So I love K-pop as much as the next red-blooded American, but this was the most racist thing I’ve seen on television since the Linsanity debacle. At the end of Season 3, the writers hyped up Tina’s star potential with the ‘Props’ episode. They paid her character an ounce of attention with the season premiere, but we didn’t hear anything about her again until Mike came back to help choreograph the musical. She’s had less than a handful of solos during the entire series, but none of them had occurred this season, even after we were practically promised that she would take center stage. Now, when she finally gets a taste of the spotlight, she’s singing in Korean?! Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this? My only advice for Jenna Ushkowitz: RUN.

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Furthermore, I can’t believe it took me this long to notice that the show has recycled the name Jacob when they already had a hilarious character with the same moniker. No, JBI was never a series regular, but he doesn’t deserve to be traded in for a confused, curly-haired, half-Jewish Jacob 2.0. I’m sure there are plenty of other traditional names they could have used for the newbie. Also, I’m shocked that Fox chose to air the Thanksgiving episode this week instead of last week. Considering Glee was the only current show (that I know of) on network television that had the audacity to air a new episode on turkey day, why didn’t their timeline match up? Maybe the network assumed that nobody would tune in for ‘Glease,’ which in my opinion was one of the best episodes this season. Honestly, they should have just taken the night off and let fans just spend the night with their families, especially since most adults can’t stand this show.

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I was surprised at how little I have to complain about Marley’s eating disorder(s) in this episode. I know from experience how easy it is to hide the fact that you’re skipping meals, but when someone finds laxatives in your bag, that’s not something you keep quiet about. Yes, Santana did say something to Quinn, but it was quickly dismissed because her intention was to throw Kitty under the bus, not to get help for Marley. I blame it on the fact that the club doesn’t have any real adults in charge, but this would have been a great opportunity for Quinn to revisit the heart-to-heart she gave to Mercedes while pregnant in season 1. In addition, both are former Cheerios and could have gone to Sue, who knows when to turn off the sarcasm when things get serious. Speaking of things that get brushed off quickly, I also feel like the Wade/Unique story line got swept under the rug this week, as though struggling with a transgendered identity is something that’s so easy to deal with.

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I’m way too exhausted to even talk about the things I liked in this episode, so let’s discuss music. ‘Homeward Bound/Home’ was a good homecoming (for lack of a better word) song, though I can’t stand Dianna Agron and would not have chosen her to open the episode, even though she was the only graduate who hadn’t yet made an appearance this season. ‘Come See About Me’ was cute, though it’s highly implausible that they would have come up with that routine on the fly. However, too much Dianna, not enough people that don’t make me want to poke my eyes out. I loved ‘Whistle,’ though it was so not an appropriate song for a high school competition. Again, that’s what happens when you let teenagers run a show choir. ‘Live While We’re Young’ was less entertaining, but the Warblers can actually dance this year! Even without Marley passing out at the end of ‘Gangnam Style,’ they’re much better contenders than ever before. The Mennonite medley was fine and served it’s purpose, not much else to say there. ‘Let’s Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time’ just annoyed me, probably because I wouldn’t be breaking into song if twenty strangers crashed my Thanksgiving dinner. As for the final number, aside from the obvious reasons to hate it, I adored the opening with Sam in sunglasses (love me some White Chocolate), but the dancing wasn’t any better than Dalton’s.

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What did you think of this week’s episode?

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  • Val

    Honestly, I’ve been really disappointed with the song choices lately on Glee… instead of making me want to sing and dance along, I skip forward to get to the next part. That horrid “kiki” song was awful and gagnam style? No thank you.

    I know this show isn’t supposed to be realistic, but Marley’s “eating disorder” annoys the hell out of me because it looks like she’s faking it more than anything else. You’re not happy and jumpy when you’re sick… it does actually change your life for the worse.

    Also, does SJP (what’s her character’s name again?) not have any of her own friends/colleagues in NYC that she’s omgbffs with an 18 year-old? Really?

    Anyway… I hope we get some good material soon.

  • Pellinore

    The only good thing that came out of Jenna being forced to sing Gangnam style, even though she is neither Korean nor is fluent in the language, is a half speed version of the song: But I guess all Asians are the same?

    And I agree with you that the treatment of “eating disorder” on this show is horrible. Glee should really just stop while it’s ahead b/c it is not as progressive as it likes to think.

    • hela

      Jenna is Korean, but she was adopted by an American couple

      • Pellinore

        You’re right. My mistake.

  • QMargo

    I wish I could say I loved or liked this episode but there is just something with the tv shows this week that I have been watching and thinking GOD why is this happening – except Revenge of coarse… Ok, so quick word about Marley – will someone call me out on being the worst person ever if I say I did not feel sorry for her this week? Look, its one thing to make your self sick when you have all this pressure on your shoulders and the stress is just to much or when someone is just bullying you into it …but another is to force yourself to do this because of a reason that makes sense only in your head. Last week we got a scene where Marley gets the confidence to ask Ryder out on a date and I was like wow, ok, maybe she is going to come start thinking about quitting what she is doing. But this episode it felt like Glease and Dynamic Duets never happened and I was watching that before hiatus Marley whom I could not simply stand and now I had to watch how she feels sorry for herself and makes herself sick. No one except Kitty has made Marley do what she does. So I don’t get why this episode she was so stressed out of letting everyone down…its not like she is the star in Glee club, its not like everyone has been walking up towards her and saying you are our only hope, and Kitty hasn’t even said anything to her about her weight before sectionals or that we got to see – so I just saw a dumb girl making herself sick for no reason at all except for the fact that she hasn’t seen how much weight she has lost.

    I liked how you pointed out how no one even Santana took this issue further than Quinn. Btw, I surprised Ryder did not tell Jake about that either, like look out for her while you two are dating….maybe its the fact that there are no adults around anymore, but I also blame it on the fact that we don’t see how this glee club interacts anymore within the club – even during s2 to s3 when the story lines weren’t at the best we still saw how everyone interacted within the glee club and affected each other – now it feels like glee isn’t about unity anymore but about just staying alive as a club for the sake of those who created it.

    Also why is the show trying to suddenly make me like Jake by lowering down Ryder? Jake’s behavior was nothing but questionable in the beginning – his angry lash outs, his relationship with Kitty…and Ryder was awesome instantly – now its like the writers are trying to say well, Jake has all this hidden talent so lets show it off so that he levels with Ryder. You are telling me that Ryder could not pull off that dance and Jake suddenly could? Keep in mind Mike was Ryder’s mentor…yeah, I like the bromance Ryder and Jake have going on but aside from that Jake is nothing that interesting so please stop making him more likeable than Ryder because lame.

    Oh and P.S. for once I actually like the shower dude! He was pretty cool when he just calle Rachel out on being weird when thinking he should have telepathically known that she broke up with Finn and not sleep with Cassie.