In the last few week’s we’ve had some pretty stormy episodes on Pretty Little Liars, and I personally felt like this week’s episode was the quiet before the storm hits Rosewood for the last four episodes of this season. That being said, the episode did give us a few new clues and it definitely gave us a lot of things to look forward to next week to say the least.

From pretty much cornering the liars at the brew and letting them know they’re sticking their noses where they don’t belong to more or less forcing CeCe in his car and scaring her out of town and threatening Ashley to ‘shut Hanna up’ if she didn’t, Detective Wilden is not exactly acting like he has nothing to hide. Quite the opposite actually, but at the same time, it’s beginning to seem like it’s way to easy to just point him out as Ali’s killer, especially knowing how things work in Rosewood or more likely how the A-team works. He really look way to guilty at this point, or is it just me? By the way, Hanna, way to let him know you’re on to him either way, I mean, why not let a possible killer know you know his dirty little secret. I can’t see anything wrong with that. At all. Oh, also, the name Melissa Hastings just keep popping up everywhere, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile in Rosewood, Mr. Fitz apparently decided to come back home without even bothering to let Aria know. Anyone else thought their reunion was a bit awkward to say the least? It’s obvious from Aria’s reaction not only to Ezra’s return, but also to everything Mrs. Fitzgerald told her about Maggie being around and Ezra’s life being completely turned around that she may not have thought through what she’s getting herself into. It seems to me, as she more or less said so herself, that they’re moving their relationship from the safe comfort-zone that is a pretty normal teenage relationship, apart from obvious challenges, to an adult one including everything that goes with that. It’s definitely not what Aria signed up for and I think she’s starting to realize this in a greater sense. I mean, she’s become a stepmom at the age of 17, I would’ve probably already run for the hills. But I think this shows a lot about their love for each other, and I doubt neither of them will just throw it away, though it will definitely take its toll on their relationship that’s for sure.

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Emily and Paige also faced their own relationship problems this episode, but fortunately quite different ones at that. They’re both clearly trying to protect the other, but in the process their secrets are making them lose trust in each other. I loved the scene at the costume shop with Shana and how Hanna was nearly convinced that she couldn’t be gay seeing as she barely looked at her. Typical Hanna behavior, but I think it’s pretty obvious Shana still has feelings for Paige and I doubt we’ve seen the last of her. I liked how both Emily and Paige more or less came clean with each other and how Paige tried to assure Emily that she wouldn’t trade her for anyone now that she finally had the real deal. There are secrets enough to go around and I don’t think there’s any need for keeping Paige in the dark. I get that Emily’s trying to keep her from A’s radar, but if she’s just going to keep digging on her own she might as well have the protection of the other girls. Same goes for Caleb.

I like Wren, I really, really do. How could you not with that sweet adorable accent? It’s just really hard for me as a previous hardcore Spoby shipper to see him with Spencer, but I think it’s a nice touch that he’s there to help her get back on her feet. Also, it’s probably driving Toby mad to see her with him, seeing as he definitely never liked Wren in the first place and I’m still convinced he must truly have loved Spencer for real, A-team or not! I’m  not completely convinced yet that it was Toby who locked Spencer in the very fancy home sauna (I want one), but it does sort of seem like a jealous act of revenge. Fortunately Aria came to the rescue and it seems like Spencer’s had enough. She told Aria at the end of the episode to call the other girls because she knows who’s helping Mona. FINALLY.

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Overall a kind of calm episode, as calm as it can ever be in Rosewood, but I definitely look forward to next week’s episode ‘Out of sight, Out of mind’.

Notes and thoughts

  • Have we seen the last of CeCe or will she return with more revelations? I’m thinking maybe she was the one with the relationship with Wilden all along? Perhaps both Ali and CeCe had an affair with him?
  • I can’t really picture Malcolm ever calling Aria ‘mom’. That’s just wrong.
  • The kiss between Wesley and Aria, which she conveniently forgot to mention to Ezra, will definitely come back to bite her. It is Rosewood after all.
  • Where’s Lucas?
  • Melissa Hasting. Nope, I’ve never liked her.
  • ‘No company is better than bad company’ – Jealous ex or a fair warning?
  • Could Toby really be capable of killing or even physically hurt Spencer? I’d like to believe he couldn’t.




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