I LIKED IT. And from what I’m gathering, so did everyone else. It was no zombie apocalypse with George Takai narrating (what is really?) but last week’s Halloween-themed ‘Paranormal Parentage’ was a solid episode from Megan Ganz, who gives me a lot to look forward to this season.

The episode managed to pack in humor while also giving us moments with our favorite characters, something the series has always managed to pull off so well. And it introduced the long-awaited Jeff/his father storyline. Finally, we will meet Jeff’s gay dad! Contrastly, we got to see Pierce deal with his daddy-issues in a different way, all culminating with the return of Gilbert. As for my feelings on that, I’m 97% positive Giancarlo Esposito can do no wrong.

Speaking of Jeff, it’s nice to see this arc progressing. We’ve seen a lot of Jeff’s dad even if we haven’t actually seen Jeff’s dad. I’m excited to see where they take this storyline, because I don’t want the show to abandon all the hatred Jeff has had towards his dad, but I also don’t want Jeff to gain absolutely no exposition from the experience. So basically, I won’t be satisfied with anything they do. Derp. Another thing to add, props to Joel McHale in that final scene.

The episode also had some great Abed bits, and even though we’ve all seen the episode previews saying “I remember when this show was about a community college,” the line rings true. If (crossing fingers?) we get a fifth season, we’ll need to see the characters expand beyond Greendale. Even though we’ve been told time and time again that yes, these friends are actually friends outside of college, it was just a nice little affirmation that the show isn’t reliant on the Greendale setting. Also with Abed was Cougartown which was all sorts of greatness. Guess that’s Hallowine for you. And if you don’t like little moments that remind viewers of the magic of the Troy/Abed/Annie apartment, I don’t want to know you.

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Hoping to see Troy/Britta improve? Am I the only one that is kind of disappointed? Am I crazy?? On that note, even though Donald Glover is being his usual amazing self, I wish the writers would improve him in general. I have to stress though, even though his character is regressing, the way Glover delivers lines (especially about a remote) still makes him one of my favorite characters.
The end tag was perfect. Indubitably!
It was a funny episode. There were just genuinely funny lines. And I’m expecting an update to Journey to the Castle of Hawkthorne video game soon, this time including a Britta ham costume. Gillian Jacobs can do no wrong.
P.S Please disregard how hideously late and short this post was. Next review will be much sooner, I promise y’all

Honestly, you're lucky I'm even a person after Lost ended. The ending of that was kind of like the end of my life, but I might be in a Community cult. Other favorites include The O.C, Suits, and almost everything else (slight exaggeration). Cool cool cool.
  • Monika Alem

    No, I definitely agree that Troy and Britta need some more developing! We haven’t really seen much of their relationship. And I’m glad to see that somebody else thinks Troy is regressing as well. He’s always been….special but never stupid and I feel like he’s been tiptoeing over the stupid line lately.