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I’ve made it no secret that I am dying to watch The CW’s midseason show Cult, which I’m now more confident will see the light of day. And I know I’m a couple of days late with this trailer here, but somehow this show has been hiding under the radar. Last week, the network unveiled its official trailer for The Carrie Diaries, which seemed fun and cutesy in a The WB way but not in a way that I would be the target audience for. It’s funny; both Carrie and Cult are the two complete polar opposites of CW shows nowadays, where the network is trying to capture the heart-warmth of years past and looking ahead at the grunge drama. Which will reign supreme?

Well, if I were a deciding factor, I’d go with Cult here (which seems almost destined for either post-Vampire Diaries depending on Beauty and the Beast or the Friday death slot). In any case, I’ll be there whenever it airs.

Cult is a show about a show in which characters in the initial show follow clues the secondary show is supposedly giving, getting completely engrossed in the process. Not only is it completely relatable (who has ever taken a show too seriously? show of hands) but it’s got the perfect amount of intrigue for me, even if I worry that it might get a bit too complex. The trailer gives off a film festival mystery vibe, but I won’t let that sway me.

In fact, now I really can’t wait. When will it air, The CW? WHEN?

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