I feel I can sum up this episode in one word: huh? The episode developed much like that of a short film. The episode features Patrick Wilson as Not-Josh-Joshua, a doctor who lives next door to the coffee shop where Hannah works. He’s pissed about someone dumping trash in his bins from the shop. Hannah is doing it, for some stupid reason relating to the way it makes her feel. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if we never see Joshua again.

Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna? Not present. The entire episode focused solely on Hannah and her 24-hour relationship with the handsome doctor. I’m not 100% sure I understand the motivation behind having an entire episode devoted to having Hannah prance around butt-ass naked and in sex scenes with Patrick Wilson, but whatever it was, it just didn’t work for me.

I found myself completely disbelieving that a man as handsome as Mr. Wilson would go for a girl like Hannah, both in the looks and personality department. Why are these people who are clearly don’t match together having sex? And why, oh, why is Patrick Wilson calling her “sweetie.” The episode read like a narcissistic wet dream for Ms. Dunham. I drew some parallels between Sex and the City’s Carrie and Big.

The entire episode was confusing. I must say however, I enjoyed the exchange between Hannah and Joshua when they “break-up” at the end of the episode, especially one particular line from Hannah.

“Everyone thinks I am crazy, but I’m not crazy, I just want to feel it all.”

It was insightful, but really most of the episode was about praising how funny, smart, and beautiful Lena Dunham is, and so came off feeling disingenuous. Lena Dunham, we get it, you absolutely love yourself.

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Again, I say…huh?

That all said, I will now be devoting the rest of this post to talk about dreamy Patrick Wilson is. His character initially seems incredibly sweet, genuine, and honest. Who wouldn’t want to meet a man like him? I mean…wow, just wow. Looks good with clothes on, and even better with them off. As a doctor he is the dream of every gay man and straight woman. Who cares if he is 42? 50 even! What a dreamboat.

I just leave this here for ya’ll:


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  • dee.

    You don’t get this show at all, do you? The episode was precisely about the fact that she’s not conventionally attractive and she knows it (you might have caught that in the exchange when he calls her “beautiful” and she says that it’s not the feedback she usually receives) and the dude wasn’t initially attracted to her (which is why he didn’t even remember her from two minutes before at the coffee shop), but found something endearing in her personality or how damaged she really is (I mean, seriously? Who dumps their trash into someone else’s cans for the thrill of it?).

    And props to her for turning the tables on couples with different degrees of attractiveness. If Jonah Hill and the likes of him can always, always, always end up with a girl who is WAY too hot for him (and that is not believable, at all), based solely on his sparkling personality, then a girl like Lena Dunham can fuck a hot guy for once. The amount of snark about women with non-modellike body-types is disgusting. (see also: Melissa McCarthy)