So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye! Gossip Girl, once hailed as The Greatest Show Of Our Time, has come and gone and now we must bid it adieu. How can you solve a problem like Gossip Girl? Ahhh…

In this episode, Chuck and Blair finally get hitched (but don’t bang, I’m sorry for the false expectations I’ve caused), Nate and Sage pretend to be smart but don’t actually solve anything, no one mourns Bart’s second death, Dan is Gossip Girl, and Serena loves him for it. How can something that makes absolutely no sense — Dan being gossip girl — make 100% perfect sense? I don’t know. No time to think because the credits have already rolled and Taylor Momsen’s track is piercing through my soul.

My very soul!

If you don’t get to the end of this, just know that I thank you, I appreciate you, and I love you all. Until the next photo recap… if there ever will be one!

And now it’s time for what I’ve promised (and for some reason, people care). Who knew the series finale of Gossip Girl and this post would parallel so much. I am your Dan Humphrey, which is to say I am the worst and am a clinical sociopath and that this is so not a big deal. What in the world? (Can’t wait til people have a field day with that.) Anyway, after a year or so of people telling me to just reveal it already or I’ll regret keeping it in so long and those saying I should never reveal…

I ship(ped) Dan and Blair.

It’s the truth. And though I hope half of you didn’t just run away and never come back, I can understand why. People take their ships seriously, apparently. I even contemplated not “ruining” this post by talking about it. I’m sure that by now some are retroactively finding evidence of all the bad things I said about Chuck and Blair, or connecting something that’s a completely unrelated joke as a way to bash a ship. But the truth is that I don’t dislike Chuck and Blair in any way. Some people may not understand that or won’t believe me, but I can’t do more than just say it and hope you will. And now to answer some questions I’m sure I’ll get. I’ll try to be as pithy as possible.

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In season 1, I rooted for Dan & Serena and Chuck & Blair, but that being said I was never a religious watcher. If I had found my true TV love Chuck (the show) earlier, I probably never would have seen an episode. I was a huge fan of the Dan and Blair friendship. Personally, it gave the show new life. I can however understand people not liking them romantically, which I didn’t either. When Dan and Blair kissed it seemed so out of the blue to me, as I was enjoying their slow burn. I didn’t think it would ever turn into that. I’m aware of what little sense it makes. And so I viewed it as such a dissonant image.

And yet it made so much sense, too. When the show returned and Blair had decided that she felt zero potential romance between them, something grew inside me after her reaction. I don’t why or what, but I didn’t agree with her. And I was mad that the show had done that just to take away the potential. I began finding little, tiny evidence(s) of why she was lying. And just like that, I started to become an actual shipper (it wouldn’t fully happen until fall) — which is to say, I lost all logic and/or reasoning, like any shipper – for Dair. When season 5 began, and I began doing recaps, I found Tumblr. And I would spend time in the #Dair tag. Yes, I became a 13-year-old girl. It was quite embarrassing. This had only happened to me once before (for Chuck and Sarah, the coincidence!).

There’s no denying that season 5 was a major s— show. If it weren’t for the fact that I was recapping them, I seriously most likely would have quit. I wasn’t even planning to watch weekly until the recaps took off (I was a week late when I began, but I watched all those episodes on the same day). And I won’t concede that the reason I like the back half of the season more than the first half is solely because of Dair. I mean, I think episode 5×10 is the best from the front half. But it wasn’t until 5×14 or 5×15 that the story actually started going anywhere. Louis was awful and a waste of time. And the same is true for season 6. It wasn’t until 6×06 or so until the story actually picked up. But, yeah, maybe my shipper half clouded my judgement.

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If you want to ask if I’m mad that Dair didn’t end up together: I’m not. I never expected them to, except maybe when I was in a feels panic during mid season 5. Then again, I never could have expected Dan and Serena together after all of season 5… and season 6. But regardless, I don’t know when I knew Gossip Girl was The Chuck and Blair Show, but the season 2 finale where “Season Of Love” played in the background seems like a good way to mark a point in time when it was cemented. In a series where everyone is the worst, do they deserve each other? Maybe. Everyone deserves everyone on this show. Except maybe no one deserves Nate; that’s probably why he ended up alone. But he’s only the least worst because of his naiveté.

And that’s that. I won’t go into extreme detail about why I like one couple more than the other, because there really aren’t any reasons. Personally, it’s just chemistry to me. I see it, others see it, and others don’t. And that’s fine. Believe me, the last thing I want is to get into a war. That’s why I’m shutting off my phone and computer for 123891230 hours beginning NOW. The show’s over… and we’re all free!


This is also somewhat of an actual goodbye, because the series is over and a lot of people are going to leave for good, if not for what I just wrote then because they have no interest in anything else. I hope you enjoyed poking fun of this show. I came in at a golden age of recapping it, and I’m glad I did. Thanks for sticking around week to week and sharing laughs. And if you’re leaving and never coming back, I will never forget youuuuuu!!! I’ve made some great Internet friendships from sides of all different ship wars. And I hope it remains that way, because you guys are awesome! Thank you to everyone. Much love!

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  • Kensia

    Flawless. You are flawless, bb. <3

  • Awww, last photo recap (for GG) ever! I’m going to miss these recaps just like I’ll miss the show, even if the latter infuriated me more often than not in the last few years. And, as for your comments at the bottom: I always knew you shipped DB. 😛 We GGirlsss were right!

    ROFL, just like we knew that Chuck and Blair totes banged offscreen and it was beautiful, can we assume Dan spent the last five years in therapy for his split personality disorder and that is why he can now marry Serena in peace, lol? XOXO, EVERYONE!

    • Abby

      OMG! “Dan spent the last five years in therapy for his split personality disorder” LOL!

  • Scarlett

    Great recap…I don’t believe I’ve ever laughed so hard at one episode before! and also very happy with your own personal gg revalation! 😉

  • Beth

    tbh I totally thought you were a chair fan, but I get the reasoning for dair even though I don’t see the chemistry. I forever love Dan & Blair’s friendship though and I’m sad that it got ruined. Great recap as always, sad it’s the last one! Willis was probs my fave part hahaha

  • Ana

    Greaaaaaat recap! YAY! I’m with you. I too shipped Dan and Blair and agree with you that seasons 5 and 6 were awful. To me almost everything about season 4 was perfect. I liked that Blair still longed for Chuck but she had this friend crush on Dan which was so new and refreshing. It would have made a lot of sense for Dan and Blair to end up together. UES and Brooklyn finding common ground, both of them learning they were wrong about their judgements. That or I would have wished Serena and Blair wouldn’t have bothered worrying about who they end up with (Aren’t they supposed to be 21 for crying out loud?). I kind of wished I could watch them denying C, N, and D and flying off to Paris to go on vacation.

  • First OMG!! Ahahah I can’t stop laughing, and as a serious Rufly shipper I’ve been pretty down (to put it mildly) after the finale so that’s quite an accomplishment xD Your Lily caps are the best, I just can’t get over how perfect they are. “Yay weddings!” The tarantula is a classic, love that you keep bringing it up. “You only die twice” LMAO. Okay…I’ve read all your recaps and they gave me such a joy during a time when this show was going downhill. I thank you for the entertainment and I hope you’ll come back with recaps of episodes you haven’t done before:)

    P.S. I shipped both Dair and Chair at times, neither one now though. I didn’t think you shipped either one so well done, and good choice keeping it a secret until now;)

  • Rebecca

    Yeeeeeeeah! Thanks for your service, Michael!

  • Ley

    lol you sound like coming out XD but anyway i won’t stop luv you ’cause you’re just awesome!!! of course, i cannot even start liking dan at all lmao xoxo

  • Well, I always knew you shipped Ban, that was transparent and still you are the only DBer I follow lol Thanks for all the recaps and good laugh. It was a cool ride.

  • Well, no one’s perfect.

    (And yes, it was obvious, but thanks for not being a dick about it)

  • Vick

    Thanks for the ride Mike (((((: These last two seasons would have NOT BEEN BEARABLE without your recaps, I promise you. And I’m still in love with you, blablabla. I can’t be disappointed with the ending even though I’m also a Dair shipper, because omg, it’s so bad. It’s so bad. HAHAHAHA <3 Stay safe man. Go back to the TVD recaps, will you?

  • Ines

    Bless this post!
    I can’t even begin to explain how his finale doesn’t make any sense, and this is the only Show I’ve watched where Characters actually have regressed at the finale.
    Even if my whole expectations of Dan and Blair ending up together which to me would have made a lot of sense judging their personalities and history hve majorly failed I can only laugh at this finale.
    I mean really, that’s huge trolling there.

    • Kendall

      The thought of anybody thinking that dair will make sense as endgame is just laughable.

      • x

        hey, can you not be rude to people? thanks.

  • FD

    I feel like I just assumed you were a Dair shipper although I’m not sure why, maybe because I’m a Dair shipper myself? WE CAN FIND EACH OTHER THROUGH RECAPS!

    Ahem. Just wanted to say that your recaps have literally brightened up my life. I read the last one after a tough weekend and when Nate goes “SAVE ME CLAIRE DANES” I was in tears I was laughing so hard. This one was no exception, especially with Dan’s “No I email myself stuff this is serious” hahahaha gold.

    Anyway, I hope that you continue doing photo recaps, even if it won’t be for gossip girl anymore, because they were great. And you now have a new fan of nowhitenoise!

  • It’s ok, Michael. For a fleeting moment (the second half of season 4, pre-Louis), I too shipped Dan and Blair. We all have our little secrets.

    Amazing recap. I think I’ll miss you most of all.

  • m

    love you michael, you’re the best <3

  • m

    oh yes, I always thought you shipped chair — excellent job at keeping that concealed 🙂

  • miss880

    Thanks for the Chuck & Blair BANG cap! LOL. Great stuff as always.

    I’m a Chuck/Blair fan to the core, but I totally respect “realistic” shippers. Everyone has a preference, but understanding the story and accepting it is awesome.

  • SimpleKindaLove

    Aww, it makes me so happy that you were a Dair shipper! I wasn’t exactly what I would call a shipper until I came across Dan and Blair and it was all over after that. Now I’m one of those crazy tumblr people who go on about feels and whatnot. It’s really quite disgusting.

    I’m going to miss your brilliant recaps so much (they’ve gotten me through this past season), but I’m definitely not going to miss the show! We are free indeed! 🙂

  • cacherr1

    I shipped Ban as friends as i ultimately wanted the Duck friendship to be real (mind you I wanted the same for Banessa and Chanessa) and to be quite frankly I couldn’t get behind the whole Ban thing as romance because they were too much like Rufly (who I didn’t like because Lily and Rufus despite their common similarities were too different like Ban) and I think Serena like Nate did with Vanessa try harder than Blair did (let’s face it how they went about it by having Louis there really made me not like Blair and I was not fan of how Dan seem to be stripping her of her friends so she would solely rely on him, had these things not happen I would have been totes fine with Ban).

    As for Dan being GG looking at season 2 it actually makes sense and he made had timer for each post (I’m not tech smart so leave me be) but it would have been better if Jenny and him were partners.

    • Annie

      Dan being GG makes no sense – he would act surprised in a room all by himself by gg posts. it would have been cool IF it made sense. also, dan didn’t isolate blair from anyone, she just relied on him and trusted him more than anyone else 🙂

      • cacherr1

        He did isolate her from everyone actually particularly after the wedding. That’s all got to say. Ban didn’t work out as a couple, move the hell on. If season 5 hadn’t happen Dair would have been nice endgame but season 5 did happen and Dan did alot manipulation and let’s face it Blair was her worst self unfortunately. It people like you that make dislike Ban as a couple even more as you clearly have shipper goggles on.
        Actually the first clue that it was Dan can be seen at end of 1×12, I just finished after someone else brought it up another site, the writers have been giving clues it been him since season 1. Out of everyone he made the most sense but it would have been better had Jenny been a more active participant.

      • Agreed. This whole nonsense about Dan isolating Blair was just that…nonsense. She seems quite fine getting herself to BK without him luring her there. Also. she spent the entire season 6 with Chuck…and only Chuck… following him arond like a damn puppy…how come there are no cries about isolation now?

        • cacherr1

          She did not follow Chuck like a puppy…so stop with that nonsense. And there is a difference Dan did things to ensure Blair would only turn to him in season 5 particularly after the wedding, Chuck didn’t do any of that this season. You comparing two situations that were not the same. Most of my Ban friends even admitted Dan did isolate her. Take your damn shipper goggles off. I repeat like Ban as friends, romance…season 5 ruin any chance for those who were on the fence like myself to like them.

  • cacherr1

    Can I just point out Chuck’s flashback hair was his season 2 hair.

  • Queenoftherant

    Michael your recaps were so unbiased, I salute you for keeping this under wraps, but now the show is over one must be true to themselves! I also was completely absorbed and charmed by the Dan and Blair story. To me that was the highlight of the show.

    Another awesome recap, I haven’t watched any of season 6 but still checked in for your recaps each week and I will miss them a lot. DERP forever!

  • LMAO, you are literally the best and highfive for shipping Dair (Dan & Blair) good choices 😀

  • Looks like Serena is finally gonna get the D!
    But aww I’m so sad! Last recap! Its been a hysterical ride LOL

  • Wow. This photo recap really showed how much you hate this show… but I liked your afterthoughts! Not entirely surprised that you’re a Dair shipper, but I have to commend you for not only NOT hating on CB, but for making your photo recaps so objectively – poking fun at everyone all the same! heh. You said things like they were & you made it funny & it was so much fun coming to see these every week. heheh.
    I do hope you’ll return to VD now though! We can’t let these photo recaps die! They’re the best!
    Thanks again for always doing these. They’re the best! =)

    • There are so many comments, and I will reply to all of them once I sleep… and you know, wake up… but I had to comment about my hating of this show. You know, I never really hated this show… I also never really loved it, either, I guess. It was a guilty pleasure. And it might have been me finally watching it while analyzing or something, and there seems to be a general consensus about this so I don’t think it’s that, but season 5 and season 6 are the worst. Season 5 is so hilariously bad it’s like someone’s acid trip. Season 6 was just incredibly boring, which I think everyone agrees with too.

      And it’s not even that. I just re-read this photo recap and I didn’t realize how blatant I was being with my dislike for this episode. It’s that no one learned a damn thing. No one. Not a soul on this show. AND THAT’S WHAT THE ENTIRE SEASON WAS ABOUT. And the final hour was just them all laughing at how awful they are. The most blatant is Serena who realizes that she defines her life by the men she has on her arm and decides to leave NYC — and acts like that’s something new for her to do, knowing THAT’S HOW THE FREAKIN SEASON STARTED OMG — and then when she learns some guy has been stalking and humiliating her this whole time she stops everything to be with him. That’s just Serena, and I could go through every character, but I won’t because you know it all to well.

      It’s so freaking frustrating, too. I can’t decide if the writers are just that stupid or if this was all just a huge wink to us for them knowing how awful they are. I mean someone seriously ended up with someone who gave them fake cancer and was scheming to ruin her life up until minute fifteen of this episode. That happened. I’d like to think it was all a huge wink, but I’d be giving them too much credit, I always feel.

      So it’s not that I hate this show (though maybe I’ve grown to). I really thought someone would be redeemed in this final hour, but that seriously didn’t happen.

      They should have done a straight up Seinfeld ending.

      (Sorry about the length of this reply)

      • 2xl

        I was unspoiled for the finale so I actually thought for a bit that everybody was going to end up charged for conspiracy to murder. Shit, I’m sad the Seinfeld ending only happened in my head.

      • Kendall

        I\’m sorry but chuck is the guy who actually learned a lot and also Blair so I don\’t know what your talking about.

        • x

          but chuck let his dad DIE. after everything! and blair has lost so much of her character over the years.

  • I could not love you more. Also, I go around constantly saying “Yeah das right”, because of you.

  • Dee

    YOU SHIP DAN AND BLAIR? Bless. I always ALWAYS thought you shipped Chuck and Blair. I am literally so happy now. Thanks for telling us that.

  • Meryl

    YES. You have excellent taste and you are beyond hilarious with these recaps.

  • Aurora

    I always had a feeling that you shipped Dan and Blair so this doesn’t come as a surprise but your recaps have always been unbiased and I thank you for that. Your recaps were one of the reasons I survived the crap fest that was S5, so thank you for them. I’m sad that this is the last recap though. A very good one though.

  • Veronika


  • The Dude

    Awesome recap! Dan talking about his personality disorder was killing me! I think I peed a little, lol. Anyway, I could pretty much tell you were a Dair shipper. I’m not mad they didn’t end up together, either. I’m slightly annoyed by how blatantly invalidated they were (right down to the friendship) . Seriously, it was overkill and unnecessary. But then I remember what show this is, and I just burst into a fit of laughter. This is clearly a satire meant to be viewed for the lulz.

  • Isobel

    I LOVE YOU!!!!! As a Dair fan, I always thought you shipped Chair so GOOD JOB on remaining hidden. But welcome with open arms to the Dair family! Let your shipper heart be free and thank you for always making Gossip Girl recaps that made watching the show bearable.

  • gurl I don’t care who you ship as long as I get to talk in a recap voice! I was a late addition to the recap fan club (and to jumping back on board w/ GG after ditching it for 3 seasons) but NWN is a gem and I love your team.

    so srsly, would it be copyright infringement to make a photobook of all the recaps and keep it on my coffee table?
    Things I’m going to miss smiling to myself about when I think about your recaps in the middle of a boring day: goin down, gimma dat D, you are the worst, and derp.
    I think my favorite recap line is “sorry bout the hep C” “ain’t no thang” I crack up every time!
    Thanks for including a cap of chuck and blair banging. I appreciate the gesture.

    I could go on and on about how much I loved this recap but I’ll probably just bookmark the page and continue to look through them until I pick up my life and move on from GG…. and even then I’ll still come back for laughs!
    Oh and loved the last line! Penn Badgley is such a troll! We gotz to watch rselves!

    • Ok I obvs can’t control myself, I have to tell you that you missed out a great tracking device joke with jack! “glad to see the tracking device I implanted is still working” TF jack??

  • Caroline

    i died of laughter with your cap of Dan speaking as GG while the cops were taking Chuck and Blair away (Handcuffs!) and with the cap of Nate and the Coughar (Lol). I’m ship Chuck and Blair but I’m totally fine with your reveal, you really clean up Dair fans name in my eyes. I loved your recaps and I ever decide to watch a show with the same passion as GG (which I doubt, because this was exhausting and to tell you the truth, I didn’t want Dan as GG, I was also shipping DS and this whole reveal has really left me a bit of a bad taste, like I get what you mean about him being a sociopath), I will certainly visit this site to see if you are making photo recaps about that show.

  • Carpe_Jvgvlvm

    {{ hugs }} I shipped

  • Nindira

    OMG you ship Dair!!, you restored my faith in humanity!
    Having said that i want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into those recaps, i can tell you without a doubt that it was the best thing about this show (along DAIR), your recaps where what make me able to endure the horrors of every week and when i ultimately culdn’t put up with the bull**** (season 6) your recaps where my only connection to the series. So THANK YOU and i hope you do more photorecaps of other series, mainly TVD 😛
    Until Later XOXO

  • Shreya

    You’re recaps kept me going till the end! Well done.

    And I feel exactly the same about Dair 🙂

  • I plan on replying to everyone, but just in case something happens. I love all of you bihhhs!! I can’t believe we survived the last year or so. We’re amazing, to be honest.

  • Pamela

    Dair shipper!!!

    Thanks for all the recaps. It has been a great ride. Hats off to you, sir.

  • great recap, Mike, as usual! I haven’t commented on the last ones ’cause I kind of stopped caring for GG, but since this is the last one, it felt wrong not leaving at least a nice word. Dan being Gossip Girl made no sense but then again what makes sense in this show? so many feelings in the 5 years later though, lol.

    about Dair, I too rooted for their friendship. I loved them as friends, actually. it was so fun to watch. but then came the romance and, well, I ship(ped) Chair, haha. I’m not really surprised, though. not that you ever bashed Chair or anything, I just had a feeling you were a Dair shipper. and that’s fine. ship whoever you want, I’ll never run away and never come back. <3

  • I think I always knew! :]] I also like what you said about when you began to become a real shipper of them. For me it was a very similar story. I was enjoying the friendship, and loving the idea of them together but not expecting it to truly take off, then after that kiss which I personally didn’t find it out of the blue. The show went on a month hiatus and that was when I became immersed in the dair tag, and in reading every post kiss fanfiction… heck any great dair fic I could find on the internet. Anyway, I wish I could have been like you and not had any hope they would be endgame. I just put to much faith in a show and writers… I kept thinking if they could write the oc then they could for give dair an hea… and I was stupid to think that… Gosh I remember now the confidence I had at the beginning of the year… I was clearly natefused and naive… le sigh… anyway, I’m not going anywhere! Still reading HoD and TVD posts (ugh… the secret circle… why!!!) (sorry about that btw) I miss Mystic Harbor! :// Anyway, this has gotten long enough! Thanks for finally sharing! :]]
    *ps. too sleepy to read this over for errors… hopefully guessing what I really mean wont be difficult if you encounter any mistakes!

  • I get your point on the shipping. I’ve always been a massive Chair fan, so when Blair was with Dan I wanted her to be with Chuck, but then when she chose Chuck I suddenly wanted her to be with Dan. I suppose I would have been much happier if the three of them got married altogether <3 . And Serenate. Gosh, that would have been such a perfect ending.

  • Great recap. Thank you for keeping us laughing through the awfulness of Seasons 5 and 6. 🙂 And I don’t care who you ship (I’m a Chuck and Blair shipper FWIW). You made me laugh and that’s all that matters 🙂

  • Loved the recap! Dan is seriously fucked up but this actually restored my love for him. Him going dark was seriously the highlight of season 6….and of your recaps (after natefused Nate ofc). After reading you’re a Dair shipper i was completely amazed by how objective your recaps where. I don’t mind…Though i never thought you’d turn your back to the DaCeCe!!! But i disagree that the Dair part of season 5 was the best. I think the timing for that ship was the worse possible and only your recaps got me through these episodes (…the irony:))

    Thank you for all your hard work. I trully, trully hope that you’ll take up recapping another show.

  • dee.

    Aww, last recap. So sad and so hilarious at the same time. Maybe you’ll do older episodes, at some point? Pilot? Something? Anything? Funny how I give no fucks that the show ended, but I’m sad that the recaps ended, LOL.

    Goodbye and good riddance, Gossip Girl! I am now free to pretend that it ended with season 2, like it should have.


  • Abby

    I love you guy! No matter what happens now or where we go from here. You’ll always be in my heart. Always. Thanks for amazing recaps, rihanna incorporations and two amazing years. And … also …. regardless I’ll be here reading your recaps even though I don’t watch those shows. You’re that kind of awesome. You’re the best. Thanks everything.

    P.S. This show is OVA !!! Take a fraking holiday to Maui and relax in the peace and quiet.
    as you said … We are FREEEEEEEE !!

    Take care, Mike!

  • QMargo

    Thank you Michael for poking fun at the show and thus making it bearable for us to watch! Yes, we are FREE! Actually its bittersweet, I started watching the show when I was almost done with high school, and watched it all through university and now I am alrdy working. Its crazy on the one hand to think how much has happened in my life over the past 6 years and how little has actually changed in the lives of those characters. But never the less, I do have some great memories of the show and my iTunes is forever filled with songs from GG. Oh, thanx for another wonderful recap and hope that you will continue with ur photo recaps of other shows! I am so glad we made it to this day!

  • Do you go to ONTD?

  • brittany

    I loved Dan and Blair as the unholy friendship – that was done well but them as a couple, yeah no. Maybe if they had been written better I could have gone along with it but as season 5 stands, yeah no.

    Favorite screencaps were of Cyrus, Eleanor & the po po when they called him Willis and he says his name is Wade hehehe.

  • Sofie

    You ship Dair! So do I. But of course I never expected them to end up together either. As a Rufly shipper, the finale left me heart broken. I honestly thought at least they would end up together. Both of my ships are dead. But I still actually like the finale.

    I LOVE your recaps. I wish you would do some for the earlier episodes that you haven’t done! You’re awesome! Thanks. 🙂

  • Kacey

    Dude, your recaps are AWESOME, so I’ll probably keep coming back to the site and watch them again. As for Dan being Gossip Girl…dafuuuq?? O.o I mean, if it does make sense – then I TOTALLY agree that he’s a sociopath, and seriously sick, which WOULD make it awesome and not just another same teen TV show, but wtf is with every character being okay with it in the end??? I mean, Dan really needs help, but I guess they just wanted to make it a romantic happy ending or whatever. Anyway, I really liked the show in general, so I hope this is not the total end of it, perhaps they should make a movie after this (but the movie that would not ruin the whole series), or start from the beginning with new characters, etc. 🙂

  • iWon

    We’ll agree to disagree on ships, I think in the back of my mind I always knew, but thanks for the recaps I guess. Thank goodness the show is over.

  • go

    Thanks for being MATURE about your preference unlike some people…and not being passive aggressive. It’s been….yeah.

  • sara

    “Fuck you my name is Wade” LOL!!! Loved it <3. Especially Dan telling everyone that him being GG is seriously some scary shit. Oh and DERP, Lily greeting Not-Alec (I call all the non-Alec Baldwin brothers this, haha) as "husband who poisoned me", the return of GOIN DOWN! and the Chair bang cap — jesus, only this show would start the season with a bang and end with…whatever I saw Monday night. I'm pissed they didn't all end up in a jail cell!

    About your "coming out" – aww! I knew it! I like Chair seasons 1-2 plus selected scenes thereafter and Dair in season 4. I shipped both for a while in season 5 until the show exhausted the shipping so much that it was impossible to give a fuhh about anything but everyone + prison yard. I've never really liked Derena so ending on that note was super blah, for me.

    How cracktastic was that group shot at the end? So much shit had been inflicted on everyone BY everyone, fake cancer is just the tip of the iceberg. Oh, this show ! haha.

    Thank you so much for doing these, bihh (and giving me the idea for Tarantula)! I'm still gon' stay around and stalk you while talkin in a recap voice doe, aight? Maybe we'll get married five years after I've finished being super creepy towards you online!

    • M

      \’FU my name is Wade\’ is my favorite line too! But also Dan being a sociopath. Hahaha.

      I love-hate this show, and I got invested in the characters (not necessarily any particular ship… although JackGina might be the best now) early on and so I couldn\’t possibly stop watching before the end. But I looked forward to this recap even more than the episode, actually!

      A few things – can we PLEASE talk about the line about Lily\’s parenting. Also about how Ivy Dickens was wasted in the last few episodes. Also, maybe a vote on who is the WORST worst. My vote is Lily.

      Thanks for all the laughs. XOXO

  • k

    if there were any gods in this wretched world, after watching all of whatever the heck gossip girl was, we’d get a new retrospective show about dan from his POV, doing some mr. ripley/patrick bateman like things to keep up his GG/humphrey split personalities. it’d be good times!

    i love your recaps, stay strong and dair to dair~~ we didn’t get it on this show (because i truly believe the writers actually hate everyone), but there will be another pacey and joey in everyone’s future.

  • This Recap is hilarious, especially the vows part “You know you love me xoxo” and the personality disorder scene. I hunted down who made these images because I’ve been bursting into random laughter because of them. Thanks!

    And it’s nice to see another Dair shipper. I wonder if most Dair shippers are over 20….

    And also there’s nothing like that magic when you find a ship that turns you into a 13 year fangirl, nothing. I was a diehard Chair fan until the total made senseness of Dair.

  • Memory717


  • Jen

    OMG I’m going to miss these recaps!!! I didn’t watch this season but I’m glad I followed along with the recaps. 🙂 I also didn’t feel strongly about any ships on this show and it was just kind of a guilty pleasure until Dan+Blair happened, and then I got addicted to the Dair tag on tumblr. In my world, this entire season as just like a super long alternate universe episode of what the world would be like if Dan were insane. 😀

  • I’ll made this post in spanish because my english is short so……Okay primero que todo Dios somo libres!!!!!! Seis temporadas, de las cuales 3 han sido una tortura lenta y desastrosa donde poco a poco destruyeron a los personajes. El final fue forzado pero a la vez apropiado para la historia en si que se desarrolló. Soy de las personas que no pueden creer que Dan sea GG, SERIOUSLY??!?!?!?!?!?! (Me siento como Caroline de TVD XD) Ayer una amiga y yo discutimos el final, estábamos en contra una con la otra, porque ella estaba de acuerdo que él fuera Gossip Girl y además que se quedara con Serena; y yo como WTF???
    Mi teoría desde un principio que vi Gossip Girl, pensé que ella en sí era un personaje ficticio que maneja los hilos de los escándalos y intrigas de UES, siempre pense que la historia acabaría de esta manera: Dan siendo un excéntrico pero semi – famoso escritor de NYU, Chuck & Blair estando juntos con una relación amor – odio, Serena con algún billonario siendo una esposa trofeo a su vez siendo una It Girl porque por fin acepto que poder tenía y Nate saliendo del clóset y siendo actor en Brodway o siendo un títere de su familia. Y finalmente GG comentando todo y justo en la últma escena vemos una chica muy parecida a Kristen Bell pero ocultada en unas grandes gafas de sol y sombrero negro escribiendo en su Blackberry su siguiente post y terminando XOXO GG. Manteniendo la intriga de su personaje.
    Para mí revelar a GG es como quitar la magia del show pero claro ya la habían arruinado el show con sus estupideces. Dan en teoría podría pero es muy enfermo en la realidad
    Y mi shipper siempre fue Nate&Serena y estuvo un tiempo con Chair pero al final fue Dair.

    Michael extrañaré tu negro humos sobre Gossip Girl. XOXO Bitches

  • blah

    This was epic hilarious awesomeness!! You rock!

  • M

    How anyone can possibly see more chemistry between Dan/Blair than Chuck/Blair is beyond me. Ed and Leighton\’s insane chemistry is what drove the show. Loved the recap though, especially the personality disorder bit.

  • Emily

    Hey Mike, I already asked you to marry me once.. but now that I know you shipped Dair I would .. erm do nothing. I dont know why but I think I always knew you shipped DB – it was always in the back of my mind. I just dont know how it impacts upon your photo recaps- which has oft been the highlight of watching GG- or your views because you have been honestly pretty reasonable about your shipping. Everyone prefers one ship to another it doesnt mean every single opinion is biased or whatever. I was and am a hardcore Chair shipper and my marriage proposal still stand even after the shocking reveeal of your shipping preferences 😛 Anyway will miss your recaps as much as I will miss GG.

  • IndiMKR

    I love you, Michael. You had me dying reading this recap. (Like, for real, I almost choked I was laughing so hard). You’re the best!:) <3