This episode had way too many people kissing other people that they shouldn’t. Even though Santana ended up going to New York, and Brittany’s still her BFF, I could just see Sam waiting in the wings to witness the innocent peck she gives Brittany, and not think it was so innocent. We may or may not find out next week that he did see it, but yay for them staying together for now. I did love that ‘Girl on Fire’ ended up being Santana singing about herself instead of Brittany, and ended with her going to Rachel and Kurt and straight up telling them she’s moving in.

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While I predicted something happening between Finn and Emma from the minute he helped her pick out a centerpiece, it kind of came out of nowhere. Since he became the official glee club faculty advisor, most of his interactions have been with Sue and Bieste. Then this week, he strikes up a conversation with Emma for what seems like the first time this school year, only to get caught up in the wedding madness. Sidebar: Who’s idea was it to have the already overwhelmed OCD woman judge the Diva-Off when she’s crazy busy with planning a wedding? I did like the fact that during Emma’s freak out, Finn had to walk to the other side of the desk to calm her down with a kiss. I thought it was very symbolic of him leaving his role as a student and really becoming an adult in her eyes, but who knows if they wrote that in on purpose?

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Again this week, Rachel is just one big headache to me, though her ego is definitely fueled somewhat by Brody and her turncoat entourage. I thought it was really sweet of Kurt to brush them off and defend Rachel, even though she didn’t do the same for him. And what the heck is going on between him and Adam?! I hope we see more Apples action in the weeks to come. Back to Rachel, though I’m totally Team Finn, I’m also interested to see her reaction (hinted at by the promo) to Finn telling her that he kissed Emma…”like on the mouth.”

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The music in this episode was iffy as always. ‘Diva’ was very reminiscent of the girls’ season one rendition of ‘Bad Romance,’ but ultimately rocked the house. I liked ‘Don’t Stop Me Now,’ especially because it’s a lesser known Queen song but I thought it ironic that Tina still chased after Blaine even though that outfit was so…(ahem) Freddie Mercury. ‘Nutbush City Limits’ didn’t wow me and I found the song just as annoying as ‘River Deep, Mountain High,’ but Santana does do Tina Turner very well. ‘Make No Mistake’ was awesome for the Sam of it all, though Santana kind of hogged the number. I thought it was an awesome pairing though and I love Chord Overstreet’s voice in a ballad. Even though I was biting my nails for the rest of the night, how could Brittany not choose Sam after witnessing that? ‘Bring Him Home’ was okay. I like Les Mis as much as the next girl, but they’ve already done all the big songs from the musical. It was great to finally see Tina have a solo with ‘Hung Up.’ but I think they’ve been trying to overcompensate in the last few episodes for leaving her in the background all season. Again, ‘Girl on Fire’ was epic but it sounded a ton like her ‘Take My Breath Away’ duet with Quinn in ‘Prom-asaurus.’ Listen to both songs and tell me Alicia Keys didn’t rip off at least part of that.

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What did you think of this week’s episode?

Rae Bradshaw
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  • I must say I disagree a lot on what you’ve said about this week’s episode. I reckon that it’s because I simply love Santana, and thought the show finally got some of the Divaness it was missing. I thought she nailed every one of those songs and I’m so excited to see what the writers will do with her character in New York. I think it’s going to be such a hilarious and fun twist to a rather dull storyline. Also, I’m so team Brittana, but I think it’s a good thing they let the characters grow a bit before letting them get back together. Sam’s good for Brittany – for now 😉

    Emma and Finn’s kiss though? Saw that coming from miles away, and I didn’t like it. It was just weird, really. The same for the Tina/Blaine storyline. I just don’t get it.

    I must say, I LOVED that Kurt finally knocked some sense into Rachel.. He was right, she has just been acting more annoying than usual and I think she’s in need of a serious wake-up call.

    I think, personally, I would’ve given the episode a B.

  • QMargo

    You know what I liked about Diva episode the most? The lack of Jarley on my screen…oh my when Marley had the nerve to tell Tina that she is tired of her diva crap, I was like if Tina doe not win this…and Tina did win, altho I am still very confused as to her ‘love’for Blaine….Finn and Emma’s kiss was this week’s WTF moment because maybe I am bad at getting body language hints but helping someone choose a centerpiece for a wedding does not indicate that a kiss ‘like on the mouth’ is in the near future….I mean, at this point I would rather accept Rachel and the shower dude than Femma…

    I was happy with the music this week except I did not like what they did to Beyonce’s Diva song…sorry, not a fan…the outfits were fierce tho.

    As for Santana, I am glad Brit pushed her to go to NY because she should be in a place as ‘hot’ as she is. Staying in McKinley…who knows what can happen to Santana…and in NY she is actually what Kurt and Rachel might need – Santana is always good at pushing people and being ‘honest’ with them. Because those two divas tend to get on my nerves at times.

  • gleekingoutloud

    Actually Rachel defended Kurt.When the guys with whom she and Brody were talking to made fun of him,she said that Kurt deserved to be there as much as all of them.As annoying as her attitude was,she still was on Kurts side when it came to the other students.

    I think Nutbush City Limits was far better than Girl on fire,because the latter was a bit oversung.I think Naya rocked in this episode.Overall I was pleased with this weeks music.

    Lack of Jarley was great too,because I just can’t stand them.They’re so dull and although Marley has a nice voice,it just doesn’t have any emotion in it.

    Hummelberry is easily the best part of the show at the moment.

    In Lima the best characters in Diva episode were Blaine,Sam,Brittany and Tina.