I can’t apologize enough for the tardiness. February is a busy month for me; I think I’ve said this before. But I still wanted a space for us to discuss the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, which was a great improvement over last week’s. In that sense, I’m much more forgiving of last week’s episode, as it was the first of a two-parter episode, but I’m not entirely convinced that this is the breakout episode everyone is making it out to be. On one hand, we have Katherine coming back and that’s just the best thing that’s happened to this show in a year. But on the other, I feel like a lot of the twists… we saw coming.

For one, yawn at Tyler running out of town for what now feels like the millionth time…and Klaus saying he’s showing people mercy. Second, we have all mentioned that it was a huge possibility that there was only one dose of the cure, here in the comments sections of these reviews. And lastly, as much as I want to care about Jeremy’s supposed real death, I didn’t. Did this happen to anyone else? I sort of chuckled about it for two reasons: (A) Maybe I’m desensitized after he has died a dozen times on the show now; (B) This being Vampire Diaries as of late, I’m expecting him to be resurrected somehow.

But if I think about Jeremy’s death and what it could mean for the show, I just hope that it allows Elena to become a more interesting character. Even in this episode, as a vampire, people were trying to protect her. Screw that. I want Elena to get her hands dirty and start doing stuff. And I want the people around her to stop coddling her like a little child. My favorite part in this episode — besides Katherine, obviously — was when Elena said that everyone is in danger again because of her. YES! I love that. It makes me incredibly happy how much more self-aware the series has become in the second half of this season. But more so, I’m hoping that Elena sort of actually absorbs what she said, and maybe at some point she’ll stop being like a baton that people pass around. Don’t get me wrong, she has done a few things in the series’ run. But most of those acts were self-harm. If you do this, I will kill myself and you won’t have any doppelgänger blood. Even in this episode, as much as it was selfless and true growing up moment for her, Elena is someone who puts other people’s lives ahead of hers… it’s just that her actions don’t exactly align with that. The Elena that killed a hunter, I want that back and it either has to have actual consequences or be a result of her “turning off her humanity.”

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Because as the show has been hinting at for some time, Elena may not be all that different from Katherine.

So yes, maybe some of the logistics didn’t exactly make sense, but at this point…that’s just The Vampire Diaries. The last few minutes of the episode truly saved it, in that they made it kind of badass. Plus, you know, KATHERINE WAS BACK. We’ve missed you so much Katherine! Now… Why does Katherine want the Cure? And who will actually end up taking it? My guess is that she also just wants to make Klaus human again and get rid of him as a threat. But if I had to think about who on the show will actually take the Cure, it would be Damon. For one, it would remove that pesky sire bond storyline, but secondly, I feel as though they’ve been hinting at it too strongly. “I don’t want to be human! That would be awful! Etc!” The past few episode have also been trying to remind us that he’s selfless (even though he allowed Klaus to murder like a dozen people just a month ago, but whatever).

It just wouldn’t make sense to waste Elena’s potential. We know it’s not Klaus because he’s going to New Orleans, and so on. Who do you guys think will eventually take the Cure? And what did you think of the episode?

Michael Collado
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  • MG

    i cant wait for your photo recap. and yes i agree with u. and the only best part was last few minutes with Katherine. THE BITCH IS BACK <3

  • Jessica

    Like you said, Katherine coming back was the best thing to happen this season. Nina is AMAZING as her and I just hope we get to see more of the character moving forward.

    As for Jeremy’s death. Blah. Over it. I hope he stays dead, at least for a few episodes. It would be awesome to see both Elena and Bonnie go postal as a result.

    More importantly, where is ELIJAH? If he is working alongside Katherine that would make up for so much this season.

  • BruNzr

    I don’t know, I love Jeremy, but I’m tired of everyone that dies coming back, because that has made me not worry about anyone’s lives since, even if you die, you can come back… Yet, I don’t know if I hope he stays dead or if he comes back.

    I am so happy that Katherine’s back!

  • Well Damon does become human in the books and ever since the cure story line was introduced in the TV version I immediately thought it was going towards Damon. I also didn’t get emotional about Jeremy because we all know he is coming back some how because isn’t Silas going to resurrect people. The only thing that I am excited about with Jeremy’s death is Elena getting a pair and serving some sort of purpose instead of this damsel in distress and Bonnie going to the dark side and being a powerful bad ass witch. I also agree with the fact that Katherine coming back is a good thing and is it just me or when Nina portrays Katherine her acting is hell of a lot of better than when she portrays Elena. Elena is already about herself so I imagine with turning off the humanity these characteristics will be even more focused and there really will not be a difference between her and Katherine.

    • brittany

      I can’t say that I even see a difference between the two now….well wait, the only difference between the two that I can think of is that whereas Katherine has admitted she is in it for herself, Elena still clings to the idea that she’s a good person and that the ends justify the means.

      • I’m currently re reading the vampire diaries (I read them years ago) and I thought about the same thing while reading the books again. In the books Elena is a bitch, but she full on admits that she is and happens to be really selfish all about herself, but she owns it while the TV version not so much. What I don’t understand is the fact that both brothers have said that they love how she cares so much blah blah and she’s this anti Katherine which is why they were both so attracted to her in the first place so if she turns of her humanity will she still be so attractive to them when she is basically Katherine.

        • brittany

          GOOD POINT!!!
          And sheesh if that’s what attracted them to her then I wish to raise the question of why aren’t they both panting after Caroline or Bonnie hahaha! Both caring creatures but with less danger attached to them than the doppelgangers lmbo.

  • brittany

    I hope they don’t waste the cure on Elena frankly, 1) girl doesn’t deserve it 2) she’ll just wind up in another dangerous situation and turn back into a bloodsucker -__- Caroline is the only one (or maybe Bekah) I’d like to see get the cure.

    “I want Elena to get her hands dirty and start doing stuff.”

    Lol she’s already orchestrated the murder of an original and the deaths of possibly 1000+ vampires, what more do you want her to do? She’s as dirty as they come from the act alone let alone her past foolishness that has indirectly caused harm to her loved ones. No what I want to see in re: to Elena, is her having to go through her grief & etc ALONE. I want her to be on her own, with no Bonnie or Stefan or Damon or Caroline or even Matt there to hold her hand. That sounds cruel but she’s always going on about how she loses everyone but that’s silly to say when she still has tons of people willing and ready to sacrifice their selves and others in her name. So I feel like the writers should give her what she’s asking for, make her be totally alone.

    • LOL yes! But whenever she does something her hands remain clean. She’s like “Oh I’ll just kill a bajillion vampires, as long as I’m not one of them.” This episode sort of started showing that she’s kind of aware that people are always dying because of her. And even then, people still think they need to protect her. Like… STAHP.

      • brittany

        And Michael where’s my review of Scandal, I needs it!!! *eye twitch*

        • Is it okay if I just say that I liked the new episode a lot!? It was GREAT. I liked the reset enough and David as a client was inspired! The whole Fitz and Olivia get it on for the umpteenth time was kind of aggravating (though fun to watch), but that scene was all about what Fitz told her afterwards. Amazing.

          • brittany

            I wanted to uppercut Fitz punk butt for what he said to her afterwards. I like Olitz’ passion but ugh I just don’t like how Fitz manhandles her though. When he wants to be a douche, he really is a grade a douche! I should have known this from the way he treated Mellie earlier lol.

            I hope the Gladiators get another person added to their team, possibly David you think?

            Your thoughts on the new guy, Captain Ballard? I was rooting for the new love interest for Liv but then THAT ending scene kind of made me draw back haha. I’m crossing my fingers that the theory is right and he can be redeemed in my eyes.

          • Can I just say I loved Fitz nonchalant face when Mellie goes down on him that was hilarious. Agree with you on Fitz being an ass, but that man is so hurt right now and it’s obvious his wife hasn’t been helping him out at all. After cloestgate Fitz still waits for Olivia to clean herself up and closes the door after her not to mention he is still wearing that flag pin that she gave him. I think Captain Jake is the mole that ruined the navy seal mission that Fitz and his cabinet were talking about. What do you think the Captain’s role is and I also agree on David being a new gladiator I just want the poor guy to catch a break.

          • brittany

            The theory going around is that captain ballard was hired by FITZ to watch Liv and make sure she keeps quiet on defiance possibly. Because right about now she and david rosen are the weak links on keeping that ish quiet. So Ballard keeps surveillance on her but gets closer to her and falls in love with her – which wasn’t a part of Fitz plan. This theory comes from foley’s tweet about having only filmed with KW and TG.

            Lol i love how we just hijacked this convo for Scandal.

          • cacherr1

            i actually don’t think Fitz is involved at all with Ballard. I wouldn’t be surprise if Edison behind is involve considering he is notorious for letting himself in.

          • Billy

            Am I the only one who thinks Rosen is part of a bigger plot to gain the gladiators trust and infiltrate them as an associate to find info about the whole Defiance thing?

          • brittany

            …..I did not even think of that….darn it, that would be pretty clever of him.

    • QMargo

      Thats why I laughed when she said ” everyone deserves the cure as much as I DO” ….I was like what makes you think you a) deserve it and b) as much as everyone else….BACK OF THE LINE!

  • Pellinore

    I get the idea that Jeremy might stay dead since becoming a hunter made him supernatural. So the revive ring wouldn’t work. And if it did it would just destroy his mind even further. And considering Bonnie was just stabbed I figure she’ll be incapacitated for a minute or something. And bringing Jeremy back won’t be easy, assuming it can be done. All I know is if they wanted to get rid of a character it didn’t need to be Jeremy. I would give my right breast for them to just get rid of Stefan, Damon, all the Originals, Elena, Matt, etc. Just people that don’t do shit or do it poorly. And the scenes between Caroline and Tyler were boring and lacked a lot of chemistry. It just looked like Tyler was tired and bored. I think Trevino is going back to LA so he might not be coming back to the show. And I’m tired of seeing Klaus with his abusive behavior and shows of “mercy.” If he’s supposed to be a love interest he’s about as convincing as Damon. Since so much of what goes on this show is based around Elena I can’t see it progressing or evolving into something better. Elena is a terrible character who really doesn’t care about anyone but herself. If she could admit to that it would be one thing. She’d be Katherine essentially and Katherine is a cool character. I’m wondering if they do plan to get rid of Bonnie this season. Wouldn’t surprise me, esp if they decide to make the vampires so powerful that they no longer require magic. Or they just replace Bonnie without another witch. I remember Kat tweeting about the fifth season renewal and it seemed like she left herself out of the congratulatory message. Anyway Jeremy and Tyler are the most attractive men on the show in my opinion. If they get rid of them I’m just going to be looking at ugly, Edward-reminiscent, eye-bulging freaks. Also it’s funny, if Jeremy dies this confirms that every single man who has ever showed an interest in Bonnie is eventually killed off. Every single one.

    • brittany

      “If he’s supposed to be a love interest he’s about as convincing as Damon.”


      Well Jamie didn’t die though *breaks down laughing* Everybody forgets Jamie, don’t nobody want to remember that ridiculousness hahaha!

      • Pellinore

        Oh yeah. Lol. I know, who wants to remember Jamie? Hell I even forgot he existed. He doesn’t show up anymore. He’s disappeared. Besides he’s like . . . her brother. And I don’t trust this show to portray incestuous or questionable relationships while acknowledging those familial associations.

    • fifi

      There aren’t many men who’ve showed interest in bonnie in the first place.

      By the looks of it, Jeremy is really dead(The promo and the synopsis suggest as much, at least). I don’t care about the characters’ level of attractiveness, and to be honest Jeremy isn’t an extremely useful character. I’m just frustrated because his death seem pointless to me.Why kill him..He’s the only family Elena’s got right now.It’s not one of those deaths that sadden you completely but then you go ” Ah this show’s amazing” …It was more of a “WTF…WHY” which frustates me. (It’s kind of like Mike delfino’s death in Desperate Housewives).
      Well I hope that at least, Elena and Bonnie are going to become mad and evil. I’m so tired of their goodness and boring selves.

  • QMargo

    I actually think Caroline will be cured…by accident, because remember she said the odds were against her and “its not like I am going to get it anyway” and according to tv cliches genre – that usually seals a character’s fate with regrads to something important….curing Damon would be too ugghhh..

    • fifi

      Caroline has little screen time.Her becoming a human has no impact on the other’s life and honestly, it’s not remotely interesting.
      The only 2 people that I would love to see in human form are Damon & Klaus. But I highly doubt that the writers would risk making Klaus a human so I would bet on Damon, the guy who enjoys being a vampire, has no guilt and would be nothing without the power that being a vampire provides him. Plus we would FINALLY hear the end of that sire bond nonsense

      • QMargo

        Well whoever gets cured to be cured I hope its not Elena, she does not deserve it.

      • JELLO

        In the book Damon dies and comes back as a human. Maybe they’ll add that to the show. I hope not. I hope Elena becomes human before the season ends.


    I hope Elena takes it, I don’t like her as a vampire.
    I’m left wanting more after this episode.

  • Fifi

    I know many other more important things happened in last week’s episode BUT
    Anyone was as annoyed as me by Stefan returning to his old self and sympathizing with Elena. I hate when he gets some form of dignity , and everybody’s rooting for him, and he’s being sarcastic and funny and everything and 2 seconds later he’s back to his Elena-obsessed self; like ” You slept with my brother 5mn after we broke up for reasons I still don’t understand and I was super mad last episode, but yeah..Let’s talk and smile like nothing ever happened ”
    Thank God Rebekah is here so that I can get my weekly dose of Elena-bashing.


    I hate Katherine; she needs to
    die this season.
    I know Jeremy will be back, and
    Rebekah is pregnant so she’ll be gone for a bit.
    I’m sure Tyler will come back
    after Klaus leaves to New Orleans.
    I think whoever leaves the show
    will be temporarily.
    Once Elena takes the cure she can go back with Stefan, I don’t like her with Damon.
    Maybe Caroline will leave to be with Tyler if he doesn’t come back, or she can go to New Orleans to be with Klaus.

    • Pellinore

      You mean the actress playing Rebekah is pregnant? And Tyler might come back. It’s promising if there are new seasons but the actor is going back to LA.

  • lavenderlilly

    Buuut, since katherine killed jeremy (a hunter) isn’t she supposed to get crazy mad or something?

    • No, Silas would probably go crazy since she/he/it’s the one who killed Jeremy.

      • cacherr1

        probably not as the curse is for vampires who kill hunters and it imply Silas is not a vampire.

        • JELLO

          Well shane is dead and Silas has taken over his body. This will probably continue until next season. I think he will be the new bad guy since Klaus is leaving. Silas will not have the curse, and I think Katherine won’t either since she didn’t really kill Jeremy. Silas broke his neck and drained his blood.

  • katherine_fan

    *I thought the previous ep was better.Oh,no not better,more fun.Because of Rebekah.This ep was a snooze fest and the only thing memorable was Katherine’s return (SQUEEEEE!!!).
    *I didn’t even blink when Jer died.I liked Jer,but he was a plot device for most of the season and come on his death was boring.Neck snap,really?
    *Vaughn is great!
    *You mentioned Elena is self-aware.I don’t see it that way.I think Elena is self-centered. She keeps whining ‘EEEEVERYTHING IS MAH FAUULT!’ not because she feels bad about whatever is happening at any given moment or because she is selfless and cares about other people’s feelings,but because she thinks that the whole world evolves around her.People have spoiled her that way.I agree with Stefan:Everyone was there because they wanted to be and some of these people are not on the island because of Elena or not just for Elena.Bex was there for her own sake,so was Stefan (for the most part),Shane had come up with this plan long before he met Elena because he wanted to raise Silas,Bonnie wanted the cure for her mom,etc.If Elena really needs to make it all about herself,then maybe she should say ‘We wouldn’t have been be on this island if I hadn’t helped my brother commit genocide and everyone I know including myself hadn’t been so stupid and selfish,we trusted the least trustworthy person to help us”-that would be self-awareness.
    The glorious days of tvd died 2 years ago.Shame.

  • Nanny

    I so agree about having problems to feel a death. I had to read an article about Tyler really leaving and the actor moving back to L.A. to be sure. With Jeremy it is not clear, but since Nina’s last interview he seems to be dead for real this time. He is kind of supernatural as hunter, so the ring won’t work on him. I also agree seeing to play out sl too often makes it difficult to care. I hope they bring some older characters in and some more logic and Elena more likable again.