We did not get one single glimpse of our beloved group in this episode, and yet, while it was solely focused on another story-line  it was still a stellar, excellently put-together and overall fantastic episode. Not as heart-stopping as usual, but that didn’t stop the story from unraveling in an intriguing, mysterious way. The highlights of this episode are as follows:

The Others. Now that we, as an audience, now that there definitely are a lot more survivors out in the world, we’re getting a peek at exactly what kind of survivors there are and just what living in this type of world does to a person. With the prisoners, they acted like animals and weren’t prepared on how to handle a world filled with Walkers, so most of them fell in blind step with Rick, clearly needing some sort of leadership, while another felt the need to usurp the leadership role and do things his way. With the Others, being the ones with the Governor, these people did not need a leader, as they were their own leaders, and they had a clear vision and direction of how they were going to live their lives. In this group was none other than previously left for dead Merl, who now keeps a knife where his hand would have been. Convenient  I guess?? Merl comes off as kind of a creep and a little bit of a defensive prick, but what else is to be expected of Daryl’s brother? Daryl clearly got the better batch of genes and mannerisms in the family, but I digress.

The Governor. Our very first introduction to this character, and I am already so in love and also terrified by him. Most of my love comes from his dynamic charm and pretty eyes and good looks for a middle-aged man, of course, and my terror comes from an obvious place. He’s definitely a man with an unshakable plan, and solid ideas for his future, Walkers or no Walkers. Unlike Rick and his want for simple safety, the Governor won’t stop at safe. He pauses at impenetrable. He doesn’t try to return the sense of normalcy to his group; he creates an entire new feel of control and familiarity. He created a citadel of security. In all honesty, I am nothing short of impressed by this man. His drive and ambition are part of what I love about him. His belief in a community and keeping it together are positive, admirable traits. It’s his “whatever it takes, at all costs” motivation that stumps me a bit. He fucking killed all of the surviving Lieutenant’s friends and teams because he wanted their supplies. It was at that moment, when he unflinchingly and without hesitation pointed the gun at an innocent man and shot him and all of his friends dead, that I knew this Governor does not play. His slight flirting with Andrea, though, his smile, and all that charm, I maybe kind of forgot about him murdering a bunch of civilians for medical supplies. I started to warm up to him again. That was before he sauntered into his back room, sat down with a drink, and just gazed lovingly at all the severed zombie heads he keeps in fish tanks. WHAT THE FUCK?

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Michonne’s attitude. I loved that her judgement of not only the Governor, but his entire group was spot-on. She flat out said “I don’t trust him.” I don’t know if it was the inaudible whispering or the sketchy eyes, but something about them didn’t sit right with her and at first I was like, “really? why is she so mean for no reason?” I felt like such an idiot because I was pulled in by them, their cute, charming little town, their impressive line of defense, and the Governor himself so easily. I loved that Michonne was the one that not only kept her guard up, but was also proven to be right.

Honestly, this episode was fucking excellent. I loved getting an insight into how the other half lives, if you will, the other survivors, how they survive and exactly what they sacrifice, or in the Governor’s case, steal. I’m excited to see what will happen when Michonne keeps shrugging off their warm embraces, and if Andrea will get drawn in even more by the Governor, and who exactly will find that room, because we all know it won’t stay a secret for long. An edging development that I cannot wait to see play out, I love this little town and I almost completely lost interest in our other group for a minute. That’s a diverging story-line done flawlessly right.

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  • Ughrr! I can’t believe we have to wait until February to see the next episode! And if the world does end on December 21st…I will not be happy.