There’s this moment in the season 4 premiere of The Vampire Diaries where Elena and Stefan are sitting on a rooftop, talking about how awful their lives are because people keep wanting to kill them and whatnot. They sit there (with better greens-creening than Revenge, might I add — how is that even possible?) and Stefan places a ring on her finger (foreshadowing? pandering?) and decides to ease her pain and fright.

“You don’t need to tell me everything’s going to be okay,” Elena offers. And Stefan nods. And for that moment, I thought: okay, this is good. Because, you see, the series up until that moment has always been about everyone telling Elena to not worry, they’ll handle this or that, they’ll save her from whatever apocalyptic morally ambiguous someone is after her week after week. When Elena woke up in the morgue during the final shot of season three, this is what I yearned for — I felt this urgency of basically needing for the series to step up its game and have Elena take responsibility for anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or if it’s bad, but the characters of Mystic Falls have this tendency to view everything as anyone else’s fault. It happened in this episode as well. Stefan thinks he should have saved Elena (let’s not get into how he’s a vampire and seriously could have carried two bodies). Damon thinks the same. Damon thinks Matt should have died.[*] Matt thinks it’s his fault for…I don’t know, being unconscious and having no say in the matter. Damon confronts Rebekah.

[*] This, by the way, is a storyline I did not like in the least. On one side, you have Damon using Matt as his plaything for basically zero reason, which I thought he had evolved from and which made the weird retcon flashback of last season’s finale even more glaring; and on the other hand, you had Matt sulking because I have no idea and also because that’s so original for him.

Meanwhile, Elena almost screeches at everyone to stop taking on the guilt for this or that. It was her decision to sacrifice her life for her friend. She demands that Damon stop being mad at other people for not only being undead now but also for choosing Stefan at the end of season 3. And I know, I know, Elena does a lot of these what I call “MAH FAULT” moments, but I can only hope that her message was heard loud and clear tonight. Because if nothing else, if making Elena a vampire won’t allow her to start fending for herself and fighting her own battles, I hope it at least puts an end to this magical aura that surrounds Elena and makes people view her as this do-no-wrong entity…in the characters’ eyes.

That said, what I’m reviewing is this one hour, not the future. And I have no proof or even suggestion that the show will continue into that area or not; all I have is hope. In this hour, however, people were treating Elena like Most Perfect Human Ever as they usually do. Let’s begin at the top with the love triangle.

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Ah, the very-much loved and not at all tiring love triangle, may I say that — surprise, and no sarcasm here — you were handled quite well tonight. In fact, the only problem with tonight’s triangle side of the story is that it was, once again, so blatantly obvious how the series wants you to view both sides of it, just in case they haven’t hammered it in enough. We get it — Stefan honors Elena’s wishes and Damon is “just that selfish.” Whichever way to love someone you think is best, I guess that’s up to you. For now, however, Elena seems to prefer the one where her suitor decides to make good on her wishes. That said, the bottom line is this: when it came to the final moments in which Elena was about to die, Stefan thought having Elena feed early on in the day would have been a better option than waiting around all day for Bonnie to save her.

Speaking of, I guess if Bonnie is going to continue being a plot device (this is almost a trope of Vampire Diaries reviews now), at least she does it in a way that they try to explain it. The series decides, “Well she’s done a lot of magic now so she has power she didn’t have before” and that’s how they explain this never-before-explained newfound magic. The show’s got to keep on rolling, so in this episode, I wasn’t as annoyed with it as in the past. However, what still irks me is Bonnie’s continued declarations of being her own woman but constantly being coerced by everyone, including Klaus.[**] Whenever Klaus threatened her in some way this episode, I just kept hoping she’d do magic that hurt him or something? Fight back, Bonnie! Something!

[**] Also, now that I think about it…what was even the point of Klaus going into Tyler’s body? Perhaps I forgot something, so if someone can explain that to me, thanks. It was like thirty seconds later and Klaus was like “Yeah put me back in my body, thanks.” Why did you go in Tyler’s body in the first place? What?

Let’s talk about Klaus. Actually, no, let’s talk about Rebekah, who I find infinitely more interesting. The series has tried so hard to add layers to its big villain Klaus, and what’s felt effortless is how many layers they’ve added to Rebekah. I say time and time again, I don’t know if it’s the actress, the writing, or pure accident, but Rebekah is actually one of the more fleshed out characters on the series. I know they’re using the good, ol’ “she wasn’t loved enough” bit here, but for me it feels so organic (I think that’s the actress, then). After witnessing Elena’s declaration of love to Stefan, and how she stated that even though she is about to die she doesn’t regret choosing him and going back to be with him, Rebekah goes with that emotion over to Klaus’s. Here you have someone who, after a century or so, has never felt unconditional love in that way. I know, Elena is not Stefan’s sister, not in the least, and while Rebekah hasn’t found companionship in that sense either, the root of all her issues there begin with her family. Her mother was more than fine with killing them off, and Klaus was okay with her being captured or tortured or killed as long as it wasn’t him. Hell he even saved someone he’s only known for a few months! Stefan and Elena have only known each other for a few months, too, if you think about it. And after a thousand plus years, the bond between Rebekah and her family seems to be hanging by a thread. There’s no doubt she’s affected by the warmth of Elena and Stefan’s conversation and the brittle cold of Klaus’s abandonment.

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Besides, hybrids suck and those blood bags needed to be burst.

Tonight’s outing relied on the plot much more than anything else, in true Vampire Diaries fashion, but personally that’s when this show excels most. So let’s not be prude here and say anything less; this was an entertaining episode — and it surely made more sense than the most entertaining episode of season 3.5, the penultimate one. For someone surely expecting the worst out of this season, given its disappointments last season, I may have been sold to stick around for much longer. I just hope it continues on an upswing and doesn’t derail into a shadow of its former self.

A few (vampire) bites…

  • The Vampire Council. What are they doing trying to act relevant? No, I kid. But I was surprised at how little setup was needed for me to take them seriously. I don’t know if I do, yet, but I am intrigued at blowing everyone up. My first guess was that they’re going to die to become vampires…to fight vampires because that’s the only way they can, and then I realized how stupid that was.
  • Bonnie’s “darkness.” Tonight there was only a lot of mentioning that this magic is dark by Jasmine Guy (and then she…re-died?). And, if you know me, you know I’m extremely intrigued by that.
  • I kind of loved Michael Trevino playing Tyler as Klaus in Tyler’s body.
  • Speaking of, I wasn’t disgusted by the almost-sex. Mostly because Caroline got a slap in.
  • Is Elena just okay with people dying for her to drink their blood and not die?
  • Guy getting stabbed with a gun was awesome. But I still feel like “These are awful vampire beings and we should not be desensitized to humans dying,” right? Maybe I’m just a prude.
  • Elena remembering what she was compelled to forget: I liked the way this was handled (sans Elena appearing as if she were bored by looking at YOUR OWN UNCOVERED MEMORIES ELENA, COME ON LIGHTEN UP), but I was kind of hoping for more. I wasn’t a fan of the retcon, but I was a big fan of the “I love you” scene when it happened, and just felt that if you’re going to retcon something, I guess it might as well be meaningful. It kind of wasn’t.
  • Either I wasn’t paying attention or I just didn’t notice but apparently everyone hates the new opening sequence and now I have to see it.
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  • This triangle…this triangle is going to kill every bit of love I have for Damon, Stefan and Elena. You were much more kind in your assessment of it’s handling tonight than I was. I was simply bored. I don’t care about Elena’s journey.

    The Originals saved the piece for me. First, Trevino did a fabulous job portraying Klaus. I didn’t have faith in it based on last seasons finale, but he came through here and did an awesome job. As you said, Rebekah continues to be the character you want to root for. She’s an evil bitch, but she admits her mistakes and many times her actions are that of a tween (and we all forgive them). I’ve seen Claire in a few other things, and while she is good, her style just meshes with this character in a way no other role I’ve seen her in has.

    Vampire Barbie held her own with TylerKlaus too. I was happy nothing much happened during the body swap and that she got that smack in. I wasn’t expecting much more than that. Look what Damon did to her and all she got to do there was throw him down a hall and fear and forgive him immediately.

    I was happy to see Jasmine Guy. Her pain made me care about Bonnie’s arc a little more. Though I think after four seasons, if you’re still using a supporting (dead) character to buy goodwill towards your regular cast member, you should cut your losses and kill her off.

    The Founders Council is reminding me a lot of the Watcher’s Council in that they are completely ineffective and irrelevant.

    Great recap — esp. put out so quickly. I love hearing your thoughts on the triangle because I feel you aren’t one team or another. You sit by me on Team Over It, except you sound way more sane than I do.

    Jenners (I have no idea why the site now thinks I’m Jenni — well I am Jenni, but why it’s not using my twitter).

  • crystal

    I want elena to be with damon!! well im happy tyler is back! i cant wait for next episode

  • Jess

    Personally I was hoping for a much more intriguing and exciting premiere. I would have liked for Elena to be more sensitive…poor Damon :/ Back to BORING Stelena hopefully it will get better!

  • Jordan


    • cacherr1

      That what really grate my nerves…Damon purposely turned Vicky because he was bored yet Matt should feel guilty over something he had no control over and now prove he worth being alive to the two dumbass Salvatore Brothers. JP fuckery logic.

  • InvestedInYourFuture

    So I did not bother watching this episode(hopped off this trainwreck since S3 finale) and from the overall bits I caught from others, I am glad I did not as apparently Elena was still a background dressing, annoying love “triangle” was still going on, everyone was still trying to protect their precious Mary Sue and the whole episode had no plot?

    And seriously, Damon “I Killed your sister, banged your mom and raped your girlfriend” Salvatore blamed MATT?

    is everyone in this show a sociopath?….

  • Rose

    Didn’t Klaus move to Tyler’s body so that when his own body was staked; it wouldn’t kill him? When his body survived, and everyone thought he was dead, he could safely re-inhabit it.

    The magic plot lines are getting so thin with this show – random new power; some of which doesn’t have consequences.

  • katherine_fan

    About your question on Klaus/Tyler :Bonnie did the spell so that Klaus would inhabit Tyler’s body (in case Evilaric-oh I miss him- found him and staked him) and then he would have to find another body.So,yeah Bonnie not only fucked Tyler over,she also fucked another innocent person over!The foggy moment is not the why he did it;For me,it’s how Kyler was the one in possession of the coffin.He must have gone to the storage to get it,okay.But why was the coffin left there to begin with??And why hadn’t it be opened by Damon or Rebekah before Klaus got his hands on it?I know it’s only the day after the car crash,but Rebekah knew that Evilaric was dead,so it’s not like he would be waiting for her there.Didn’t she feel the need to go back for it?To bury it or sth?And what about Damon?He and the rest of the gang had been trying to kill Klaus for a year now (MF timeline).He didn’t open the coffin just to be sure??
    As for the episode?BORED TO DEATH!It only got slightly better (or should I say less dull?)during the last 10 minutes.Rebekah (and Claire Holt) nailed it!I was so proud of her for standing up to Klaus and for destroying the remaining bloodbags!!Klaus needs to die!He is the most disgusting character that has ever lived! And,in my opinion,he’s not a layered character anymore.There was potential to see another side of him in season 2,we did see other sides of him in season 3,but now??He’s (okay,I don’t know if that’s the right phrase) a one-note character.He’s just evil and that’s it!What he was about to do to Caroline AND Tyler was disgusting,he cares for no other than himself and with the bloodbags gone,his primary goal in life is gone!So,he’s one-dimensional character and serves no purpose!I hope his siblings are gonna be the ones to kill him b/c he has that one coming for a while now!I can’t wait for Jeremy to become a vampire hunter/hater!!
    It’s good to have you back,Michael!Even though I have to admit that I was surprised you weren’t appalled by the Kyler/Caroline almost sex scene ,like I thought you would be,your review is the best I’ve read so far!”Matt feels guilty for being unconcious”-that was my favorite!

  • Rachel

    Great review, agree with almost everything. sincerely, I love Rebekah and she’s become one of my favorite characters. Klaus this episode, ugh. Trevino was brilliant, though.
    I didn’t like Damon blaming Matt either but I get that he was hurt and wasn’t thinking. It’s one of those moments Damon just doesn’t think. And it was kind of Matt’s fault. He was the one that – along with Jeremy – who got her out of the house. Anyway, I think that after season 3, Damon wouldn’t act like that or at least he wouldn’t try to kill Matt.
    Speaking of season 3, did the writers just forget everything that freaking happened? Like Klaus having layers, Stefan hurting Elena (I know it was in the rippah phase but still), Damon and Elena bonding etc?

  • Nicole

    I quit watching regularly last season and while some stuff was
    different, I had no idea who the hell that priest was, pretty much
    everything else was same. It was an okay episode I guess, but Damon was
    out of line and I felt terrible for Matt. Everyone was telling him he
    should have died and then when he agreed Stefan yelled at him to
    appreciate what happened. I don’t even like Matt but poor guy.

    I suppose I’m a fan of Stefan and Elena, I never really try to be and I
    used to think they were boring but I just believe their scenes together.
    I loved them sitting together at the end and their goodbye scene was
    great and they were probably why I didn’t hate the episode. (that said I
    would drop them in a second for Elijah and Elena, holy crap are they
    hot together)

    The main reason I did watch is the same as always, Bonnie Bennet. Every
    time, they get me. I was looking forward to her arc this season, yet her
    dark magic storyline seems to already be wrapped up. Even with her new
    powers, it didn’t bother me that Bonnie didn’t fight back given what
    happened later, she didn’t want to hurt Tyler maybe? I was intrigued by
    the dark magic too, but what was actually dark about the magic she was
    using? I know she killed herself, but everything she was doing was
    selfless and similar to what she always does right down to the dark
    room, candles, Latin and nosebleeds. She always tries to protect people
    and it always hurts her, and since we haven’t seen her father, they just
    decided to kill her grandmother AGAIN. And given what usually happens,
    Bonnie grieving her grandmother AGAIN will be shown off screen and
    they’ll ship her off for a couple episodes.

    I liked your analysis of Rebekah because I didn’t pay much attention to
    her when I watched, but she was one of the better parts of this episode.

  • Keira007

    Back to cheesy, lovey-dovey Stelena oh… my… god… are we really in season 4??? Yeah, with a new and crazy vampire hunter. That’s all folks!

  • Your review pretty much summed up how I feel about the premiere. It was significantly better than most of S3 and laid groundwork for what could potentially be some interesting plot lines. I’m just afraid to hope that the writers will actually follow any of those instead of doing the same things they always do.

    The retcon was a waste of time because it didn’t change or have any impact on anything and Elena didn’t even show any emotion whatsoever towards her “new” memories. She couldn’t even dig deep enough to find some anger at Damon for compelling her? Really? It was obviously only used to continue this triangle nonsense. I hate how every major character is willing to sacrifice everything to help/save Elena. She needs to put on her big girl pants and start accepting that there are actually consequences for the choices she makes. She wanted Stefan to save Matt and now she’s a vampire. But rather than accept it, she has Bonnie risk life and limb yet again to try to fix it with magic. And what’s with this return to S1 Stefan and Damon? Did the last 2 seasons just not happen? What? Ugh, I’m just so over it all.

    At least there were some bright spots. Trevino as Klaus in Tyler’s body was amazing! And as Klaus pretending to actually be Tyler he was entertaining. I was mildly concerned that the almost-sex would go too far, but it was just enough to make Klaus seem more sleazy (if that’s possible) and that slap made it all worth it. I just wish they had drawn out the whole body swap thing for a few episodes. I’m not really a Rebekah fan but Claire Holt nails that part. I’m hoping they give her some scenes with Phoebe when she shows up.

  • QMargo

    I was actually pleasantly surprised by this episode, I wasn’t expecting it to be…well, I guess…the word I am looking for is FAST MOVING….because previously it would take TVD at least 4 episodes to see that amount of stuff I saw in this episode…cos I expected the whole Elena realises that she has a choice to make and everyone is feeling sorry for her to take up to one episode and the whole story with the council rounding everyone up and taking Stefan, Elena and Rebekah hostage and finally Elena feeding to be stretched out into like 3 episodes….but no, TVD’s new season clearly decided that it is time to start moving at vampire speed.

    These are my thoughts

    1. I want to thank the show for giving us scenes where they showed what is going on inside Elena while she is in transition,….I mean, I also get annoyed by loud clock ticking and those old tea cattles, but that must be 100000 times worse in vampire brain. So A plus on that….because before that all we got to see with previous characters transitioning is the crave for blood and being allergic to the sun. No wonder Vicki was such a mess…

    2. There was a moment, however, when I felt like slapping the show…that was when during the first 15 minutes Elena said “everything is going to be ok”….facepalm…you idiot! EVERYTHING IS NOT OK! So I am so glad the episode ended with Elena finally realizing everything will not be ok…

    3. How amazing was Michael Trevino as Klaus? How AWESOME is it that Klaus is back in JoMo’s body!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t expect to see him back that soon…

    4. What the hell did Klaus as Tyler do to those cars? How? What? But I guess because its TVD and everything is possible when the writers are too lazy to come up with explanations, we are just supposed to believe that it took Klaus 15 seconds to know the whereabouts of Caroline and come and rescue her….Hurracaine Klaus indeed….but seriously, how?

    5. Also loved the moment Elena jumped in to save Matt…Damon was a dick to him, yes, I get he was mad, but taking into account how Damon raped and turned Vicki (remember her?) into a vampire OUT OF BOREDOM…he could have been nicer….

    6. Aw…..and of coarse I need to mention the “triangle”…have to say the show did a good job with it because each ship got its scenes and I liked both the DE and SE scenes. So I hope the show does not go back to doing strictly 100% DE or SE episodes, throwing each fandom a bone. However, I am still team SE mainly because at least there the girl answers to the boy’s love….and with DE its always the same shit all over again with Damon making LOUD AND CLEAR that he will ALWAYS choose Elena and blah blah blah.which btw Elena has heard a million times before even without the compulsion? Not attacking DE fans, just questioning the writers’ logic…

    7. You are so right about Bonnie – black magic…pffff…..yeah right, what about the whole “NO ONE GETS TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO ANYMORE” speech from last season?

    8. Oh but my favourite scene was Rebekah ripping apart Elena’s bloodbags! I could have not been happier because a) I think 90% of the viewers wanted to do the same whenever Klaus talked about hybrids and b) does this mean the hybrid sl is gone? For good? Please let it be so!!!!!!!

    So yeah, I liked this episode, I definitively look forward to the next one!

  • So Bonnie and her family get punished even after death so what That is some really Dumb Writers shit WHAT HAPPEN TO GRAMS ? This JP BULLSHIT with Bonnie & Grams BETTER WORK OUT IN THE BENNETT’ S FAVOR. ITA With Grams About Bonnie Killing her Self 4 Elena and doing it with Dark Magic . I was like Hell NO Bonnie you let that Alcatraz ( Elena ) around your Life Die that Bitch will just have to deal with it . Now let’s Talk about Klaus the Dick-less My Little Pony Wonder Telling Bonnie what to do and
    Trying to Kill Tyler . SMDH Klaus its to late NOW to try and be a Bad Ass your Card
    has been Voided Now go cry to your Mom about it . This whole thing about Damon and Stefan being Mad at Matt MF Please Let Both Them Lap Dogs Have A SEAT , Damon you Killed Matt ‘s Sister & Stefan Look at your Life STFU and have a Seat . Also DAMON is Julie going To give Damon any Type of character development HE is how OLD and his ass is still Having Bitch Fits . Also that is what this Shows Needs more of character development JP go around and hand out character development to every body that would really help the Show BUT no she is going to bring in 15 Guest Stars we do not need , Klaus Leaving His Sister For a Bitch he Just Met ? Now Think about that Would You Leave Your Bro or Sis for a Trick you just Met NO ONE would Pick a HO they just Met over FAMILY that have been ride or Die for them from day one This was just here so JP can Pull along that Shit Ship that is KC . The pauses in this Ep took way to long , it was very choppe . The SE stuff was Really Nice this Ep I liked the Barn , Bed , and Roof scenes with them. That Whole She remembers Shit was WTF ever It was stolen From Book
    Bamon that have also Took from Book SE because TV DE Needed Help TO Pimp the Pairing just like with that
    Rose BULL SHIT JP pulled If you have to do all this Extra Things to
    make a Paring Work IE (DE & KC ) then your Pairing is Less then . We had way to much DE and KC Crap in this Ep That was One of many Reasons why Season 3 of TVD was so poor and Bad as a whole .
    I really do wish that Season 4 will be Better for TVD and the People who watch it

    • Keeksdeken

      This episode, much like many episodes in the past, yet again establishes the hierarchy of most important lives.

      I.e. Everybody > Bonnie

      How many times did the dialogue indicate that? In spite of all the danger involved in performing certain types of magic at the beck and call of her so-called “friends” Bonnie is incapable of doing anything else but performing feats that could kill her or cause her further harm. But somehow she’s being selfish, somehow she’s fucking up other people’s lives. What about her? What have these people done for her lately other than watch her life fall apart, watch her lose every bit of her family, watch her lose her sanity and emotional stability just so she can cast a goddamn spell, make some worthless piece of shit a fucking daylight ring so that person doesn’t have to feel any necessary consequences for being a dead creature that can kill people with a quickness?

      The narrative doesn’t allow Bonnie to be the right kind of witch b/c her “friends” and her enemies are always making her chose decisions that go against the nature of being a witch. And all of these decisions indicate that she is a slave to her “friends”. No matter what she must always do everything they ask her to do.

      Elena POV: What’s that Bonnie? You want to spend time grieving over your mom’s misfortune? But my buddy Ric is about to go murderously insane and I am absolutely incapable of finding a solution that doesn’t involve you sacrificing your time and piece of mind for me. (Time which could have been spent finding a solution for your own mother.) Also I’m so sorry Damon killed your mom for me. He always does things for me without thinking about the people that I “love” but somehow I’m incapable of severing ties with him as though those people actually matter. They really don’t b/c they will always be devoted to me. I don’t have to do anything and people just love me. Thanks babes. Oh and while you’re at it make me a daylight ring so me and my bf can watch the sunrise together. Maybe you and your step brother/my brother (who cheated on you with a fucking ghost and whose memory I disposed of in spite of his desire to stay in town) will get to do that after you’re done slaving away in some dungeon trying to save us incompetent humans/vampires/hybrids/werewolves.

      How many times are they going to let a man choke Bonnie on-screen before she remembers that she can boil somebody’s brain with just a thought? It wasn’t that long ago when she almost succeeded in killing Damon but Elena stopped her.

      You don’t need to be an academic to see the patterns. Some things are clearly blatant even if you don’t view them through a social justice lens. Anyway season 4 Bonnie will be season 3 Bonnie. I predict this show will eventually be cancelled b/c of subpar ratings. I mean on top of the racist, homophobic and misogynistic connotations it has some of the crappiest writing and acting that I have ever seen. And you can’t excuse this based on the audience or age of the actors (and I’m pretty sure all of them are adults). I’ve seen better shows aimed at younger audiences in New Zealand. Hell there are cartoons that are way better written and a hell of a lot more complex than what this piece of shit is made out to be.

      I only watch it out of boredom and b/c I have to wait for more quality, but flawed and problematic, media And of course watching it can be a painful exercise but it keeps my critical mind working.

  • I weirdly liked season 4 premiere. A whole lot. This council story, in my opinion, was definitely a highlight. You see, TVD needed new villains. Klaus and his entire family don’t build a threat anymore. I have to say I was really intrigued by the events on the end of the episode. Why did the pastor set everything on fire? What’s up with him? I also considered that they might become vampires, as you said, Michael, but then again, how much sense would that make? Anyway, I do think they will come back to life somehow. Next week’s episode will feature a memorial that doesn’t goes down as planned. Maybe the dead will return to life? That would be very creepy and very thrilling.

    So, Season 3 screwed up a bit the triangle story. But I found hope in this premiere. It was written all over on Elena’s face she got really messed up with Damon telling that he loves her. But she was still mad at Damon, specially after he declared he would let Matt die in a heartbeat. She loves them both, but made a choice! So I really hope she stays with Stefan for more than just one episode. The writers really need to make a decision and stick to it. It is good the way it is now. So, writers, leave it like this, at least for this entire season.

    About Matt, I can totally understand why Damon is hating him and why he feels guilty. I mean, this idiot had no rights to kidnap Elena. He was the reason they were on that bridge. He and Jeremy are, basically, the ones we should blame (since there is an incessant need to blame someone). And speaking of that, Jeremy should shut up and don’t complain about it. He came up with the idea. That “I want my sister back” thing was really lame, Jeremy. Grow up.

    Isn’t Caroline the most fragile vampire in the entire world? She is always beaten. Humans! Even humans are capable to bring her down with a little help of vervain. Where are your reflexes girl? I enjoyed a lot that scene with them on the van. Tylaus came to the rescue, and I felt for Rebekah. She’s one of my favorites. She did regret everything later and even helped Elena feed (this scene was just sick and distressing). I really loved her when she destroyed Klaus’ blood bags. No more hybrids, thank God… Temporarily, at least. That’s how TVD goes… There’s always another solution.

    I enjoyed the episode a lot, as I said. It was a lot better than most of Season 3’s. Maybe now The Vampire Diaries will be able to return to it’s awesomeness. That’s what we all hope. Speaking of Growing Pains, I praise: The new opening (It was cool, but please, I’d like to hear “Previously on The Vampire Diaries”, next week); Bonnie killing her grams (Again? haha), Tylaus threatening to rip out Tyler’s heart; Klaus slapping Rebekah on the face (That scene was full on angst!) and, of course, Elena’s “Leave him alone”. Oh, and all Stelena scenes.

    • oh thank you, now I don’t have to write anything ’cause I agree with almost everything you said besides from Caroline being fragile and the Stelena thing.’cause I’m Delena lol.

      I was disappointed with Klaus this episode mostly because I love Rebekah and because I thought he cared more about his family. and how can a ghost die? lol. vamp!Elena wasthe best! and I’m glad someone besides meu nderstands Damon. it was wrong of him to try to kill Matt but he wasn’t mad out of nowhere. as for the new opening, I thought it was cool too but I prefer the old one.

  • liz

    everyone bitches and moans about the love triangle, but thats the whole premise of the show. if you hate it that much, stop watching because its not going to end anytime soon.

    • InvestedInYourFuture

      There’s a difference between a love triangle and weirdly paced, badly executed boring love triangle.

      Love triangles never work when they are here just to be there. In the cases the writers succeed at love triangle, the characters in love triangle have lives, personalities and raison d’etre to exist BEYOND it – Damon, Steffie and Elena exist solely for the love triangle, which makes them horribly one-dimensional – had they had a life, personality, decisions outside the love triangle that would be properly influenced by the progression of love triangle, as well as progress the triangle, no one would complain that much.

      Another HUGE problem with DES triangle of doom is pacing – there’s none. The triangle “sits” there in the same spot for months, then for no reason, it progresses into either direction, and in most of cases in one direction, to the point that its not even a triangle – its a love line, with third dot just hanging around there for conflict, to the point that it reminds of one of the most horrible horrors in terms of writing quality – Twilight.

      There’s no reason behind either of the two romances, there’s no personality in either of these three characters BEYOND the love triangle and the way it has been handled, the way those characters have been handled is a recipe for disaster that is this show now.

      No one complains about DES triangle of doom because its love triangle.
      Everyone complains about DES triangle of the doom, because its badly paced, artificially drawn out and not only adds nothing to those characters or storyline, but also managed to degrade those characters into mary sues and completely erase whatever was interesting about them for the sake of DRAMA.

  • lala

    Hi! I dont know if someone already point this out cause I didnt read all the comments, but klaus originally needed to be in someone else’s body cause his was supposed to become ashed when staked, but magically it only burn (he couldnt even explained it in the show) so there was no need to be in tyler’s anymore… weird… I know…
    Now into the episode, it wasnt bad, but it wasnt great either…. the best season’s premiere was the 2º, no doubts!! I honestly hated that klaus saved caroline and left his own sister (who, from previews episodes, he was actually protective of), I love both characters but not together… And I also hope that elena get more strong and interesting, and I cant believe that I’m gonna say this cause I used to be a big delena fan, but I hope that damon just gives up and finds himself something else to do, cause pinning after elena has got really old…

  • I was waiting for the photo recap 🙁

  • 2XLive

    I’ve never really watched TVD but I think I might just pick it up for you and your amazing caps, Michael.

  • QMargo


    Are you still going to do your photo recaps for TVD this season? =)