she? Brittany also doesn’t get great feedback from the judges, but she still has the support of her fans.  Laura, on the other hand, is back on top this week and gets the highest scores from the judges, winning her best picture once again.  Victoria and Brittney are left in the bottom two because both of them were unable to book a go-see and they had disappointing pictures.  Victoria’s score is just a few points higher, so Brittany is sent off to the comeback competition.  Except, she doesn’t go to the comeback competition, because the comeback winner is being decided this week! All of the former contestants who have been taking part in the comeback competition enter the judging room but, of course, we don’t get to find out who is back in the competition and heading to Jamaica with the rest of the girls.  We have to wait for the next episode.  Who will it be? I can’t wait to find out!

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  • You’re right to notice that the girls this season talk about their families a lot more. I think it’s due to the fact that since it’s a college edition the girls are much younger. There don’t seem to be any girls who are mothers or girls who think they’re are women and above the rest. The group is relatively the same age, I’d assume. It’s cool that you pointed that out!

    Go-sees are my favourite episodes as well. You can really tell who can make it in the real world and who can’t. I personally REALLY dislike Kristin but you can tell she’s actually pretty professional when it counts.I actually could not believe Laura cried and they went to the Guess with 20 minutes left on the clock. In previous seasons, some girls would go back with an hour to spare cause they were so afraid of being disqualified. I was pretty surprised Brittany didn’t book any but it was no surprise that Victoria didn’t. She was way too desperate and not her usual professional self.

    Victoria is EXTREMELY weird but when you think about it, so is Tyra Banks. The only difference is Tyra has the credentials to back it up. She only made it in the real world because she was memorable. I think if Victoria has the time to really work on her skills and improve, she’ll be as memorable and exciting to work with one day as Tyra is.

    I’m really glad Kiara held it together at the photoshoot. She’s actually one of my favourites next to Laura so I hope they both make it far. Kiara at the shoot really made me realize how much I miss Jay Manual as the creative director. Johnny kind of just pushed her to work and asked her if she was okay at the end and just left it. Jay would have been more considerate and really get to the bottom of it and just to talk it out!!

    Victoria is sinking downhill and for some reason I’m just rooting for her. It was SO NICE to see Kelly Cutrone (of ALL people!!) to stick up for her. She’s right, people should be concentrating on themselves and not picking on Victoria. You can see on all of their solo shots where they talk about the show, they’re ALWAYS talking about how they think Victoria can’t handle the competition. Well, it’s REALLY none of their concern! I just hope Victoria gets it together before it’s too late.

    I really hope Leila comes back. I was shocked when they kicked off 🙁 She photographed really well and was a nice and genuine girl. She shouldn’t have been eliminated in the first place!