Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling in a comedic mood yesterday, so here’s the delayed Gossip Girl photo recap for the second to last episode ever season 6, episode 9 “The Revengers.” This week, people took our grade for this episode way too seriously. For the record, everyone knows this episode wasn’t great, but hey it was good enough for the show nowadays. So, go Gossip Girl!

This episode, everyone is trying to take Bart down, who is trying to kill Chuck and everyone else in the UES. Plot twist: Bart dies instead, in one of the most hilarious things that’s ever happened. “To be continued” flashes on the screen! Just one more episode until the final episode of The Greatest Show Of Our Time. I can hardly wait!

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  • LunaticDesire

    Awesome as usual – love the Bitch you is stayin’ comeback, Serena fighting her urges for the D and the final roof scene, I’m not completely sure but I think they used the ridiculous music on purpose! Oh and not to forget Bart’s evilness!

  • naran

    The questions you asked at the end were hilarious.I am going to miss GG recaps.dun dun duns were funny.

  • Okay, this may have been my favorite photo recap all season. BEAUTIFUL. I CRIED. ETC.

  • Jessica

    Great recap! Made me laugh a lot.

  • Okay, that last cap was pure brilliance

  • I took French in high school. I couldn’t read the Spanish slides.

    Hilarious as always!

    • Ariel

      “Oh my God!” “Please, son, this isn’t you!” “Let’s go!” In order of cap. 🙂

      • Ariel

        Oops, I skipped one. Auxilio! = help!

      • Thanks for translating, lol.

  • bitch. you. is. stayin, I don’t care if you’re a comic mood or not. loved the natecaps! and the return of devil Bart- such an accurate portrayal. The orange joke at the beginning was well played. overall i love the genius plans these bihs come up with.

    • also props for including “cops? on GG? this makes no sense” and “why does everyone on this show think they’re the mayor or NYC?”

  • AHAHAHAHAAH, best photo recap ever! I’ve laughed from beginning to end!

  • fifi

    The questions at the end. Serena&Ivy ‘s nonsense. Blair&chuck’s ridiculousness. BART.
    This was truthfully my favorite GG recap although i only started watching them during S5

    You’ve got to do TVD when GG ends… pretty please.

  • dee.

    Those last caps were just…wow. I have no words. I CRIED. To be fair, I also cried when I saw the actual episode, because it was the most hilarious thing to ever happen on television…like, man. The faces, the dialogue, the music…pure genius.

  • QMargo

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh, God, why and how did we manage to get to the end of GG? BUt yeah, loved the final Dun-Dun -Duuuun parts + the Spanish stuff – very LOL.

  • annie

    bitch. you. is. stayin. and the forehead <3s!!! best. I love the exchanges between dan and bart. and why does serena only have like 3 faces this season?

  • sapphiresunrise

    LOL this is amazing I can’t wait for the next and last one!

  • Miss880

    I Chuck and Blair don’t have sex in the finale, I’m holding these recaps responsible for setting my expectations too high! LOL.

    Great recap as always!!

  • This is just perfect! I mean look at Bart’s eyes when he says “DAFUQ is wrong with chu bitches”, and the ending! Loved every single part of this recap <3

  • ahahahahhaahh that was amazing!so sad that the next one will be your last recap!!i cried then you put the mayor’s face!boom!i hope that the final recap will be super-sized,king-sized recap!!

  • lmamamaaoooo @michael collado, i love you been waiting for this all week <3

  • Ariel

    Lol this show is such a joke, you could easily just put actual quotes from the episode and it would still retain the same amount of humor. I’m really gonna miss these.

  • lol great job. I love this. I thought – aside from the last scene that sadly had me half-laughing from the cheesy music XD – this episode was pretty good. But maybe I’m just biased b/c I loved that mid-ep CB goodbye so much. XD

  • sara

    I had to start and re-start reading this three times because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even breathe! I am partial to the mustache duel between Dan and Bart but omfg you nailed that last scene. I mean, I didn’t think it could get any funnier ! The telemundo symbol and the suspenseful music playing….while Chuck and Blair did absolutely NOTHING! LOL!!!

    Bitch. You is stayin’ (and recapping series 1-4)!

  • Em

    Hahaha, this is my favourite photo recap in a while. The more ridiculous the episode, the more hilarious these things are. Bart as the devil made me laugh so much. And I’m going to miss the Serena derp faces (honestly, it’s uncanny how she does it every episode, and to express so many different emotions).

  • LMAO OMG! I love all you bihhhs.

    • sara


      Please don't retire from photo caps. Just pick a show and I'm sure all us cray bitches will still be here (shit that might not be the best incentive…).

  • Tamanna

    Best recap EVA! I have no words, I was literally catching my breath after being done with it. 😀

  • ”Save me Clair Danes!” Awwww…I’m so going to miss your Nate. And Serena’s adiction to the D! And Lily’s ”i have lines in this episode” and amazing parenting skills. Everything! Your last GG recap will be as heartbreaking to watch as will the last episode.

  • Indira

    Bitch. you. Is. Stayin!

  • Anonymoose

    The thing I hate most about GG is that it actually made me care about some of these braindead reprobates in previous season only to then make the whole series a joke. I feel like I got emotionally invested in this show and in return the show openly laughed at me for my stupidity.

  • Val

    oh wait HEART penis?! hahaha Serena’s expression is priceless! This has been one of the best recaps! Dan’s “this is exhausting” echoes exactly how I feel about GG…

  • Ley

    great!!! so sorry it’s last recap left!!!!!! creeeeeeeeeeys!!!! also neck my orange was cute 😉


  • MariValeria

    OMG, I LOVE YOU! You had me in TEARS with all the caps, specially with the spanish ones, and the Telemundo logo, x’D, (I loved too that your spanish grammar is amazing! TILDES and everything). I’m sorry that I didn’t found this recaps ’til like four days ago… Waiting anxiously for the last one </3

    Ps: still laughing… x'D

  • Dom

    OMG, that was epic (the episode and your recap)! I literally cried reading this. Devil!Bart and Evil!Bart kill me every damn time. The highlights:
    “Why does everyone on this show think they’re the mayor of NYC?” “Because I am!” I nearly fell over at this.
    They Know plus natefused #ggincestsexcircle was my FAVORITE! I cannot believe you got that screenshot.
    “I am the eviliest!!”

    To you and your photo recaps we all say “Bitch. You. Is. Stayin’.”

  • pestmst

    Best ending of EVER. Loved this recap. Da Best! xxx