Oh man, I think I am going to have to stop watching Girls. Why you ask? Because it’s so, so, so boooooooring. Admit it, this episode was a hot mess.

The episode, titled “Boys,” focuses on the boys Adam and Ray…which on a show called Girls, can never be a good idea, especially when they are as boring and weird as these two. Don’t get me wrong weird characters can be great, but these two are weird to the point that I am uncomfortable watching them. I’m embarrassed for them, and embarrassed for the other actors who have to share the screen time with these two hams.


I spent the entire episode with droopy eyes. If I had never watched the show, and just decided to tune in on this one episode, I definitely cannot say I would be back next week. This season is really, really missing the mark. That said, there is some redemption at the end with an exchange between Hannah and Marnie on the phone, lying to each other, dancing around having a real conversation. It had me on the edge of my seat. They hung up on each other without actually saying anything, which makes me think we are going to get some great stuff in the coming episodes between these two.

Speaking of this exchange, I have to comment on Lena’s terrific acting. She delivered this specific line in regards to her e-book, “I’m excited about it.” The way it was delivered was so realistic and brilliant.

Meanwhile, Hannah is (not) writing an e-book, the creepy Booth Jonathan whines about something incoherent and Marnie realizes he isn’t her boyfriend, Jessica is depressed, and Shoshanna begins to realize Ray is a boring loser with no life!

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Speaking of Marnie, what a grade-A MEGA BITCH she has turned into. First she ignores Hannah’s “really important call” because “I bet like she wrote a blog post, or found a really good hot-dog.” Then she invites Hannah to Booth’s party only to ignore her. She also ignores Shoshanna when she requests an invite. Like, damn. What. A. Bitch.

And as usual Allison Williams pulls the old cover-up during her wake-up from an all-night sex scene. This time it’s just awkward. Bitch takes the entire comforter off the bed, wraps it around her body, and walks into the bathroom to put her top on. No one does this. Absolutely fucking no one.

As usual, the lovely Shoshanna is the best part of the episode. “How exactly does your grandma think that Little Women relates to your shit?” Love Shosh!

Next week, Hannah and Jessa visit Jessa’s father and his girlfriend. Watch it…or just watch this episode again because I doubt anything new will happen.

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