A fantastic final act fixes some of the shows major issues in the latest – although still quite old – episode of Ben And Kate. I haven’t had the time to watch the episode before now, but I’ve heard the hype for ‘Scaredy Kate’ slowly increase since it’s airing last week.

It’s Halloween, and the episode picks up it’s main threads. It’s nothing exceptional – Kate wants to prank Ben and hook up with someone, BJ gives Maddie a Princess costume, Ben doesn’t listen to Tommy and they get high together.

All very, very funny. Ben and Tommy being high together is, of course, great, and so is neurotic Kate. But it’s not the comedy where, for me, this episode shines.

It’s the final act, at the party, where the show truly comes together. It’s pleasing to see BJ given an emotional core, and her reading a book to Maddie emphasised that she’s really does care about her, and doesn’t want her to become a slutty princess. While Tommy is also given something of a dramatic beat to play, saying that his life changed while Ben was away. Ben can’t always take control of their friendship, and Tommy standing up for himself gives his character legs. If the show wants this to be a misfit family, defining (and evolving) all the characters is a must.

I’m excited once again about the series, and can’t wait to see what the writers have up their sleeves. Assuming the friendship development stays true, all that needs to be sorted is Maddie. She’s fine remaining as Kate’s Daughter, and plot engine, but I think the little actress could be much stronger than that.

Jamie Wotton
Jamie is a huge TV fan who continually struggles with the idea that some people just don't want to hear what happened on the latest episode of Gossip Girl or Game of Thrones. His writing has mostly appeared on Twitter but he also does stuff for Bleeding Cool.
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  • Eric Pharand

    I like Kate. Kate’s funny. I love her costume. I like the BJ/Maddie scenes. I fastforwarded through the Ben and Tommy scenes. That was nothing like being high.Tommy had a couple of funny lines. Every episode is safe and formulaic.