I wasn’t able to post this review right after the episode aired, like I usually do, because I’m pretty sure that the entire Internet exploded. Well, well, well, it has finally happened — Damon and Elena finally got down and dirty and did the nasty. It’s a moment three years in the making, right? Let’s review what we found out during this episode, shall we? Bear with me so that we can get to Damon and Elena’s rendezvous soon enough.

Jeremy continues his descent into becoming a true foe to the characters on this show. (I mean, the other hunter sort of got killed off kind of easily, but still.) In a sense, Evilaric was the Klaus that Klaus never was, but his expiration date was never going to be as long as Klaus’s … and even Jeremy’s could be. Of course, if Jeremy further spirals down, the others may have no other choice but to, well, you know (not that Elena would be okay with that, as if anyone would ask her what she wants). Nevertheless, this is what I have wanted: “villains” that are compelling enough to command my attention. And with revelation that — shocker! — Bonnie is the only key to unlocking the supposed cure to vampirism, I see potential for dynamics on this show to shift into a gear that runs full throttle.

Caroline, meanwhile, is telling Elena just how much she doesn’t like Damon. While I felt it was laid on a bit too thick (and also, she seemed okay with it like a season ago), I can understand where her loyalties lie and why. Let’s face the truth here, Damon and Caroline’s relationship should be a lot more strained than it actually is presented on the show, given all of season one. And since Stefan was the one that helped Caroline through her vampire transition, she’s continuously had tunnelvision when it comes to him. (Maybe she’s sired too, hmmm?) (Also, seriously, he was being the most manipulative person ever this episode. And did Caroline not witness The Rippah? Homegirl needs to recognize. Not that either Salvatore brothers are good options, to be honest.) All that makes sense to me. But once again, laid on too thick. The only thing that really was jarring is that, this entire episode, Caroline is out on a date with Klaus, who is like the biggest mass murderer of all time. And she’s even daring to have a good time and be cutesy and flirtatiously laugh[*] and be all “you’re perfect.” Practice what you preach, Caroline!

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[*] I can’t decide if their application-reading scene was giving me feels or the feeling that “why is this the show now?”

More importantly, however, she offered up a reason for why Elena’s feelings for Damon have been “magnified.” Once again, we can take this as Caroline somehow trying to figure out why her best friend has feelings for someone she does not approve of, or we can see it as plain fact. And thus far, I haven’t decided on which way to take it. On one hand, this completely validates the plot holes I’ve seen on the show this season. Once Caroline questioned why Elena could not drink out of a blood bag, I thought: “Yes! They are finally explaining it and that makes complete sense.” But on the other, while I’m not nearly the world’s biggest Delena shipper, it’s kind of infuriating that the show keeps on setting up these resets for the love triangle. It was a bit maddening already that the writers decided they would only “magnify” Elena’s feelings for Damon and not Stefan, because how does that make any sense? I was hoping that they would go with the fact that Elena was drawn to her own darkness. But the problem with that on the show is that Damon has somewhat transitioned into a slightly less dark version of himself, while Stefan has done the same (but opposite). And so I accepted the magnification.

But now, somehow, the “sire” thing seems to come out of left field. Elena has always had feelings for Damon. Well, maybe not always but for a long time now. In fact, all of season three was about Elena just could not decide between them. Again, this depends on whether or not the sire bond is fact or not. The show’s production values seemed to imply that we should take it as fact, and it certainly would explain the whole “from the vein” thing, but who’s to say yet? Anyway, as I mentioned, Elena has always had feelings for Damon — so why try to pretend like the only way she could like him is because of the supposed sire? Admittedly, the sire bond on The Vampire Diaries is loosely defined, but the writers via Caroline and Stefan seemed to imply that Damon would have had to give direct orders. My memory does not include Damon telling Elena: “Have sex with me.” Then again, perhaps the sire bond is just a really strong connection, which is why she felt more close to him and decided to break it off with Stefan. As aforementioned, the details are a bit iffy and I just won’t know how to react until I’m given them in full. And my feelings will change, like anyone’s, if we find out how much Damon knew about the sire. My guess is zero.

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And what is a sire, anyway? This episode drilled in the fact that the sire to Klaus from hybrids is because they feel indebted for not having to feel the pain of shifting. Is Elena’s sire, if it’s real, appreciation of not being the doppelganger anymore?

For now, it just seems like a way for the show to allow Stefan to continue making Jeremy a hunter[**] and to put a reset on the triangle once the sire is broken. Also, what is with Stefan and Caroline continuously saying “the new Elena?” She didn’t act like any other kind of Elena this entire episode, don’t you agree? She’s basically the same exact Elena now, even though she murdered someone like four days ago. Either way, this whole sire thing seems to be lose for everyone involved. At the end of the day, can’t they just allow shippers to enjoy the sexytimes? The way they treat the Damon part of the triangle is particularly the reason I probably have never been able to jump ship (beyond chemistry, but that’s just me and like one other person in the world that thinks that way apparently); the writers always have to throw some wrench in their progression somehow. Elena began thinking of him as a viable option only when Stefan went off the rails. She feels closer to him only because she’s a vampire. She’s sleeping with him only because she’s sired … when in fact, they could just have a connection just because, but the storylines never present it that way.

[**] Did anyone think of “slayer” when Jeremy said now that he’s a hunter he has strength?

Though I guess sometimes the best twists are the most polarizing, the way this one plays out could make or break a fanbase or two.

Michael Collado
Mike's a television junkie located in Miami, where he spends all of his time watching TV with his best friends couch and cable access.
  • InvestedInYourFuture

    from what I hear, this episode is pretty much defined as:

    Vampire Diaries – Making excuses for rape since 2009.

    Ladies And Gentlemen, we have Gossip Girl CHAIR pairing’s “Hotel Incident” equivalent for DE and this show now is officially a complete and pointless nonsense.

    • InvestedInYourFuture


      [**] Did anyone think of “slayer” when Jeremy said now that he’s a hunter he has strength?

      *minor btvs spoiler* Faith, Kendra, etc, before Buffy, would also have been categorized as Potentials because that term is used for would-be slayers in btvs too

      Its not a secret that Julie Plec loves to (try to) borrow certain elements from that certain show(Like she tried to make Steffie go all evil), but in most of cases her writing skills make those plotlines fall flat on their face in this show(like aforementioned Steffie goes evil trainwreck).

      So in this case she took a symbol of female empowerment and a biggest enigma of entire btvs show and changed it into a bunch tattooed overgrown pointless men that are bound to be forgotten the moment this plot is done.

    • Pellinore

      This is honestly the most troubling implication of Caroline’s sire bond theory. If Elena is somehow unknowingly being compelled by Damon then she wasn’t consenting to sex with him. Essentially that was rape. Which is really really creepy. And yet again there is nothing legitimate between her and Damon. While the sire bond might explain why she has forsaken Steffan it seems to imply that she isn’t actually making a choice between the two brothers. Essentially she has no agency. I would have rather that Elena just chose to be with Damon instead of them using a sire bond on her b/c that’s just . . . no.

      For me this entire episode was a complete mess. You have Caroline enjoying a date with Klaus at the loss of Chris, whom she gives maybe two meager fucks about but treats the situation as though KLAUS lost something (a slave perhaps?), and then calling the kettle black in Elena’s situation. The only major difference being that Caroline isn’t really being forced to date Klaus. She makes absolutely zero resistance to him. Whereas in other situations she would find a person like him absolutely repugnant she’s all rainbows and sunshine.

      This show easily demonstrates how murderous psychopaths can be dashing love interests if you just hire a moderately attractive actor.

      This entire episode just felt like a complete waste. Nothing happened other than the reveal toward the end. And even that isn’t much of anything beyond what it means for Elena. Elena is as much of a blank slate as a character like Bella. She really doesn’t have any character yet throughout this episode Caroline is trying to convince you that she has changed. She’s designed to be a template for girls to transfer their fantasies onto depending on which guy she happens to be paired with. She’s supposed to give you a dating sim experience in a poorly written show that just barely touches the complexity of supernatural lore.

      Of course it doesn’t appeal to me b/c I don’t like many of the male characters and I can’t identify with Elena. She could be a much better character but the object of the show at this point is just to go back and forth between pleasing ships such as DE, SE, CK, and CT primarily. You’ll notice how every once in a while they use characters like Caroline to serve as a mouthpiece for a ship. I believe a season or two ago someone else said something along the lines of Damon being a love of a lifetime opportunity whereas Steffan would always be there. And the whole good brother/bad brother dichotomy which falls flat for me. Whatever puts you to sleep at night I guess.

      And this is perhaps the second or third time there’s been a convenient excuse for Bonnie not to appear or take part in a formal gala. And her character would have been infinitely more useful in discovering information about Professor Shane simply b/c he would not suspect her. He assumes he has control over her, which he seems to due to hypnosis. I’m unsurprised no one questions her motivations or why she would choose to be a workaholic instead of enjoying herself like her carefree vampires “friends.” Essentially if her “friends” were more vigilant about her safety and happiness this whole mess with Shane could have been prevented. If she wasn’t stressed to be a witchy woo woo maid she could actually appear more discerning when faced with a potentially evil character.

      And I’m not convinced that wanting to destroy vampires is an evil aspiration.

      At the end of the episode you have Elena leaving her house only to shack up with Damon. And then Matt and Jeremy live together. It didn’t occur to anyone that maybe Bonnie was the best fit simply b/c she lives by herself? As far as we know her father either doesn’t exist or he doesn’t live with her. Her mother’s gone. Jamie who? Grams died twice. So I kind of laughed thinking about how lonely Bonnie is in her house, working on witchcraft to save her “friends” who are just living. Going on dates, breaking up with boyfriends, arguing about dresses, having the semblance of a consensual sexual relationship *cringe*, organizing parties, sleepovers, etc. This mostly applies to Caroline and Elena, and even April who is just there for the time being. But everyone is having personal life struggles that don’t necessarily hinge on servitude toward another character.

      Also, Gabby Douglas was in this episode. An unnamed part with her being bossed around by Caroline lol.

      • Minxie

        All the awards for this post, Pellinore. 🙂

        • Pellinore

          Thanks for your support. 🙂 I know not everyone likes to discuss -isms present in popular media but to have my experience of them validated through discussion and in real life is helpful. I’m just glad I wasn’t the only one getting the same vibe from the reveal about the sire bond and it’s connection to Damon and Elena. It really disturbed me.

      • lala

        People, rape is a pretty serious accusation, and while I get that we are discussing a tv show and there is nothing serious about it, I still think we should just be a little more careful. I mean, how could it have been rape if damon didnt know about the sire bond? I get that it wanst concensual, but to have rape, or any other crime, you have to prove intention, and obviously damon had no intention whatsoever of “raping” elena…
        Anyway, I cant believe they decide to do that! 3 years waiting for delena to finally happen and they give us that?? It’s insulting, really!!! All with caroline voice and scenes in between!!
        And at one moment when caroline is giving her speech to elena, and klaus suddenly appears and elena gets mad, I thought she was going to tell her how hypocrite she was being, but she didnt even mention it! please….
        Sorry if there are any mistakes but english is not my first language!

        • Pellinore

          I don’t believe that’s true. From my understanding if you are accusing someone of rape you have to prove that you did not consent to sex. That’s it. It doesn’t matter what the intentions of the accused are. A lot of times people do commit acts of rape but they do not define it as being rape. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t rape. For instance if a person is having sex with a “consenting” minor it is still rape. Or “having sex” with a person who is drunk and asleep and thus incapable of consenting. Or continuously badgering someone to have sex until finally that person says yes. Or simply allowing an overly “aggressive” (predatory) individual to just “do it” so that you can get away.

          When it comes to supernatural series we often witness acts of rape through magical influence. Like mind-control, compulsion, a spell, taking over another person’s body, etc. What Caroline is implying is that Elena is being compelled by Damon, perhaps to the point of leaving Steffan and later engaging in sexual activity with Damon. That would imply that she isn’t consenting, she isn’t making a decision of her own volition.

          That’s what makes the pervasiveness of this crime so difficult b/c people have not broadened their definition of what rape is. It’s not about intention. It’s about lack of consent. A rapist can very easily claim that he did not intend to rape someone but why should his testimony be more important than the experience of the victim of rape? And I know it’s serious. I use the language b/c I understand it.

          • Pellinore

            I guess the biggest problem is that in a court of law in the states in order to prove that you did not consent you need to have said “no” at least once. And if you’re alseep and/or drunk, or if you’ve been ruffied you may not have been capable of saying anything. Or if you were petrified to the point that you couldn’t say anything. Just a lot of variables that the court system doesn’t account for, but at least some people can possibly go forward to prove to a court of law what happened. And then there’s the fact that it’s up to the DA’s office if you have a case. Some can be fickle, like in my county. They can expect a high prosecution rate and if your case seems difficult you may be out of luck.

          • DC

            Why is anyone even talking about rape? The sire bond doesn’t control someone’s romantic feelings (proven previously by Tyler) so Elena had sex with Damon because she wanted to. End story. lol

          • InvestedInYourFuture

            No, sire bond just makes you worship someone and doing anything he she asks, disregarding your own life. Damon is meaning of life for her due to sire bond and she is unable to refuse him anything, thus she is INCAPABLE of saying no and taking away someone’s capability of consent for sexual act IS rape.

            Its no different than what Damon did to Caroline and Andie(rape via compulsion), except this time he does not know he is doing it….which yet again means nothing

          • Jolie

            First off – Damon NEVER raped Andie or Caroline. The sex part was consensual, the biting might have been compelled away, and he used Caroline for his own ends in S1, but he never raped her. People, even though he was never shown to have compelled her to take him home and have sex with her, assumes it happened.
            Also, canon has shown us that Elena has been able to refuse him and I am really not needing to specify all the situations where, but it has happened, so therefore she is not ‘blindly obedient’ so a lot more needs to be revealed, and I am sure that it will show that it is not blind obedience that S/E fans need to have as an excuse as to why she went to Damon.
            The main thing, at this point for me, is that it seems an easy out, where writers will just go the motions…for me, considering that Damon has never had anyone chose him would have been a hell of a ride as I do believe he would question her love anyway, so, it would have been enough of a cliffhanger, but alas, also a lot harder to write, as more thought would need to be placed into characters rather than plotlines….

          • cacherr1

            It was consensual the first time when there no compulsion involve but once he started compelling both of them who would have most likely ended the relationship after the biting, compulsion is form of drugging and it totally removes these girls being able to make sound judgments. So yes based on the lines Damon did commit rape as pretty sure neither Andie or Caroline would have continue to consent having sex with him it like a sober person having sex with someone who is blacking out (which Caroline stated that was happening to her).

          • lala

            But on all the examples you gave, like having sex with a minor or someone who is drunk, there is intention. And I agree that sex by compulsion would be rape, like what damon did to caroline on season 1, but I cant see that this time because damon wasnt compelling elena, he didnt even know about the sire thing (that we know of, at least…).
            And intention is very important to judge any crime, in spanish is called “dolo”, but I think the legal systems are very differents so whatever…
            I dont even study law, so I cant believe we got so involved with this!! ha ha!!

          • Pellinore

            Yeah, it’s true there isn’t much explanation regarding this sire bond theory. So I can understand that some are reluctant to call this rape. I don’t mind waiting to see if Damon himself is aware of what’s going if, if he has some kind of control over Elena. If he does my hope is that he isn’t knowingly using this against Elena. But I wish they would not have employed the sire bond in this way b/c it immediately makes the whole situation difficult. I’m willing to accept nuance b/c it’s true that Elena did seem to have some feelings toward Damon prior to becoming a vampire. But she made her decision, even if the show keeps hitting the reset button to keep the triangle relevant. I could accept that being a vampire has made her want to explore different romantic options. But this isn’t what is being suggested. What’s being suggested in that she is not in control of herself. And that’s why I’m distressed at seeing her with Damon in a sexual context. Like even if it were just her decision to have sex with him without some kind of influence involved I could accept it. Even if it doesn’t seem appropriate that’s her decision to make. But this sire bond suggests that she isn’t actually making a decision. That’s she’s being controlled. Maybe it won’t fit neatly into the definition of rape but it isn’t okay.

          • lala

            Yeah, I completely agree, and that’s why I hate the sire bond so much!! It’s like whenevershe makes a questionable decision, like sleeping with her ex brother’s, the writers have to giver her an excuse b/c perfect elena wouldnt do that….

          • Pellinore

            Exactly. Some people would not like her for choosing Damon, and they would have good reason not to like that decision. But they take away her ability to even make that decision. I could see the show exploring a real conflict but they keep taking away Elena’s agency.

          • Jen

            I agree with everything you are saying but the show has made it really weird because Damon is (presumably) unaware of the sire bond. It makes this more a really shady move on the part of the writers than Damon as a character.

  • TVMo

    This is my first time commenting so I hope you all welcome me with open arms! 🙂

    I preface this by saying I always try not to jump on any ships. Here’s my two cents on the sire bond: I believe Elena’s feelings for Damon are REAL. However, just like you, I was frustrated with the “her feelings for Damon are magnified yet her feelings for Stefan are not” plot hole. But this definitely explains it. Though I believe her feelings for D are real, the sire bond muddles/confuses things for her. Making her connection to Damon far stronger than her connection to Stefan now that she’s a vampire. Without the sire bond, she’d obviously still have feels for D, but would stick her decision of picking Stefan because those feelings would obviously be magnified as well! It’s going to be interesting to see how this show plays out. And though I agree with you that the sire comes out of left field, that’s the best part about TVD. They throw these twists and turns at us that we never see coming. Also, I think Damon probably knows about the sire bond. He was the one who told the gang about it in Season 3 when they couldn’t explain how Tyler felt the need to be so loyal to Klaus “It’s rare in Vampires, but it happens”. So he had to have picked up on it. Also, when Caroline and Elena freak out about Jeremy missing, his line “If I’m not freaking out, you shouldn’t be freaking out” could hold some “sire” weight to it.

    Oh, and I’m so ready for Jeremy to become full vampire slayer on all our asses! Like you said, it makes for a compelling villain!

    P.S. I’m from Miami too, so I think it’s super cool that you’ve started up this blog. Most of the tv blogs/writers I follow aren’t from here so awesomesauce! I especially like that you throw in cuban slang from time to time like you did with the “Where the Vile Things Are” GG Recap. So to you I say, “Que bola, acere?” Lol


  • linda


    • fifi

      Why the caps though?

    • Pellinore

      The sire bond idea would also explains some of the resistance that Elena felt earlier to the idea/reality that she is “like Damon.” She said that she hated it. Maybe b/c all of this influence from his blood/his words is making her unable to be the vampire that she wants to be. Or the vampire that she should be. I think that from Tyler to the hybrids, to Bonnie, to Elena (and even Rebecca and perhaps even more characters) we’ve seen this theme of manipulation and control.

      B/c even Shane seems to have convinced Bonnie that he is her only method of reactivating her magic. But part of that is due to the fact that her “friends” require that she be able to use magic. Otherwise she’s useless to them and in this universe even more useless as a character. B/c being a witch is all she’s meant for. Not necessarily being a character. And even though Elena gets more attention and screen time she is similarly handicapped b/c her role as a vicarious element in a love triangle between two vampire brothers.

  • fifi

    Honestly,while watching the episode, I kept thinking : Why doesn’t she feel any sort of remorse. The break up scene from last episode made me sad but I couldn’t resist Elena’s resignation when Stefan tells her “I can’t do this anymore” and she’s like “I know”. I kept thinking I really don’t buy that she’s sad.And this is stefan we talking about, the guy she’s loved for such a long time, her supposedly epic love, so the whole sire bond thing made sense to me. Not because elena didn’t have feelings for damon before, but more because the Elena I’ve seen for +3seasons wouldn’t sleep with stefan’s brother the day after they broke up. She spent an entire season not even wanting to admit she liked damon, and all of the sudden she’s sexing him? The whole sex scene didn’t even make me move. It was completly boring to me, probably before I can enjoy a Hot sex scene for a couple, I need the prior romantic love making.And delena never had that. The motel, this time, their sex scenes always look like they’re humping each other, like long sex-deprived animals. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I feel like their sex scenes make them look like they are sexually attracted to each other but not LOVE.Mehh it’s probably just me. This episode did change the way we see all characters though, Elena is more passive than ever and a toy, Damon sleeps with her brother’s girl, just like that. I mean somehow I thought he would reject her in respect of her bro but I suppose I over-estimated his ..dignity. And Stefan, they made him manipulative and all.I’ve never ever found him annoying until now. Plus why make it look like he doesn’t love elena as a vampire. He just think it’s best for HER. The writers are just taking a dangerous path and being sloppy. Caroline was turned by damon.Why isn’t she sired to him? There were orders given to elena by damon that she didn’t do ? (like drinking blood from one girl at the campus )..I really hope they give us a plausible answer, something that REALLY make sense. I love this show but at the moment, Klaus is the only one giving me life, and obviously he’s not having enough screen time.
    Also I don’t think Caroline was being a hypocrite. It’s called being a friend.At the end of the day elena can still make her decision.Also Let’s not forget she’s pretending to be mad at Tyler and I’m pretty sure she didn’t expect to enjoy her date with Klaus. (Who wouldn’t hehe)

  • Nisha

    I like that this season is not rushed like the end of season 3 was, but something is serously wrong with it…..it feels like the writers would have made up their minds about the sl no matter if a character fits in or not and if not they let them do things which feels extremly overstated…like you said for Caroline.

    “Caroline, meanwhile, is telling Elena just how much she doesn’t like Damon. While I felt it was laid on a bit too thick”

    or the conversation about Elena and her behavior

    “She didn’t act like any other kind of Elena this entire episode, don’t you agree? ”

    Well mostly, but it was OOC for her to not go search for Jeremy like she wanted to and Damon told her to let it go and the red dress blue dress thing was weird…but this whole Elena is so different.??? Okay I was suprised she moved in the SBH and not to Bonnie or into Matt’s house..this felt too early and too early sex with Damon kind of rushed..Would Elena be so insensitive to Stefan??? As Human she never was even when the other person did something wrong like Stefan did with Jer. And then she goes there kind of knowing this will be hell for the man she claims to love as well??? She is selfisher, more like Katherine in that way. So a little different but not like C and S claim..or the writers let them claim..

    Last episode I had problems to believe that Caroline would just let the guy get killed who helped them …

    Before I had a problem to feel why Elena can’t be a vampire with all the tons of help she gets from everywhere…this also felt overstated..or why she felt sooooo bad for enjoying drinking blood and dancing…ughhh

    and I also don’t believe that in 4×01 Stefan would try to set up Elena on AB ..not after what he want through himself..after season 1 Stefan was a believer of AB, but this isn’t who he is anymore and his worse control issues after years of AB..didn’t made it seem like hw believes it works and in the end of season 3 he drank HB…so…????

    To DE even as Stefan fan I have to say this was terrible cut..why couldn’t they just give them a love scene and then the Caroline/Stefan scene.

    I really hate this flip floping with always giving one ship something then the others..this cheapens Elena and the sl…I wish they would just go one road down not two at the same time..it just doesn’t work.

    btw I think several things Elena did was because she was sired like the drinking from the vein, but others not like her developing feelings for Damon since he didn’t tell her to feel for him..

    OMG I loved the Klefan scene…pls let Klaus and Stefan get hot and heavy. and let Stefan stop looking for the cure just for ELena…

    • Pellinore

      Regarding the ship flip flopping I would even support the show making Elena into a polyamorous character.That would fix things real quick. I know TB tried that unsuccessfully. But yeah, it would at least eliminate the triangle and we could just focus on the story and existing character relationships. And who wouldn’t want to see some threesome action?

  • I totally agree with you about the magnification of Elena’s feelings for Damon but not Stefan. It just isn’t logical, If being a vampire “enhances” who you were as a human then shouldn’t it also affect her attraction to Stefan?

    • Pellinore

      I think there are some inconsistencies in the narrative. But I think the other part of what they are saying is that Damon’s blood is having a direct effect on her. So if the whole “enhancement” is not just a one-way street, then I guess his blood in and of itself favors her attraction toward Damon. As far as I know Elena hasn’t shared blood with Steffan. Or has she?

      But I see parallels between this and Bonnie’s “story arc” b/c both Damon and Shane have said similar things to Elena and Bonnie, respectively. I guess to isolate them from others. If what Caroline is saying about the blood sharing is true then Damon has either knowingly or unknowingly been gradually drawing Elena towards him b/c blood sharing between vampires has some notable effect on recipient vampires. Much like the hypnosis Shane is using on Bonnie. And anything the men say can have a significant effect on how each individual experiences vampirism and witchcraft.

  • Tiffany

    Michael, thank you for posting your review so quickly!

    One thing that is annoying me about this show is how “the supernatural” made me do it. Why can’t anyone make decisions for themselves? It just makes it so that nobody has to take responsibility for their actions because they are being driven by some supernatural instinct. I’ve always wanted Bonnie and Jeremy to team up against the vampires. But Jeremy having these violent dreams about killing Elena simply because of his new slayer status cheapens it. There was a time that he didn’t want his sister to be a vampire. And I know he loves her, and has loved Anna in the past–I still think he and Bonnie have a plausible reason to be opposed to vampire shit! I love Caroline and like Damon and Stefan, but let’s face it–vampires are dangerous! I wanted Bonnie and Jeremy to actually get back bones and realize that the vampires are controlling their lives. And Tyler should be mad at Caroline for letting his fellow werewolf be killed. Elena isn’t worth it for everybody. I can understand Damon and Stefan doing anything and everything for her, but Tyler and others should draw the line. Perhaps the wolves should join my imaginary Jeremy and Bonnie alliance. Though I do hate Tyler’s new whore. Ugh.

    • Pellinore

      I agree with everything except calling Hayley a whore. She may not be a very appealing character but she deserves some measure of respect. She probably works closely with Tyler b/c he has access to Klaus’ other hybrids. And maybe she likes him for some reason but that is not important. According to this episode she is working for Shane. Which kind of annoys me b/c I guess this is the show’s way of making Klaus seem much less evil than he really is. B/c freedom isn’t such a good thing?

  • QMargo

    I am sorry but TVD has hit a new ridiculous low….Elena is sired to Damon – OMFG, are you kidding me? Look, I might not be a DE fan like ever because that requires a specific mental state but come on! Ugh, for three seasons we watched Damon pine his ass out for Elena, her battling with feelings for him and now that they could actually give them a shot as a couple they blame it all on a sire bond. Oh gosh no, this is lame, like worse than the whole bloodlines theory. No, just no. I am offended as a viewer and as a reader since the writers took something which was great in the books and destroyed it in the series. Of coarse in a way all vampires are “sired” to the ones whose blood was in their system when they turned. BUT that was a concept that worked in the books and now that the show is trying to bring this in…ah no, you can;t do that because then why aren’t all the other chicks that turned with Damon’s blood sired to him? And Damon has turned a lot of characters on this show.

    About Caroline, the only thing I enjoyed about her conversation with Elena was that finally Elena got some real harsh talk and did you see how offended she was that someone told her they are not ok with her new behaviour? Caroline was right about one other thing too – Elena is confused or was confused with her feelings for Damon because he did always find a way to weazel to her and say “You know there is something between us”, which to me always felt like Damon was the one advocating for DE most of the time instead Elena coming to the conclusion that likes him.

    Sire bond aside, how do you like the “new twist” that there is a spell surrounding that cure, and that is another obstacle for the Scooby gang? I was like on no…………not this again! Of coarse there is a spell, why wouldn’t there be one?

    Anyway, stupid episode, congrats to the DE fans on the sex finally happening and condolences on it being related to a sire bond…

    P.S. I am the only one pissed that Elena kinda forced Stefan out of his own house and that she immediately sexed up his brother? Like the guy already had it hard that she didn’t want his stupid cure…than he has to go and crash with Caroline….and now they have been broken up for like a day and she already sleeps with Damon? Ew, sorry but now I do hope that DE stay together 4ever because yeah, Katherine.

    • Pellinore

      I actually do agree with the spirit of Caroline’s criticism but I feel the show designed her interaction with Klaus so that she could be seen as a hypocrite, and somewhat rightly so. I feel like this episode was a disservice to both of their characters.

      Yeah, and it was messed up that Elena kind of forced Stefan out of his own house. Why couldn’t she had just stayed with Caroline or Bonnie? Or new BFF April? Lol.

      • QMargo

        But here is the thing Klaus and Caroline are not Damon and Elena but just the more awesome version. as a person who has read the books, Klaroline is closer to what LJ Smith had meant with book DE than tv DE. First of all Caroline is not in love with Klaus, she probably only likes him. Second, Klaus is not obsessed with Caroline the way Damon has been with Katherine and the Elena. Thirdly, even with her liking Klaus Caroline still has her mind straight about what is right and what is wrong and I really wished the show would focus on that more when showing Caroline advocating for Stefan – you know the guy who helped her to become an adjusted vampire – as opposed to Damon who not only raped and abused her but also wanted to kill her when he found out she is a vampire. Elena just seems like she can overlook a lot of Damon’s past mistakes and wrong doings…and that is where Caroline differs with Elena because she knows Klaus is more bad than good.

  • polin_ka

    annoying episode. characters behaving like hypocrites.Stefan and Carol talking about Elena as she is a broken item that needs fixing. Didn’t like that at all. I don’t like Elena, but she can make her own decisions. well, unless she is sire bond!!!! it this case she can only make every second decision the rest is decided by Damon. I thought that she defended Damon number of times this season or is it just me. Damon probably has done it in the past and Stefan and Carol will thing that she did it on purpose and Damon will be a bad seed again. Stefan, on the other hand, will be a soul mate, a good guy, who just messed with Elena’s brother head, made him kill another man and basically sacrificed him in order to fix her.lol Why are they doing it to Stefan?

  • Kim

    Oh dear, what have the writers done this time? I sure hope the whole sire plot line plays out to be something a lot more satisfying to how it seems it will play out at the moment. With this programme one has to ignore morality and gaping plot holes all the time but this may be too much. I am no shipper as like you say – neither brother in reality is a good option, but I must admit that in spite of all the bad things that Damon has done I cannot help but feel sorry for him. I mean to say – how much can one guy take? And Elena thinking it was a good idea to move in with the brothers – was that dumb decision due to the sire bond? I wish they would let Elena be by herself for a while, that would garner her a bit more respect I think. It might also allow Stefan to be less – dare I say boring. Him dabbling in a new romantic interest might not be a bad thing. His whole obsession with making Elena human again is making him look a bit sad and desperate. I liked you review – right on the money 🙂

  • scarlett

    My personal view is that this is all Plec’s doing. I’ve thought for some time that she’s a fairly immature fangirl and Stefan is her vamp in shining armour. She can’t understand why the fans won’t just go with the, ahem, ‘epicness’ of Stefan and Elena so she has ruined the relationship that is really potent and profound on this show (or, at least had the potential to be) through every possible means. Caroline is clearly now being written as a mouthpiece for Plec. Where the hell is Kevin Williamson? Oh, that’s right, he moved on…and hey presto they started messing up the triangle. Julie-go watch Dawson’s Creek if you want to see an example of how not to screw up a relationship that really resonates with viewers (Joey and Pacey) and has the guts to make the other choice. Fans-the only thing to do is switch off, she’s going to keep playing you for as long ss she thinks she can. Maybe she should get out a little more??!

    • cacherr1

      Actually Plec has been pro-Delena and has been called out on it as fans noticed she seemingly goes out her way to make Stefan look dumb to the point Paul Wesley and her got into argument over the finale. Kevin was pro-SE and anyone knows anything about Dawson’s Kevin in fact was pro-Dawson and Joey and was upset that the writers strayed from his vision and to be honest that finale felt alot of fan servicing as PJ had not really interacted much before the finale and her whole romantic speech about Dawson being her soulmate really confused the hell out of lot people as if I was Pacey I wouldn’t like my woman referring to some man she had engage in a romantic relationship as her soulmate. Kevin even said recently for all we know she and Dawson could have ended up together after the series finale.

      I wish people stop bringing up DC when it comes to TVD because Delena is not PJ by a mile. The only thing these two shows got in common is Kevin got bored with the shows and they went straight to hell afterwards.

  • Eric Pharand

    Besides wanting to see the climax of the Cure storyline, I’d quit.

  • Lavender

    Well no wonder Caroline doesn’t want Elena to be with Damon, I wouldn’t want my best friend to be with a man who used to repetitively rape me and mindfu.ck me. Just saying.

  • cacherr1

    Actually in order for an sexual act not be considered rape or sexual assault there must be a verbal “yes”.
    I hope that clears up the “rape” issue.

    • InvestedInYourFuture

      What’s more, the verbal yes does NOT count as yes if:
      – It was said when the person was under duress.
      – It was said by someone who is under age of consent.
      – IT was said by someone who is in a mental state where one is incapable of saying no(in real life that would be being drunk or drugged, but supernaturally any kind of hypnosis, compulsion or unnatural bond also makes it rape).

      • cacherr1

        I was not talking about statutory rape as for each state it is different (comes states age of consent is 16) and most people have different opinions on it (like I personally don’t see a difference in 16-19 year olds, I personally never felt different, only difference I got was I could go to jail as an adult and buy cigarettes at 18), I was talking about overall rule that they teach to new freshmen at their sexual assault training in college (or at least at my college they do).

        So even non-verbals (like shaking your head) do not count.

      • come on chill yourself.it was a sex scene between vampires and maybe damon didn’t even know about the sire bond.wait till they clear this out and then post comments about ”rape”.

        • cacherr1

          as stated I did not believe DE scene was rape. Tacky and not romantic but not rape. I was clearing up what qualifies as rape according to recent seminar on the issue.

          • my reply was to investinyourfuture not you.i understood what you wrote perfectly.:)

          • InvestedInYourFuture

            Elena still had a non-consensual sex, which means she was essentially raped. the difference from compulsion situations is that its nigh impossible to label Damon as an intentional rapist in this situation.

          • Jen

            Oh, you already said what I just said in my comment. Carry on. 🙂

        • InvestedInYourFuture

          A “rapist” does not have to be aware of what he is doing for the act to be rape.

          In this case, while perpetrator did not know what was going on, it does not change the fact that Elena has sex to which she would not have consented to without the sire bond.

          Its no different than a drunk car driver killing someone on the road – so what if the driver was unaware of the actions, the person still got killed.

          • Jazz

            Yet, quote: “A fundamental principle of Criminal Law is that a crime consists of both a mental and a physical element. Mens rea, a person’s awareness of the fact that his or her conduct is criminal, is the mental element, and actus reus, the act itself, is the physical element.”


          • cacherr1

            Not everyone thinks their criminal activity is criminal and justify it too, that why we have unapologetic criminals like Charles Mason and Yolanda Saldivar. That law has more to deal with the idea that everyone is innocent until proven. It also how pleads are deal for example why one can argue they mentally insane when committing the horrid crime.

          • Jen

            Drunk driving isn’t murder even if the result is the same. The result in this case is non-consensual sex for Elena, but you can’t really call Damon a rapist in this instance unless he was aware of the sire bond. Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated still involves an act of willfully endangering other people, which you can’t even say of Damon (still assuming that he was completely unaware of the sire bond). This is a crime on the part of the writers for taking the agency and accountability away from their main character, it’s just a tragic mistake for the character of Damon.

  • Brittany

    Elena is the same boring little thing I remember her to be soooo….
    And I’m with you Michael, I may not ship delena but can we just let this happen already so it can go through its phase and we can get it past it already? I’m tired of this triangle getting started up over & over again! Actually I’m just tired of love triangles, trapezoids, squares, or what have you, in general! Love shapes do not a plot make!

  • Uncharmed&Average

    It never crossed my mind that she was only having sex with him because she was sired. I mean, we knew she had feelings for before she became a vamp so presumable it’s just a bonus for Damon that she starts to fall for him and becomes sired all at once…

  • Im not a big fan of love triangles in general (i find them annoying because they normally cloud the persons judgement and creates unnecessary dialogue which has nothing to do with the problem they’re facing, which i find annoying) That being said i did like Klauses soft side in this ep. (its dose dimples that get me :/). I really couldn’t care which one she goes of with cos at this point they are nearly the same person (ones just more serious than the other) They both have flaws (Stefan’s ripper past and Damon’s ruthlessness) They both love her and they both would do anything to save her. This triangle has been going on for too long in my mind (quiet like True Blood in that sense). But i still really liked this ep.

  • i didn’t like this episode.first thing elena does after the break-up with stefan is hooking up with his brother?really?don’t get me wrong i’m huge delena fan but also a strong defender of having-some-time-solo-to-thing-about-things-and-get-yourself-together.second at last when we finally had that delena sex scene(hot it was hoooooooooooot) and it was ruined by caroline’s speech and the thought that maybe elene is sired by damon thus she didn’t really want to have sex with him.like they want us delena fans to feel bad or something about our ship.whatever.and where’s bonnie?why doesn’t she have time on screen?

    • also i don’t think she is sired to damon anyway.if she was she would have kept down damon’s blood,like she was ”ordered to” you know drinking from the vain and all.

    • cacherr1

      Cause Bonnie is the magical negro and not allow to dress up and outshine the other girls but you noticed she has time all sudden to stop practicing to hang out with Elena (that clip rubbed me the wrong way because who Elena to offer someone else’s home and why would she think Caroline or Bonnie would want to hang out the Salvatore home?)

      • well we’ve had this conversation before about povs and you know my opinion.my question was about the character ”bonnie”.if they wanted this character out,they would do it with a white,yellow,green or blue girl.anyways it really surpised me that elena went to the boarding house to live.i’ve thought she would go to bonnie’s or caroline’s.maybe they did this so they could have the hanky panky easier.who knows?maaaaaany plot holes,we have,many!

  • cacherr1

    I for one did not considered DE sex rape just in bad taste considering she just broke up with Stefan like a day or two ago. Everything about it scream Katherine (the bad thing) and if I was Damon that would make me uneasy. I also think folks talking about Damon was being good bro need to stop cause once he went with it he stopped being good brother. I also know if the roles reversed majority of Damon fans would be more angry at Stefan for doing that to him and thinking Damon had a right to be upset.

  • Corina Ramos

    It’s so nice to see fans who agree and an honest review because seriously this season has been a hot mess. Other than the five story line and Jeremy being a bad ass for once, the love triangle and little character development has been stale for me. Literally I forward Elena parts because ever since becoming a vampire she has been extra whiny and selfish to me, it’s not good when the main female protagonist is my least favorite of the show. At least in the books she got way more interesting, and seriously the weak Bonnie excuse for her not being pissed me off. Even the actors have said that Bonnie comes in and fixes everything, but the fact we don’t get to see her do teenager things and have some character development is really sad because the writers can do so much and she is way more interesting than other characters in the show. Hell even in the books she plays an important role! I’m not a Damon and Elena fan, but seriously give the two their time without any hang ups and let it pass because in the end Damon is still with his little brother’s leftovers and wasn’t someones first choice. Which with all his faults, Damon deserves to be someone’s first choice out of free will and have a decent relationship with his brother. Seriously what is so great about Elena that makes all the men love her so much, does she have a magical vag or something?

    • katherine_fan

      I fast forward Elena’s scenes too!!

  • katherine_fan

    Damon said in 3×06 that newly turned vamps feel loyal to the vamps that turned them,b/c it was their blood that created them.

  • Jen

    Honestly I don’t even know how to justify watching this show anymore. After the good guys killed off an innocent just to get a cure for Elena and now this sire bond stuff being handled so, so terribly. No one on this show has any moral high ground anymore. I’m more on the side of the slayer – eh – hunters every episode. I can’t think of any reason to root for Elena.

  • ktegler

    I love Delena and I have since they first connected. I was excited to finally see them get all hot and heavy, but then the moment was ruined when they kept switching back and forth to Caroline and Stefan. Caroline and Stefan completely ruined the moment, and for once, just once, I wanted them to have a scene like this all to themselves. The first time they kissed, well it wasnt actually Elena, it was Katherine, when they made out in the motel, Jeremy stopped them, and now this? Stefan really annoyed me in this episode because he keeps saying he can’t love Elena like this, but he was so quick to jump in and help Caroline through her transition, but as soon as Elena rejected the animal blood it seemed like he just dropped her. And don’t even get me started on Caroline, she is way to judgmental, she always has been.