My laptop charger officially is dead, so I will try to write this as quickly as I possibly can.

You may think that an A+ is an over-grade (if that’s even a hybrid word that makes sense), but I honestly can’t think of a better episode I have watched from The Vampire Diaries ever since the midseason 3 decline. Holy crap, what an amazing episode. Or maybe it’s just the fact that I love the writers for referencing almost every gripe viewers have had with the show for about a year now. And how weird that it’s almost exactly a year to the date, to boot.

I can’t decide which is better: Elena’s Mary Sue-ness; Klaus questioning how Elena could be so forgiving about everything the Salvatores (well he only said Damon, but) have done to her; Damon telling Klaus that he’s just evil just because; Abby saying they need to stop helping Elena Gilbert; Stefan telling Damon that he’s been working the sire bond quite well; or that Bonnie told her dad that it’s basically her job to help everyone survive in Mystic Falls. Well, actually, if I had to choose, it would be the Bonnie thing, as that’s definitely been more on the radar — and for a longer period of time — than the others.

But in truth, it’s not just the referencing. I won’t lie and tell you that aspect isn’t important, because it most definitely is. The past few episodes have assured me that the writers know exactly what their show is and how it’s been handled a bit misguidedly as of late. So that’s all good and dandy, but it’s also the fact that this episode took steps to eradicate it… or some of them, at least. Elena gets her hands dirty here (even if her plans still are the worst), people continue to tell us that Elena isn’t all that great, the characters actually question how they can be in love with each other — AKA murders, the map for the cure plot twist shows up in an unexpected location given the season’s arc (classic TVD), and Klaus is given an actual reason to be a villain again. What more can you ask for  going into the second half of season four? Sure, Bonnie is still aligned with Elena and is saving everyone, but damn it she got to be bad ass and it was awesome.

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Also a recurring theme during the past few episodes is the 1980s, a decade in which dozens of teen-centered films about hope and romance were released. This episode, it gives us a redundant insight into Rebekah’s wants and desires as, well, a human. Rebekah is played and written so well that that aspect of her character is always quite noticeable and understandable. But what it does here is allow Stefan to understand who Rebekah is… and he realizes that his gang back at his house may get too carried away with daggering people for their own personal gain. Who’s more “good” than whom here?

Anyway, fun was had, self-referential humor was made. I call this a success! Could this episode actually be even more quotable than last week’s episode!? Good job, whoever wrote this episode! Off to the races for the cure, I suppose!

Michael Collado
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  • brittany

    *sniffles* KOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries*
    I really really (and don’t stone me for this people) secretly wanted Klaus to burn that house down with Jeremy and Elena in it. I can’t believe they thought Klaus would permanently put his own brother down. The man does love his family in his own way, I mean he daggered and carried them around in coffins for centuries to protect them! Ugh poor Kol. I was really rooting for him to stop those idiots from waking Silas. Can I also say I am so over the Salvatores and Elena, vampires that are still relatively young, being able to go toe-to-toe with freaking ORIGINALS?! You would think being ORIGINALS gave them something of an advantage. Only thing they seem to have going for them is that if they die, a whole host of vampires in the world dies with them. But since the Salvatores, Elena, Bonnie, Jeremy, and Caroline seem to have lost any sense of morals, I guess that doesn’t matter.

    Now to Bonnie…..I love my Bonnie but a part of being a fan also means being able to admit when your fav’s behavior sucks. Lemme tell you, her behavior sucked. Once again when someone in Elena’s name came calling, she went running -__-

    Jeremy I really want to punch in the face repeatedly. He used to be the one who would be worried about Bonnie over-exerting herself for Elena. But Elena needs help and he quickly got Bonnie to help…and even interrupted a family talk to do so. Can we also discuss how stupid it is that he tried to stake Abby, Bonnie’s admittedly negligent mother?! Um where the heck are those hunter instincts when you’re palling it up with Damon or Stefan?!

    But I agree with your rating Michael 😀

    All I need is for Elijah to come back and get caught up that Elena had a hand in the death of two of his brothers and then we’ll see if he’s still got a thing for her or if he’ll be teaming up with Klaus…

    Wow this was a long post lol.

  • cacherr1

    I am done with the Gilberts and Damon.

    Gilberts just straight up suck and I think Brittany explain why they do.

    Damon’s line about being bad with a purpose does not even apply to him as all those horrible things he did except Lexie’s death was done for no purpose. Damon and Klaus was just a mitches talk. Then Damon had nerve to call Stefan out for hiding his activities with Beks when he was doing the same thing and manipulating the sire bond with Elena and then punch Stefan for calling him out on something true. DE is a big ass joke.

    Bonnie is just….she keeps taking her powers out on those who in fact are looking out on her and I don’t like it. For someone who was upset about Grams she keeps defying her wishes. Bonnie you don’t belong to yourself, you’re dingbat’s.

    • fifi

      Which is good!! Crazy bonnie is exactly what I need to see. She never gets to lash out or make mistakes.She saves everyone around her and she’s the one with absentee parents,one of them being a vampire, most of her friends are too self centered to realize how lonely she is, everyone has a boyfriend or something except her, I would TOTALLY understand if she got evil. It would make her character even more interesting and maybe her so called friends will realize what they’ve done to her (unintentionally but still).

      Anyway did anyone else thought Jeremy screaming when the mark was appearing was laughable! seriously.I just can’t take him seriously.Plus I was expecting a Salvatore fight after Damon punched stefan and Jeremy ruined it.
      I thought the way they killed kol was too easy BUT I loved loved loved Klaus’ reaction. I found myself actually wishing he burnt that house…But bad ass bonnie was amazing too..Ah …Bonnie Vs Klaus : the ultimate showdown!! They made this episode great, along with Stefan &Rebekah’s mean-yet-cute comments to each other.I love Stelena but Stefan needs a break, the way his world revolved so much about Elena wasn’t healthy. All in all I hope next episode will live up to this (I doubt it though but we shall see).

      • cacherr1

        you can tell Stefan was about kick Damon’s ass but Jeremy’s ripping his shirt was hilarious, cause really that isn’t even a real reaction to being in pain. Ian been talking about he been spending more time getting his ass kicked and I of course ship Damon with immense pain.

    • S.

      Lexi’s death had a purpose. Damon killing her kept the council from suspecting them as the vampires in town plus it proved that he was a trusted friend of the town ensuring that he would be consulted on everything. It was actually kind of smart, but also a dick move as he could have found a different vampire to use instead of the one whose death would hurt Stefan the most.

      • cacherr1

        That is the only time anything he did had purpose…and I can only think of maybe two other things having purpose, but what Damon said was load of bs as 98% of the bad things he done in the series had no purpose or legit reason. I know some folks try to reason Mason’s death, Damon admitted he murder Mason for no reason (his exact words he didn’t need to do that).

        • S.

          I do agree that Damon’s words, as a whole, were ‘debatable’ :).

      • cacherr1

        I reread my original post I did state killing Lexie had a purpose behind it so I don’t understand why you needed to explain that, many folks got why he did it. but my point is after he found out that Katherine was not in the tomb majority of his horrible actions had no purpose.

        • Stefanfav

          even before he found out Katherine was not in the tomb, his horrible actions had no purpose. He raped/compelled abused Caroline. Random killings on the road. And what about the teacher that he killed. And Vicky. He just snapped her neck coz he was bored.

        • S.

          You’re right. It didn’t come through the first time I read it due to the missing commas, but your meaning became clearer when I reread it slower.

      • katherine_fan

        Damon didn’t have to kill Lexi in order to get close to the council members.He is a Salvatore,his ‘uncle’ was ”out of town”, he earned their trust even more when he supplied Liz with vervain-he would get in either way.Nobody suspected him or Stefan for being vampires because back then,the council didn’t know vamps could walk in the sun and honestly,if Damon didn’t want people to suspect him as a vampire,he shouldn’t have killed all these people in the first place.The only reason he killed Lexi was to hurt Stefan.

        • cacherr1

          I was going to state that but Lexi took the fall (cause he set her up) for his horrible actions that he was doing for no reason.

    • QMargo

      I still can’t believe Klaus asked Damon for advice om Caroline…I mean, if only Klaus knew he was asking a rapist on advice about his former victim.

      • cacherr1

        writer’s just like to ignore things and I do give it slight pass as I am not sure if Klaus is aware of Damon’s former treatment of Caroline (you know since the writers refuse to let Caroline discuss her real issues and just Elena trivialize it instead) and he did know Damon would be dead (you know as much as I find KC just as ridiculous as DE) but it ironic like the whole lighting lamps ceremony Damon bailed on cause it was dumb as most of the folks named were dead because of Damon. Their whole mitch conversation (you can date Kevin Hart’s Real Husbands of Hollywood) was just straight up bullcrap. Writers need quit with the Damon’s revisionist storyline as that not character development and netflix exist so fans can now look back on to see if Damon making ish up.

  • Honestly, I’m glad Kol died. You see, some fangirls just can’t stand to see a pretty guy die or suffer, and that’s the main reason MANY of them choose Delena. I’m not saying that’s the case of any of you, I’m just saying that’s something I’ve realized because I have a lot of girl friends that watch this show and think like that. In my opinion, Kol couldn’t be more useless, plus, he’s annoying as hell, and, his death, earned me a good laugh of triumph. I’m glad that this came from Elena’s mind, her plan worked (couple flaws, but still… It worked!!) and I’m glad that they didn’t drag that whole mark thing. It is complete now, and we can all move on to find the cure.

    So, “A View To A Kill” is my favorite episode of the Vampire Diaries. Ever. I know, this show is epic, and it’s hard to say that, but… I don’t know, I just felt that everything felt right into place last night. As Michael said, they’ve pointed out every single thing that was wrong, and it’s clear that they’re trying to fix it. Also, I’m glad that Bonnie finally got a VERY DECENT storyline. And you see, I’m not trying to judge the character. She always tried to protect Elena, that was always her main use on this show. But her dad tried to stopped her by calling her mom, and I believe normal Bonnie wouldn’t do what she did. We clearly know few about this “expression” stuff, and it’s clearly messing with her head. She’s doing magic without the help of the spirits, and that’s turning her evil. A kind of magic that is capable to unleash someone who’s going to burn down earth gotta be bad, and I think she’s getting possessed by it.

    I’m tired of Damon. I’ve never liked him, to be honest. Of course, he did a lot of great stuff so far, and he’s all-so-sarcastic and everything, but… Seriously? He got mad at Stefan for locking him and bleeding him dry? Stefan did this because he was going to kill Jeremy. He avenged himself by blabbing to Elena that Rebekah as Stefan had slept together, and dude, that was annoying. Honestly, I used to be Stelena, and I guess I’ll be glad if Elena goes back to being human and in love with Stefan. But, and I’m serious, I can imagine the picture: Elena is once again human, and she chooses Stefan, but he says he’s not in love with her anymore and STARTS DATING REBEKAH. Yeah, Stelena is great, but Stebekah (?) is greater now. I guess I’m glad with both scenarios. I love Elena as a character, but not when she’s with Damon. I know, almost everyone disagrees with me but… What can I do?

    Just to conclude, I gotta say that the final scene worked as a whole: Bonnie’s demonstration of power, the gossip-girly scene at Salvatore’s manor, Jeremy ripping off his shirt to reveal the mark and Damon’s “here we go” (see, his sarcasm makes him a little bit worthwhile). I just loved last night’s episode to the point I couldn’t sit tight while watching it. I don’t believe next week’s will live up to this one, but I think the writers are on the right track making the show epic as once it was on season 2. This episode started it. I can’t wait for next week’s.

    • QMargo

      I agree, Damon acted like such a child here, no wait a teenager when he rated Stefan out….not only in front of Elena but everyone else as well. I mean, I get it if he would mention it in a private tete-à- tête but this was such a dick move I kind of got annoyed that Jeremy’s stupid mark interrupted what looked like Stefan about kick his ass or even better throw some good punch line!

      • cacherr1

        it wasn’t a dick move it went into straight mitch (male bitch) move there especially since he follow it up with a punch that was unneccesary (cause it not like Stefan was wrong as Damon did command Elena after her i love you to go see him and never mind the fact most issues Elena’s had is due to him saying things aka the whole spitting up blood). If I was Damon I would be wondering why Elena keeps raging over Beks and Stefan, she wasn’t this upset when he did that and the big difference is Damon bump uglies with Beks no more than 24 hours after she attempted to murder Elena.

        • QMargo

          thank you for introducing me to ‘mitch’!

    • Pellinore

      Kol was such an insignifcant character though. If only to prove the point that a pretty face does not mean you deserve to live then they could have killed off Damon or Klaus. Not that they would, but Kol was really just an annoying wasted opportunity. But otherwise I’m in complete agreement with you.

  • Drac1753

    It was one of the best episodes but i’m sad to see Kol die, he had a lot of potential and would have been great on the original spin off. I hope Klaus does go crazy revenge mode and become more of a threat, like he was at the end of season 2, but we all know nothing is going to happen to the main characters.

    The morality is so messed up in the show, earlier on the season Stefan stopped Elena from killing Rebekah because a lot of vampires would be wiped out and now they had no problem doing the same to Kol, and they have no basis of accusing Klaus of being a villain when they are no better than him. The most laughable part was when Damon says he does bad things for a reason, which is clearly not true (raping Caroline), while Klaus does bad things just for fun. In the end I have no sympathy for the main characters if terrible things happen to them.

    Also we might see Kol and other dead people again, Shane did say that anyone who died to free Silas would be resurrected by him

    • cacherr1

      yeah that whole convo between Damon and Klaus was just laughable. Damon doesn’t do bad things with purpose the only his season 1 actions except the gross treatment of Caroline had a purpose. That line apply more to Klaus than Damon. Hell it applies to Stefan but Damon no.

      I want to add anyone notice Elena had different standards for the Salvatores…she has higher ones for Stefan and low ones for Damon who she seems to forget bang Rebekah two days after trying to murder her incident. This revisionist story for Damon needs to stop as it is not that hard to redeem Damon in the proper fashion and revising what happen in season 1 and 2 is not the right way.

      Also Damon needs to just shut the hell up…so I guess he the only one allow to lie now? I hope Klaus burns their mansion and gilbert house down those four losers would be homeless cause guess who ass is not staying at Bonnie’s.

    • Stefanfav

      In fact, it’s the other way around. Klaus is the one who do bad things for reason such as for his big purpose. Like to break hybrid curse, to search for moonstone, to create more hybrids, to search for cure, etc. He has big big purposes. I have not seen him murdered or being a jerk to whatever is not in his purpose. And he kills for revenge too. Like those who betrayed him, he will kill them but with sadness. You could see his face while he killed those 12 hybrids. He was feeling hurt as he was killing.

      But Damon has never killed anyone for purpose except maybe Lexi. Even that he framed her just to cover his ass. He doesn’t have any big purpose. Most of his killings are due to his emotional breakdown, just for fun, out of boredom, heartbreaks, or bully the weaks, etc.

      Why the writers minds are so twisted that they got this wrong. And they were trying to defend or give excuse to Damon that all these killings are forgivable. He had never shown remorse of any kind. He just stopped doing temporarily just in front of Elena just to show her he changed. He never felt remorse or felt bad for all the things he did. He never even apologized Caroline. He knows she hates him for what he had done in Season 1. But he simply ignored that fact. The thing with Damon is that he never shown sincerity. He only tries to pretend to be good just so that Elena will forget what horrible things he did and will choose him.

      • Tiffany

        Hear, Hear!

  • I honestly thought this was such a great episode. And… though I hate to admit it as a hardcore Stelena shipper, I just really love Stefan and Rebekah together. Elena is really getting on my nerves and so is Damon… But I just love Rebekah more and more for each episode!

    Though I was surprisingly sad to see Kol die, I thought it was a great twist with the Hunter’s Mark thing. Let’s just hope they didn’t know anyone Kol had turned over the years … ^^

  • QMargo

    I don’t think i laughed as much as when I heard Kol referring to Elena as Mary Sue, because before that one, I thought all the references were just a part of my imagination – but then it got real – LOL even the show acknowledged that! Haha! I as an active fan forum persona am delighted to see my comments being referenced on the show!

  • Tiffany

    A plus! I agree. But I’m having a hard time understanding something:

    Matt and Stefan were working to get a dagger/stake(?) from Rebekah to kill Kol or just dagger Rebekah? Then Jeremy had the stake/dagger that kills Kol for good? Where did he get that?

    But otherwise, loved, loved, loved this episode. Bonnie is so kick ass. I’ve been waiting for her to get her own storyline for a long time because I know she can deliver if given the chance. So even though she is still on Elena’s side, her parents and Shane provide her some more character development. I do hope she forsakes her friendship with Elena at some point.

    And I have a new respect for Klaus. After he performed the ritual to make hybrids that turned out to be useless, I felt his presence was quite useless. But he did so well in this episode. He eyes, his anguished scream. Love it (high pitched squeal). I loved how he said he could give two shits for his hybrids and planned to kill them all anyway. Why does he want the cure then? I hope he really is over his hybrids and has a new agenda to bring his family back together. Elijah please!

    Damon, are you kidding? Do the writer’s honestly think we can forget all the horrible things Damon did just for the fun of it? To revel in his vampire nature, for revenge, for distraction? Turn off the humanity . . . Don’t get me wrong–I love me some Damon, but I want him to be honest. I don’t want the writers to try to shove some bullshit down our throats.

    Rebekah and Stefan. I support a strong friendship with benefits for these two. Rebekah did love him, and though she didn’t make Stefan a “better person” like Lexie and Elena, I think he could help her be a better person. I love how hurt Elena looked after finding out about them. Uhh…bitch you done slept with his brother, I think he can sleep with the girl that killed you. Burn. Love it. Did I mention that already?

    Miss Caroline and Tyler though. Doesn’t look like they are in the next episode. They should really smarten up and get the hell out of there anyway. There is really nothing for them there besides Caroline’s mother. Perhaps they can have their own exciting storyline. Too much to hope for? Ok, I’ll settle for more Bonnie the Bad Ass.

    Photo Recap for an A plus episode?

    • katherine_fan

      Kol had the stake in his jacket.Elena took it from him when they were fighting and gave it to Jeremy in order to kill Kol .Once Jeremy killed Kol he took it with him.
      Rebekah had a dagger and she gave it to Stefan
      so that Jeremy could use it on Kol.
      Klaus wanted the cure found because he wanted to destroy it.
      Caroline and Tyler definitely need to get out of town or at least stop hanging with Elena.The girl has always been a death magnet but now she’s really lost it.

      • Tiffany

        Thanks Katherine Fan. Can you or anyone else help clear up some more confusion? I know Originals have to stay daggered or they wake up. Except for when they are daggered by a/the . . .? And if that is what Kol had, he got it from Rebekah? She was threatening to kill him forever, then he threatened to kill her forever? So if he took it, why did Rebekah have a dagger too? Aslo, I know Kol was daggered and covered in vervain water, but why did he burst into flames? I’m lost!

        • Drac1753

          The stake which killed Kol was the white oak stake that Esther made indestructible with the Gilbert ring. Rebekah took the stake from Caroline and Kol took it from Rebekah in After School Special. The dagger that Rebekah had was the one Klaus used on her and which April removed later. Kol kept the stake with him and Elena took it off him and gave it to Jeremy when they were fighting. The white oak stake is the only way to permanently kill an original

        • katherine_fan

          Let’s see…
          Originals have to stay daggered or they’ll wake up.They can also wake up if you stake them with a ‘regular’wooden stake-they die temporarily but they wake up on their own (Elijah in ‘Rose’).The only stake that can truly kill them is the silver white oak stake Jer used on Kol.When the Originals are staked with that thing,they burst into flames.
          When April undaggered Rebekah,Bex kept that dagger (which Klaus had used on her) and she was going to use it on Kol.Rebekah stole from Stefan the white oak stake and afterwards Kol stole it from Rebekah.Kol was about to kill Bex with the stake when Bex threatened to use the only dagger she had on him.
          I hope that helped.

  • omgqt

    Damon Elena bores me. Stefan Rebekah is even more entertaining but let’s be honest, anyone with Mary Sue becomes boring.
    The episode was pretty good but i think they should let Kol to be in the show a bit longer. Killing him was predictable and show should not do predictable things.

  • Pellinore

    I just gotta say that ish Jeremy nearly pulled with Abby was unbelievable for me. And then to have Bonnie just coddle him after he nearly kills her mother. Abby may have been questionably absent from Bonnie’s life, due mostly to very poor writing, but I found Jeremy’s attempt to kill her just infuriating. And I get that somewhat like Elena Bonnie may not be in her right state of mind, esp considering how much of a death wish she has compared to other characters, but other than her parents no one else questions her behavior. I guess as long as she’s useful and present when she’s needed no one really cares. And I think someone else already mentioned that Jeremy used to be at least one person who was concerned for her well-being. Guess that story arc dried up after he cheated on her with a ghost.