The beginning of this is to explain the lack of reviews/recaps. Please skip down to get to the “review.”

After receiving a comment like this one, “crashing” another post as they said it… and receiving the most hilarious email I’ve been sent as a result of this site, I couldn’t let another episode go by without reviewing it (somewhat). Here’s what the email said:

I have been sitting at my computer for two weeks trying to f***ing
find the vampire diaries recaps where are they im seriously thinking
something is wrong are you okay i need them! medic medic plz 911

Okay, that one was about the photo recaps. But still. Regardless, I thought I would take this space to apologize about a lot of things in one fell swoop. Re Photo recaps: What’s been happening is this, I didn’t anticipate how busy I would be this semester. You may or may not know that I’m a fulltime student, and photo recaps take a lot of time, which in a period in which every class I’m taking has a semester-wide project, I haven’t had a lot of. I apologize about not doing them. And I don’t know if I’ll ever begin doing them again. There are other reasons which you can probably easily guess why I decided to stop the Vampire Diaries ones and not the Gossip Girl ones, but the main reason is I really only had time for one show at the moment. (I even skipped an episode there!) Now about the two reviews I’ve skipped. Well, I’m doing this one right now. And the previous one was just because of time, yet again. The same happened last week for “The Killer,” but this is an episode we should definitely talk about, at least a little bit.

I’m sorry that I haven’t really kept up with my blogging duties. And there are a lot of emails I need to reply to, as well. (If you’ve sent me an email in the past three weeks, just hold on, I will reply!) As other areas of my life get hectic, this part suffers and that’s not fair to the people who have been around and made NWN what it is today. I sincerely apologize for that and I hope you know I don’t take anyone for granted. I’ve been cryptic about this in the past, but I have a dream about something in the future that I want to do that could maybe make up for it? Or at least explain! Anyway, I love you.

Now on to the review.

Well, I don’t want to delve too much into my review-ness, even though sometimes people tell me they love the stream of consciousness. But mostly, I would love for us to have a little chat (hopefully people comment!) about the significance of this episode. We couldn’t let the week go by without discussing what could be one of the defining episodes of the series. Let’s begin with the bad and then transition (pun!) into the good.

First off, lately The Vampire Diaries has been having plot holes the size of the grand canyon. I can’t confirm this one personally, but others have told me that Katherine has in fact drunk blood from bags before. So this entire doppelgangers have to drink from the vein business continues to seem quite forced. Then again, those people could have been wrong; I have no idea. But if it turns out they’re right, I have a hard time believing it going forward. On one hand, I understand what the writers are trying to do here. They want to make it harder on Elena to not kill someone. But the truth is, her having to drink from the vein doesn’t add all that much to the suspense. So she went a little too far with Matt. Big deal. She could have done that without needing the vein, if that makes any sense. Why couldn’t she have just dealt with her bloodthirst normally? And by that, I mean, she could be craving human blood from afar and almost-kill someone by hunting them down. This way, it just seems like if Elena didn’t need the vein, she’d be perfectly normal and no one would be in harm’s way.

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I don’t know if what I mean is being conveyed correctly, but I hope that above paragraph made some sort of sense. That’s just one of the plot holes. The other is timeline. Season 3 started off with senior year. Episode 9 of last season was homecoming; homecomings usually happen in the beginning of October. Then two episodes ago, it was Halloween. That would mean that the latter half of season 3 happened in less than a month’s time. Is that how long Jeremy was gone? Is that how long Tyler was gone? For like a week? What sense does that make? And now there’s going to be a Christmas episode which would mean that time has accelerated quite quickly. I feel as though no one is as adamant as I am about this! I should just let it go.

And the final one isn’t as much a plot hole as it is one of those “duh” twist moments that the series has had for some time now. As soon as Connor told Jeremy that only potential hunters can see the tattoo and that it grows with every vampire you kill, it seemed pretty obvious what was going to happen next. (Let’s not even talk about “Hey, let’s compel April so that we can give her vervain to never be compelled again!” WHAT?)

That said, the season’s most perfect twist came with a literal twist to Connor’s neck by Elena. Holy effing smokes, guys! WHAT? This is, truly, the only part of the episode that actually mattered. But it was an extremely important part of the series going forward, I would hope. I just was not expecting it to happen this soon. One on hand, Connor had to be “dealt” with because he was just a bit too intense. But on the other, this is still the first person that Elena has killed, and he was a human to boot. The fact of the matter is that she was also following Damon’s orders and truly believed that the way he saw the latest conflict (and how to correct it) was the right way to go about it. She’s mentioned this before, explicitly telling him that she truly believes the way he lives his vampire life is on the right path. Vampires should live like this, she stated.

It’s obvious that this is going to be a recurring theme for the remainder of the season (as if the show doesn’t drill that into your mind enough with every passing episode). I’m intrigued with how it will be handled in tomorrow’s episode. The obvious answer, to all of us, is that Connor needed to be put down in a sense. But in many ways the inherent problem with feeling any sense of… well, anything… for Elena’s sorrow is that the series never truly values human life. They tried to do it earlier this season when they lit all of the lanterns, but it may just be a case of too little too late. Even the scene outright told us that. I know it’s in Elena’s character to put everyone before herself (for the most part), and I can understand that she would think the act was deplorable, I just hope that when the next episode airs I’m able to “buy into it” a little bit more. Nothing of value was lost, however. Jeremy is going to become a hunter and he will lead everyone to the supposed cure. Connor being dead is really only bad for the audience. Let’s face it: the guy was kind of entertaining. I mean did you see how he killed that one hybrid? No, the other one! In matter of fact, both deaths were amazing.

Onto Stefan. Once again, it’s a bit tricky. Should we value that he wanted to find the cure so badly that he decided to fulfill Klaus’s wishes and keep quiet? Or should we disagree, given you could take it that he doesn’t think Damon nor Elena are well-equipped to deal with this information? His omitting of information did, indirectly, cause Elena to kill Connor, so there could possibly be direct consequences for his actions on behalf of Elena. Personally, I go in and out of both options all the time. I know that, personally, Elena sometimes can be the worst and during those moments I’m fine with Stefan trying to deal with everything on his own. And then other times, in a more objective sense, I see it as Stefan not thinking Elena is up to the task. And objectively speaking, even though Elena is in a period of transition as a character, it still makes her this weak damsel who needs saving all the time. And I don’t like that.

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I’m also riding the fence on Bonnie. I like that Bonnie is finally somehow getting a storyline that isn’t just to prop up everyone else’s (even if they’re related weirdly), but I could not care less about Teacher Guy. (Also anyone think it’s creepy he can hypnotize Bonnie to take of articles of her clothing?) Well, I guess that’s not much of a con. Whatever allows Bonnie to tap into the depth of her magic is sort of okay with me. Make that happen.

And finally, over at Tyler’s house… duh Tyler didn’t cheat on Caroline, which would have been completely out of character. And Phoebe Tonkin, who is amazing, recently must have visited Australia because her accent is out of control!

All right, that’s basically what I thought of the episode (though I could have left some stuff out because it’s been a week). But now I’m interested in what YOU think! Let’s discuss!

Michael Collado
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  • LunaticDesire

    I’m not sure if the bloodbag – vein thing is actually a plothole, after all only Elena said that the Doppelganger curse could be a reason. It’s just her opinion, maybe there is another reason after all?

    As a European I don’t really know how/when to place things like the Homecoming dance anyway, but I stopped caring about the timeline a while ago – but generally speaking, you’re right about the whole thing, but it might be easier to let it go 😉

    I’m really looking forward to the Jeremy-hunter storyline, especially because for the tattoo to spread he has to kill vampires/hybrids and there’s not a big selection of ones he can or wants to kill – at least not in Mystic Falls. So where is he gonna get the killing done?
    Regarding the other things I mostly agree with you. I also wish Elena would be a bit more … badass. But as you said, her character is still in “transition”, maybe she’ll get there. A bit.

    Sad about the recaps, but a review is awesome too – I know how stressful being a student can be. Actually I should be studying right now…

    • You’re right. It could just be Elena being ridiculous. For some reason I thought they had solidified it as fact a bit more during the second episode.. Maybe I remembered wrong.

      I’m also looking forward to Jeremy being a hunter, only because I think the group needs a true “villain” within the bounds of the characters they already have established. I was hoping it would be Bonnie, however.

      • LunaticDesire

        I agree, Bonnie going bad would have been an interesting option, also because I would like to see if Kat Graham can pull it off!

      • lala

        It would be cool if boonie was to become the new villain, it would force them to actually do something without her help, and make them realise how they really need and depend on her. What I am a bit worried about that is that her character is not very well like and I could make people dislike her even more… I mean everyone hated her in season 1 because she was against vampires, as anyone with any sense would be!!!

  • It makes me so sad that the photo recaps may be disappearing for good, because they’re SO hilarious & I am constantly checking this site to see if they’re up yet! :'( I am however EXTREMELY grateful that you haven’t given up on Gossip Girl in that venue. And seeing that this is their last half-season, perhaps you’ll pick up on VD after the mid-season finale? *hopeful*
    Anyways, great review. I noticed how you cleverly left out the end SD scene which probably had every Delena fan squealing until the end of time (I know I did) about Stefan potentially not being able to love Elena as a vampire, and that might be a driving source to his wanting to find a cure. Maybe that would be too controversial though. XD And Jeremy getting them to find the cure also problematic, since he has to keep killing vampires to figure out and well, with the exception of Matt, those are all his friends – and his sister.
    Nonetheless, loved the review, and while I understand the element of busyness like you wouldn’t believe (2nd senior year at college, everyone!), I really hope it won’t hold you back TOO much. 😉
    Can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

    • Oh I totally forgot about that Stefan scene! Once again, I feel like that was just more of the series drilling into your head the different sides of the triangle, you know? It just felt a bit like “Yeah okay,” but now that you bring it up again it does interest me a lot more. For some reason I totally didn’t think about it being that he’s looking for the cure because he probably can’t love her if she’s going to turn all wicked. Then again, I really wouldn’t expect anything less. If Elena decides to turn off her “humanity” (a word they used so frickin’ much), I wouldn’t expect normal Stefan to just be okay with her like that. Wouldn’t make much sense.

  • QMargo

    My overall reaction to this episode is that I viewed as a trigger episode – Elena has killed her first…um…human/victim (can we refer to his as that?) – well, anyway now a lot of things are really set in moution – what is going to happen to Elena, how will it affect everything else because as we know on this show Elena is the center of the universe and now everything is very out of balance, Klaus will be back soon and I am THAT sure that he probably has some sixth sense that Jeremy might be his new key to the cure, when and will Jeremy tell anyone about his tattoo and so on. So yeah, at least I feel like we have general plot line at the moment, so I am kind of cool with everything else, except April – I still don’t get what her deal is and why is she still there? Also I hear that there are more guest starts coming soon so at this point I am only worried about TVD following in GG’s s3 foot steps of guest star overload for no use at all. I just hope we are not going to be forced to meet every damn member of The Five – it reminds me of the Originals plot last season, which was very blahh overall.

    About the Stefan and Damon scene – I actually viewed as less about the triangle and more about one of the best relationships on this show – the brothers’ relationship. I really don’t care anymore about which of them prefers which Elena – I care more about how it impacts on them because I for once was so glad to hear Damon tell his brother he is doing this for him, not Elena and that just reassured me how great and strong their bond is – they may fight at times and be ready to rip each other apart but they still need and love each other and it really got me thinking that loosing one another would be greater loss for them than loosing Elena.

    On Elena herself – at this point she reminds me of Barney Stinson’s Hot/Crazy scale – she would kill Connor and be all badass about it – then she is in the woods with blood on her face and hands and making evryone else guilty for something she has done. I hate the fact that she is not owning up to her vampire actions because she makes a good case when she wants to desperately drink only from the vein ( BS sl if you ask me) but when it comes to other stuff she still acts like the little damsel in distress.

    P.S. Thank you for still doing GG photo recaps! i am sure when you’ll have the time you can or will do TVD, but GG is so bad right now, you photo recaps are the only thing that makes watching the end of a once great show tolerable.

    • lala

      I think the show has already stablished that the damon-stefan relationship is “stronger” than the triangle, and that, as you said, loosing one another would be worse than loosing elena: when stefan gave himself to klaus at the end of season 2, katherine mentioned this, that stefan chose damon over elena! I loved how she shoved it to her face!

  • trang

    i want ur photo recaps 🙁

  • cacherr1

    Well me and TVD are over and done for now… And it has nothing to do with SE… it actually was hybrid Chris that did it for me which was an obvious slave narrative happening right there. I can’t anymore…that was two black guys in a role… nope…. how is no one commenting on this. Are the writers and crew really that ignorant? Know what I need to stop thinking about it as I am probably killing brain cells. Goodbye fellow viewers… how ironic TVD fandom is name a family… God better not allow that win anything as that entire fandom name is a lie. Also based on Stana is now in the category I am doubtful Nina going repeat (but who knows, imo there is actual real competition). Nathan Fillon will more likely repeat, as Paul got in which will split the vote or those firefly fans will come out the woodwork like no other and put him over the top again.