As predicted after last week’s episode it was only inevitable that something of a storm would hit Rosewood this week and leave behind a town and a few liars on high alert, instead it left behind a body.

Let’s just start with the big elephant in the room – The Body. After having told the other girls about Toby being A, Spencer had a showdown with Mona after she received a “With Deepest Sympathy” bucket with a note attached implying that A would be good to it/his/hers/theirs (?) word on taking down one of Spencer’s ‘3’ if she ratted out ‘T’. Emily had a hard time wrapping her head around the fact that Toby might not have been the guy she thought he was, and decided to track him down, which actually annoyed me quite a bit. I know they were friends and all, but Spencer has been dealing with this for weeks and I kind of think Emily should’ve just taken Spencer’s word for it and left it alone. If anyone knew Toby better or have thought of every possible alternative of the situation it would be Spencer. The consequences, however, of Emily trying to track down Toby seems to be A targeting Emily – or so we’re led to believe.

Spencer is convinced Emily is in danger and she decides to shadow Mona. She follows her into the woods where she uncovered what certainly appeared to be Toby’s body (!?!?) because of the “901 Free At Last” tattoo, but it just seemed extremely set up to me or am I just being overly suspicious because of the shows track record and because I really, really don’t want it to be Toby? I mean, she neither removed the helmet, or checked for a pulse. So even it was Toby (which I must say, I sincerely doubt it is) he might not actually be dead. She more or less took Mona’s word for it and suffered a complete breakdown because of it. Later she was found wandering in the wilderness for hours until a hiker found her and alerted the authorities who apparently sent her directly to Radley without knowing who she was, why she was there or where she came from. Seems to me Spencer and Mona have switched places – except for the part about being a psychotic b*tch also known as A… at least not yet.

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In other parts of town Aria played mom for a day and I think she got a bit of a wake-up call. This was definitely not what she signed on for, and as she said so herself, she has no idea how to be a parent. And as opposed to Ezra it just won’t come naturally, partly because she’s so young and she’s just not there in her life and partly because… well.. it’s not her son. I loved her conversation with Ella, and I thought she had some really wise thing to say to her daughter, “Having a child is great, but it completely changes your life. It stops being about what you want and it starts being about what you can do to make your child’s life better. […] Not every relationship is meant to last forever, and sometimes the best thing you can do is take a step back and give yourself a chance to breathe.” Now, I think, or I want to believe, that Ezra and Aria is a safe endgame. I mean, I really hope so, but I doesn’t think it’d be healthy for Aria to be in this kind of relationship right now as hard for me it is to admit. I think she should take her mom’s advice, step back and breathe.

In yet another part of town Hanna and her mom is affected by the aftermath of Detective Wilden’s ‘accident’. Who we assume to be A was kind enough to place Wilden’s car in Hanna’s garage with the video tape of what happened (you’re too kind, A). So, naturally, not to mention typically, Hanna decides that the best way to deal with the problem is to sink the car as the Titanic. And Emily, I couldn’t have said it better myself, (to Aria) “You’re supposed to stop her from doing stupid things like this, not help her!”. I don’t know if this theory is just completely whacked, but I’m thinking Detective Wilden was the body in the woods and not Toby. They could’ve just tattoo’ed “901 Free At Last” on him and let everyone think Toby was dead, that would be kind of genius!

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Notes and thoughts.

  • Will they ever learn that every time they tries to get rid of evidence it always comes crawling back one way or another? Typically on a silver platter from A.
  • Toby’s not really dead. He can’t be. Must. Not. Cry.
  • I’m patiently waiting for a Aria/Maggie catfight.
  • What was up with the creepy guy that drove around in Toby’s truck? Who is that? Where’s he from? What is his place in all this?
  • Where’s Dr. Sullivan when Spencer needs her? Say hello to Mona 2.0
  • Speaking of, would someone punch that girl? Mona – not Spencer.


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  • Don’t forget, the tattoo was in the wrong spot and it looked like a females hands