It’s time for another Gossip Girl photo recap, this time for season 6 episode 5 “Monstrous Ball”! This episode dealt with finally getting ride of Steven and Sage (or at least I can hope) for good. Chuck continued to try to take down his father, and this time finally enlisted the help of season 5 BAMF Ivy Dickens. Dan also tried to win Blair back, but then they went right back to hating each other. Serena and Blair made up, though.

No wait, they went right back to hating each other. Well, okay. That was the episode. Also, the world’s shortest and most well-produced sex tape was leaked!

Oh yeah and Nate was there.

(I blame the tardiness of this episode on VLC. I updated it stupidly and it couldn’t take screencaptures, so I had to take every screencapture manually. My struggle.)

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  • 14a

    I love this. Never change.

  • xoxoWhatever

    Yeah. that dress was horrid. It’s like they wrapped a fancy dinner table cloth around her.
    Love Ivy talking like an immigrant while acting like a maid.
    Don’t know why Serena went back to Douche Dan so easily after he was such a bihh to her.
    Chuck’s face when Ivy approached him was the funniest thing this episode.

  • Shes

    Let me inhale your breath, hahaha. Chuck and Blair are the most ridic couple ever. Good review!

    • d.

      you is ridic 🙂

  • *sigh* there was so much awesomeness in this, but I think the best theme was Nate’s no SL one. lol. Hysterical. Tbh, I was listing all my favorites and then my internet froze, but know there were ALOT.

  • Allie

    LOL at “shh, no storyline for you.” Poor Nate.
    And seriously, 15 seconds of sex barely even counts.

  • Neiro

    I haven’t laughed this much during a GG episode in a while… REAL FOOD!
    And lol, “now I will treat you like my actual son”… I miss Eric so much, and Jenny. And Nate storylines.

  • Kick

    Hahaha love this! My particular favourites were the return of Chuck’s love for Rhianna, and ‘You a criminal?’ ‘kinda’ ‘dats cool’. Great as usual!

  • Ley

    LOVE IT!!! esp Bart’s part, Stevenis and Real Food vs Horses XD you should try bsplayer r klm player next time instead of vlc, i hope it won’t be that hurtful

  • d.

    ROTFL!!!!! every piece was amazing, loved it!! :)))) But how could you miss the part where Chuck tells Ivy to spray his perfume and then put scotch in a glass and drink it and he says “I wouldn’t leave a drop” hahahahaha that was so funny 🙂

  • Jennie

    Hilarious. Favorite was Chuck saying “No storyline for you” to Serena.
    Poor Serena going back to Douch Dan. Oh well. LOL at making it all about Serena trying to find real food to each lol

  • Hilarious! Thanks!

  • QMargo

    Haha, good one about Serena wanting actual food and no story line for Nate, ugh this show…

  • loli

    So funny !

  • Sheena

    When Chuck gave Ivy that “The fuck” “Hell No” look my life was actualized. That was probably my favorite part of the entire episode.

    • lol Chuck’s “Bitch please” look to Ivy was the best part of the episode. Favorite part of recap was Lily treating Chuck like she does her real kids. Perf and spot on. Worst mother ever. haha

  • sara

    “You’ll sleep w/no one ever again as long as Chuck continues to solve HORSES=OIL!!!!”

    LOL! Awesome photocap!

  • ”Let’s get married right now!” Hahhaahaaa! Awesome…I think Rufus and Ivy will be like Nate and Lola last season. Absolutely wrong on screen,but amazing in your recaps.

  • trang


  • Kate

    This is the only thing I will miss when GG ends. <3

  • These photo recaps are the best part about GG this season. Your ability to pick the absolute most unflattering screenshots may be a superpower. So many lolz. “Shhh, no storyline for you.” And Bart really needed a moustache to go with that evil laugh. I really hope you pick up the TVD ones when GG is over.

  • Shreya

    Funniest recap ever! I kid you not this was gold!

  • i missed you sooooo much where have you been

  • The return of Bleniqua and the Vaginerwoodsen!!
    This recap was just as hilarious as usual LOL
    “Now I’ll treat you like my actual son. See you Nevaaa” LMFAOOOOOOO the accuracy XD