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1. While Damon and Stefan “forgave” each other the beginning of this episode, we saw a lot of tension between our other favorite siblings, Rebekah and Klaus. Are you Team Becks or Team Nik?

Sovanna| Team Rebekah. I’m sorry but Nik is nothing short of cruel to her about every one of her shortcomings and only uses her this episode to get information he needs. If the camera didn’t show his expression when he stabbed her, again, I wouldve thought he was smiling.

 Samantha| I am so torn.  I usually find Rebekah a bit annoying, but I understand she just wants love. And Klaus is just such a sexy beast, and he is also a bit damaged in his own way. Right now I give a slight edge to Rebekah, but I would be surprised if that changes in the near future.

 Camila|  Team Becks! As long as Klaus continues to be an asshole to Rebekah I’ll be Team Becks. Seriously, he’s like the worst brother ever. Not only for taking advantage of her to find out where the sword is buried and then daggering her but also for making fun of her and criticizing her.

 Denise| Team Nik for sure. Rebekah annoys the heck out of me. She has a good heart and I really pity her but I’ve been loving Klaus’ character for the past couple of episodes! “You could call it a deal with the devil if you’d like” jokes. Or from last week, “I’m as evil a it gets”, he’s been way too funny!

 Monika| Klaus was an asshole, but him being rude and pulling the “you’ll throw yourself at any guy within a mile radius” also felt like realistic sibling behavior. I think the storyline right now needs Klaus and Becks is just an extra character taking up irrelevant screentime. That said, I will miss Rebekah.

2. NEW VILLAIN ALERT: Professor Creepy aka guy whose name escapes me.

 Sovanna| Professor Hottie Hot Hot just is more curious than scary. He doesn’t seem threatening in any way but I am interested to see how he and Connor are related.

 Samantha| They really need to stop picking bad guys who are hotties because then no one is going to root for them to die (see: Elijah, Klaus). So hopefully he is pure evil through and through with no redeeming qualities or else we will just be adding more characters to this already huge cast.

 Camila|  I don’t really know what to think about Professor Shane. At first I thought he was going to just be some random guy, then I thought he was going to be Bonnie’s love interest (where is Jamie by the way?) and then it was shown that he knows Connor. So I don’t know what to think of him.

 Denise| Knew he was evil from the moment he appeared on screen. I don’t remember his name either. Isn’t it a bit weird for profs to be at frat parties? Or is that a thing in the US? Going to be interesting to see how this guy owns the hunter guy or whatever.

Monika| Yeah, I was definitely seeing the sparks between him and Bonnie but I don’t get what happened to Jamie. I can also see the prof using Bonnie to his advantage in the future. Also, Denise, no it’s definitely NOT  a US thing for professors to go to frat parties. I don’t know what was up with that.

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3. The introduction of a cure for vampirism is a big move in the universe of the show. Is this a good move or not?

 Sovanna| I have no idea whether it will be a good or bad move, but its just yet another way for the characters to weasel around the mystical rules. Wait. What rules? Anything goes in Mystic Falls!

 Samantha| Meh, We all know nothing is going to come of that. The show would be over then, wouldn’t it?

 Camila|  I didn’t see it coming but when Rebekah said there was a cure, I couldn’t be really surprised because I was too busy thinking “no!”. I don’t know, it’s a vampire show, it’s not supposed to have a cure. But, thinking about it, it’s most likely that it’s a cure for the world, not a cure for vampires. Why would the Five want to cure vampires? So maybe it’s something that will rid the world from vampires, curing it.

 Denise| NOT! I feel like this is going to cause the HUGEST tension in the triangle. They’re going to spend so much time on finding this cure and I don’t know. I just imagine once these century old vampires are “cured”, they’re going to shrivel up and die. There has to be some kind of side effect to this cure.

 Monika| I’m excited! First of all, I think a treasure hunt style format for a few weeks will be fun to watch. Second, if they do find the cure and it exists, it will be great to see the possible dramatics that could ensue over it. Like what if there’s only a limited amount so they have to decide who gets to be human again? Or what if there is some terrible consequence/sacrifice that has to be made to use it? OR OMG WHAT HAPPENS IF AN ORIGINAL TAKES THE CURE? What if everybody that original had turned became human too??? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. Basically, I think this introduction has created a lot of potentially interesting storylines so I’m happy with it.

4. Do you believe Elena is more like Damon and is her struggle to remain herself futile?

 Sovanna| Elena and Damon have always been twin flames in my opinion, Damon just more dramatic and exaggerated than Elena due to his heightened (teehee) emotions. But now that Elena’s a vampire, she’s starting to show more and more similarity with him. Her struggle isn’t to remain herself, its to remain the way she was when she was a human, which, yes, is futile.

 Samantha|  I don’t understand why Elena won’t love him!! Honestly, Ian is really one of the best actors on this show.  Some of the little things he does, like when Elena hugged him at the party and he just closed his eyes and breathed her in, are so wonderful and really pull at your heart.  And I agree with Sovanna, Elena is more like Damon than she thinks.  She can’t stay exactly as she was as a human now that she is a vamp.

 Camila| I do believe Elena is more like Damon. The hints that she was more than just a sad graveyard girl were there since the beginning of the show. Now that she’s a vampire, all of her personality is magnified and I believe that soon enough she’ll realise she’s more like Damon than she thinks (even though her subconscious has already told her that). I don’t think her struggle is futile, though, because she never wanted to be a vampire and hurt people and even though she learned how to feed without hurting anyone, all of that scares her. It’s natural and it’ll take time for her to accept it. Just look at Damon, he could only be ok with feeding in 1912.

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 Denise| At first I really wanted Elena to just listen to Damon and embrace that she’s changed. But obviously, that’s not going to happen. I think Damon is trying to make a Katherine 2.0 and I would love to see that but her love and compassion aren’t going to let that slide.

Monika| I think even regular human beings are drawn to darkness and power. Being a vampire is just making it easier for Elena to indulge those impulses. Basically, I think technically everybody has part of them that’s “like Damon” deep inside. It’s part of the reason why his character is so popular and deliciously attractive to us. Damon is able to accept the darkness in him, which keeps him from going over the edge like his brother. I think Elena knows deep down that she also needs to accept her darkness, so in that way I do think she is less like Stefan and more like Damon. I also feel that Damon is unconsciously trying to make Elena into a Katherine 2.0, an issue I think will get brought up very soon à la “I’m not Stefan” last season.

5. Stefan and Klaus working together once again?

 Sovanna| ALL THE KLEFAN GIVE IT ALL TO ME! seriously these two make me giddy. Their banter is prime entertainment but it will not bode well for Elena and Stefan’s relationship.

 Samantha| I’m sure Klaus is very happy to have his biffer back, but I’m sure it will all blow up in his face eventually.  Things usually do for that poor guy.

 Camila| Well, I love their interactions but I hate the fact that Stefan is working with him to get a cure for Elena knowing that Klaus is going to turn her into a blood bag the minute she’s human again.

 Denise| This always ends up bad. Well, on the one hand I want to Stefan to be the Ripper again and run away with Klaus so I can see more of Damon and Elena.

 Monika| I think Stefan is working on his own secret plan already since Klaus made it pretty clear he’s gonna use rehumanized Elena for himself again.

6. Thoughts on anything else I forgot?

 Sovanna| Where the hell was Kol and why couldn’t he make a cameo? Also does anyone think Klaus or Connor will defeat the other? Its starting to be like America’s Next Big Bad.

 Samantha| Why is that preacher’s daughter girl still around? Is she supposed to be important? If so, let’s just make her important instead of just throwing her randomly into episodes, yes?

 Camila|  Delena hot dirty dance was hot. I missed Tyler, Caroline and Hayley this episode, I’m so looking forward to seeing how that storyline will work out. Also, is Stefan drinking human blood? I thought his compulsion didn’t work well when he was on animal blood.

 Denise| Did the hunter’s tattoo complete after killing that last hybrid? The star thing symbol…is that the last piece of the map?

 Monika| So much blood and gore this episode! I feel like TVD is really trying to get it up to True Blood level. Anyone else seeing a sense of competition?

7. Grade you’d give this episode

 Sovanna| B

 Samantha| B+ mostly for all the Damon feels.  I love a sad puppy bad boy, they just make my heart hurt

 Camila| B

 Denise| B+

 Monika| B+

Monika Alem
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  • QMargo

    1. Team Becks in terms of Klaus being so awful towards her but Team Klaus in terms of finally starting to look like that Klaus we initially met: driven, mean, almost sadistic, and coldhearted – not the Caroline courting, ponnies drawing Klausie.

    2. Oh Mr. I Played a Prince On The Borgias? Don’t have any thoughts on him yet except he does not know how to use a projector.

    3. After all the Ester stuff last season, can we really be surprised that a possible “cure” would be introduced somewhere along the line? Certainly not me. But I am more interested in the process than in the end result because if Stefan’s deal with Klaus is any indication, it looks like there will be quite a few alliances this season and who sides with whom is interesting.

    4. It does seem like it, she did look like she was enjoying it and maybe because it is Damon’s blood who turned her that is making this effect. But I would rather see her finally admit it 100% and embrace it than feeling ashamed of it the moment someone from her circle of friends sees it – it does not have to be Bonnie, I am sure everyone else would have had the same reaction. So that feeling of shame indicates to me that Elena knows she is more like Damon but does not want to embrace it, so that is why it does not work for me and I am starting to loose interest in that sl because it seems like the end will always be the same – Elena admiting she does not want this. And I agree with those of you claiming Damon is trying to make Katherine 2.0 out of her because at that party it was more than evident – she looked like Katherine, spoke like Katherine, enjoyed herself like Katherine and the fact that Damon did not keep an eye on her on the dancefloor and started feeding of other people just proves it – it was probably his dream for the past century to hang out like that with Katherine.

    5. You know, when the writers are not being lazy, they actually can come up with some good material for Stefan – they guy is not dumb, he knows what he is getting into, so I am sure he has back up plans when he decided to step into this alliance with Klaus. Unlike Damon, Stefan does not act on impulse and usually thinks before he acts, so hopefully this can work, and come on, its ten ties better than that sl the writers have for Stefan about going off human blood…

    6. Where was Caroline this episode? Tyler? Hayley? Why wasn’t Kol in the flashback?

    7. C plus – any episode with Elijah is always a plus!

  • I’m mostly worried about the cure because I don’t want Elena to be cured.

  • Eric Pharand

    1. Bex
    3. Good

    7. D+/C-

  • katherine_fan

    From now on,every time I refer to professor Shane is gonna be as Professor Hottie Hot Hot!Thanks,Sovanna!

    3)The cure for vampirism storyline doesn’t bother me.It’s the timing that bothers me.In the 2nd half of s3,we saw Esther try to turn her kids into humans,in the s4 premiere,we saw Bonnie try to turn Elena into human and now this.It’s like I’m watching the same storyline take place over and over again and that’s tiresome.It would have been a more compelling story if they had saved it for the final season of the show.

  • Val

    I don’t understand how Damon is not sick and tired of Elena’s yes/no/maybe attitude yet. Cos it is exhausting. Come on, you’re immortal, the world is yours to explore.

  • Are all the Reviewers DE and Damon fans ? because there a whole other side of the TVD fan base that is not

    1 Team Rebekah all the way Klaus is a Punk Bitch but that not new he been that way for a long time now

    2 Shane for right now is good for Bonnie they have Real Chem with each other and he is Helping Bonnie with her Powers inside and Out

    3 The Cure came out of no where but the Writers seem to do that ALOT with this show ( it what making the show suck )

    4 NO Elena is not like Damon at all I have always thought that Damon is trying to turn Elena into a Katherine 2.0 one that he can put the love he has 4 Katherine in to someone who would not kill his hope and love like Katherine did by not being in the tomb and not trying to find him

    5 they were awesome

    6 April is a waist of Air time when is she dieing her Air Time could go to Matt ,Tyler , Bonnie and Shane

  • fifi

    It would make sense for the Hunters to look for the cure.If they found a way to cure the originals, they would be able to kill them.
    And second that professor hottie hottie you speak of, i’m the only one who thought he’s the same guy that rebekka loved?? They look the same to me, minus the hairstyles. I thought for a second that he was a doppelganger