The Lying Game ‘Catch Her in the Lie’ photo recap. Laurel reacts to Emma’s revelation. Team Emma tries to trap Rebecca. Alec makes a move on Kristen. Ted may have murdered Derek.

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  • This episode had so much going on and so many lies, that it actually made me uncomfortable (which for this type of thing was good). This was especially true at the formal when Emma and Thayer try to prove Sutton & Rebecca are working together.

    Also I loved that they played “We Lost Magic” by Empires during the scene when Ethan overhears Dan and Theresa talking about the cash that was found in Derek’s yard. What a great garage rock song, that’s so rare these days.

    • Eric Pharand

      Too many lies makes you uncomfortable?

      I don’t like when music forces or fills in for a lack of drama/chemistry on series but I do like the music on TLG