Last week Spencer found out that Toby was playing for the other team in the most gut-wrenching way on their anniversary (the other team being the A-team, obviously). This week we saw the aftermath of that reveal and in addition, other very interesting and shocking revelations surfaced.

As I’m sure a lot of the viewers were feeling about Toby’s betrayal, Spencer was completely broken in this episode and let me just add that I thought Troian Bellisario did an amazing job in this weeks episode. It was nice seeing this side of Spencer somehow, and I just simply loved the scene where she was storming out of the classroom and more or less screamed at sweet mother Ella “I don’t want to be here anymore, is that illegitimate enough?” Of course the A-team was just dying to take advantage of her fragile state, so unfortunately they tricked her into dropping the ‘Fitz and the kid’-bomb on the hot Mr. Fitz. Woops.. I do, however, admire Spencer for sticking up for Aria, even though it was very clear that what she said might be directed more towards her and Toby with the whole “How could you do that to her? Don’t apologize to me after the way you treated her. Do you even get how much she loves you? Do you think it’s easy to find out a secret like that, because it’s not.

The ‘Fitz and the kid’-bomb had, of course, consequences for Aria. Honestly, I’m both impressed but also annoyed that she kept the secret about Ezra’s son for so long. I mean, sure Maggie told her not to say anything, but Maggie is not the one dating Ezra, Aria is. Or was? That is still a bit unclear, but more on that in a minute. Aria went to see Spencer after figuring out it was her whom A tricked to Ezra the truth. I’ve always loved team ‘Sparia’, and even though this wasn’t one of those “You’re really tiny and I love you” scenes it was still really great. One thing that bothers me though, is how clueless the other girls seem to be about what’s going on with Spencer. Put the pieces together already! Spencer did tell Emily that her and Toby broke up, but though true it was really only by default. You can’t really date the man who’s making your life a living hell, or can you? Speaking of boy-trouble, I’m a bit confused as to where Ezria stands. It doesn’t have to be a secret that I’ve been rooting for those two since day one, and to be honest I’d be a lot more heartbroken if they split than Toby being A. There, I said it! Ezra seemed completely lost and confused about everything, and I think it’s going to be really interesting to see how their relationship will survive this. And SPOILER we’ll apparently see more of Ezras hot brother Wesley. I’m thinking a Fitz/Aria triangle a la Salvatore/Elena?

Meanwhile, Emily did a little digging on her own and ended up finding what might turn out to be a big fat clue as to what really happened to Alison the night she died. It was not only revealed that Alison thought Toby was responsible for the A-messages, but also that she was hooking up with a guy known as ‘The Beach Hottie”. After a conversation with CeCe it was revealed that Alison may very well have been pregnant the summer she died – and all that from a simple biology notebook. Who knew not paying attention in class would turn out to be so useful?

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After Hannah was done doing a terrible, but oh so hilarious job at spying on Paige in a lesbian bar (it should sound really weird, but not when it’s Hannah, right?), she and Emily figured out the episode’s last clue. The creepy police detective Darren Wilden was also hanging out at Cape May the summer Alison died. Now, I might not be a detective myself, but I’ll bet my hat he was The Beach Hottie or at least involved with Alison one way or another. He’s been acting really suspicious throughout the seasons. From hooking up with not so sweet mother Ashley to blaming the girls for everything any chance he gets, he might as well have a neon sign on his head saying “Guilty“.

During the last minutes of the episode we saw an ever so heartbroken Spencer meeting up with a guy whom I at first thought was Toby and later a drug dealer, but no, Spencer has not reached rock bottom and become an addict – at least not yet – she was actually meeting up with what I assume is some kind of private investigator. Apparently she has hired him to follow Toby and find out what the “A-key” is for. You go girl!

Notes and thoughts

– Loved how Emily and Hannah’s mothers are starting to be suspicious again. About time.

– Someone from the A-team flambéed Hannah’s head (It was only a doll, thank God, but still. This may very well indicate that Hannah will be next to suffer.)

– If Alison was pregnant, who was the father? Darren? Ian? (If Ian, Melissa must have been pissed if she found out.)

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  • Gage

    An adult rooting for an adult/child relationship (that began when the adult was the child’s teacher)? How do you justify that as an adult yourself? And as a writer, how do you feel good about yourself that you actually put an endorsement of it into print? And “it’s just a TV show,” doesn’t wash. That’s crap, and you know it. If you have a daughter, when she turns 16 and tells you that she’s sleeping with one of her teachers, will you be rooting for them too? Will you think it’s romantic? The fact that this vile coupling doesn’t offend your moral sensibilities is downright disturbing. What you are supporting is sick, and if I were you I would hold a mirror up and take a good long look and see what’s there that makes something this reprehensible appealing to you.

    • I do see where you’re coming from, I would however appreciate it if you tried to keep it friendly. You’re allowed to have your opinion on this matter as much as I do, but there’s no need to get nasty about it. I will, however, because I think it’s an interesting point of view, try to answer your questions despite the fact that I find your way of addressing this very misplaced.

      Under normal circumstances, no, I would definitely not be rooting for a student/child relationship. I believe that a majority of girls have probably had some sort of school girl crush on a teacher or at least some sort of fantasy about it, but a student/teacher relationship is not something that should happen in any situation. It’s supposed to be professional and nothing more. So let me make it clear, I’m not endorsing or even suggesting that a student/relationship is alright.
      However, I do think that the writers of the show has made it perfectly clear under several occasions that it’s wrong and shouldn’t have happened. First of all, they make it clear that Ezra and Aria met before they even knew he was her teacher. Afterwards he ended it (as he should have), but then fails to stay away. He then quits his job so he will no longer be her teacher, and comes clean to her parents. In this very scene it is also made clear from Arias parents that this is not alright, that he should have known better, that it was his responsibility.
      Now, I may not take it so seriously because whether you think it’s a good enough reason or not, it’s only fiction. For me it’s not the teacher thing or the age difference (which is really not that much when you think about it), that’s making me root for the couple, but, and this may sound extremely cheesy, how much they love each other and how much they’re willing to do to make it work against all odds and I think it’s important to remember that their relationship isn’t built up around some sexual tension between them, but a deeper intellectual connection.

      It really is only a tv-show. and honestly, I don’t think it’s crap to say or think that. I know many think the show endorses student/teacher relationships and that 16 year olds think it’s okay to have a relationship with your teacher by watching the show, but really, in my humble opinion I think people are seriously underestimating the judgement of 16 year olds, especially when the show goes out of its way to make it clear that it’s not alright. Just because 16 year olds watch tv-shows or movies with kids killing each other, bullying, rape or whatever crap is out there doesn’t mean they go out and do it or think it’s alright. If that was so, well, then we’d have to ban all entertainment.

      I hope this answer your questions, and I’ll admit for a long time during the series I’ve not even given it a deeper thought, which I think in some way shows that that’s not what their relationship is about.

    • dee.

      Do you always get so embarrassingly emotionally invested in lame, FICTIONAL teen dramas?