It’s the photo recap for Gossip Girl season 6 episode 8 “It’s Really Complicated!” This episode was better than most of season 6! Nate helps in trying to take down a murderer (ha!). Dan’s evil. Serena’s wants the dihhh from everybody. Chuck and Blair promise to bang in the finale. It’s almost like every episode this season, really.

Anyway, here’s the blah recap! Ready!?

EDIT: Oh and also sorry I didn’t reply to comments last time. Finals week! And hello Miami commenter! QUE BOLA!!!

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  • I’m practically crying at all the evil stuff, and the Stevenis, and Serena. Gosh you’re the master!! And the whole ending with the phone calls…brilliant.

  • Indira

    😀 ohmygod I swear I’m in love with you. Thank you for making my day

  • lols

    hahaha I couldn’t even stop laughing through the whole recap! when the series are done, I’m truly going to miss this 🙁

  • I’m going to miss these photo recaps so much!! Man, Serena really wants the D. LOL I’m truly afraid of Dan’s hair. It’s so EVIL! Eeek!

  • Glamis

    OMG, I’m dying of laughter, and I cand’t laugh at loud, because its midnight (in Poland at least), everybody’s sleeping ( I’ve been waiting so long for this recap, but it was worth it) and as I said, i’m DYIING. BEST RECAP EVER, seriously, i love you, and poor SOME GUY too. btw, evil dan end VERY convincing Bart made my day. greetings from Gdynia!