After being gone for two weeks, HIMYM came back with a bang in Monday’s night episode; it was funny, sad and sweet making it one of my favorite episodes of the season thus far.

Okay, so lets jump right into one of the cutest, but slightly unrealistic stories of Barney and his new wing-dog “Brover”. So after his break up with Quinn and his other wingmen in relationships, Barney needed to find a new wingman, which he did in Brover, a dog version of himself.  However, Robin only sees this as a cry for help after his break-up with Quinn, so she invites him over for dinner, which is also a Nick’s celebration dinner for his cooking show. One, which he still has unfortunately, not been able to come up with a catch phrase for, leading to some hilarious attempts and failures. At dinner Barney gets some upsetting news, when Brover’s owner calls him and thanks him for finding him, forcing Barney to return his new best friend. Robin then tries to comfort him by going with him to return the dog, only upsetting Nick a little because Robin is putting Barney ahead of him. This was a good story for Barney, even though it was a little out there I’m glad they showed Barney in mourning after his breakup with Quinn, something that they rarely have done in the last few episodes. As Robin and Barney go to return Brover, Robin realizes that her aunt’s “special friend” is a little more then a friend. This has to be my favorite funny moment of the episode; just the delivery of the line made it a laugh out loud moment. Anyways, as Barney returns his new best friend, to his attractive owner, who assumes Robin and Barney are a couple. But being the best wingman and friend that Robin is, she hooks Barney up with Brover’s owner. I’m glad they’re progressing with the Barney-Robin relationship. Unfortunately when Robin returns to the apartment to finally have dinner with Nick, she gets a text from Ted about an emergency (which we’ll talk about below), forcing her to leave Nick once again.

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Now, moving onto the bigger story of the episode was the whole Ted-Victoria issues leading to an engagement, ultimatum and break-up. Right from the start, Victoria starts dropping hints that she wants to take their relationship to the next level, which in her mind is to get married. Especially since their relationship didn’t start over, but was paused 6 years ago and continues when they started dating again. However, Ted doesn’t realize this until Marshall and Lily point it out. Let me just say Marshall and Lily’s supporting story was so funny, him channeling his inner goddess and their syncretized snap – hand movement thing was amazing. There was something about this that made me remember how well these two work together and how funny the show can be, even in it’s eight season. Now, back to Ted and Victoria, so after a lot of talking and Victoria straight out coming out and saying it, Ted proposes to Victoria, who says yes. But wait, there’s a catch, she gives him an ultimatum, she will only marry him if he stops being friends with Robin. After the shock that followed that she pulled an “Emily” (Friends references, anyone), I somewhat understood where she was coming from, because of the extensive history between Ted and Robin, particularly since it is the “deep dark place where their relationship goes to die”. Also if Victoria is having her reservations about Robin already then their relationship is already doomed.

Ted deliberates the situation and goes to Marshall and Lily for advice, who disagree about Victoria’s ultimatum, leading him to realize that Robin will never be the girl for him, she’ll never be his wife or the mother of his children, but Victoria could be and for that reason and in that moment he picks Victoria. However, in the end as Robin goes to talk to him about that emergency I mentioned earlier, HIMYM does their classic fake out and it is in fact Victoria who he ends up talking too, telling her that Robin is family and he can’t just let go of that. With this decision, Victoria only say one thing to him, “I hope you get her someday”. A truly sad moment for this couple and the character of Victoria, because she has always been my favorite out of all his girlfriends and to see how hurt she was, was heartbreaking even though I knew this breakup would happen eventually. In my opinion I think that Ted made the right decision even though it was so sad to watch it play out. Like I said before, if Victoria had these issues with Robin the relationship would not have worked out because it would have led to each of them resenting one another and a whole bunch of other problems down the road. I also have to say that I liked the way the writers handled this break up more so than the Barney-Quinn break up because this one seemed more realistic and wasn’t as rushed or forced. Enough with my little rant about the break up, at the very end at the episode where they are all together, Robin discovers that Ted and Victoria find out, but doesn’t know the real reason, since Ted make Lily and Marshall promise to never tell her. Nevertheless, future Ted reveals to us that she eventually does find out, implying that the Ted-Robin relationship isn’t over, to which I say please do not let them get back together for forth time. This storyline desperately needs to end since we know for sure she is not the mother, there is absolutely no need to go there again. I guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

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Do you think Ted made the right decision? How do you feel about Ted and Robin possibly giving their relationship another go?

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