Sorry for the late review, once again. Busy times! I have just finished watching the episode, so let’s get to it. This will be kind of short because there isn’t much to say, but I want to give everyone a space to discuss the episode.

I hate to say it this way but… that was kind of boring. Maybe it’s that I’m coming down from the amazing Scandal sort-of-season-finale high or that I keep watching amazing episodes of House of Cards or maybe it’s just that last week’s episode was so good, but to say it bluntly, everything that happened during this episode was kind of not entertaining. It should work — some of it at least. I mean, an episode where Rebekah basically just throws insults at Elena’s way (AND telling all of them they’re basically as evil as she and her family is)? Um, sign me up for that. An episode where people keep remembering all that malignant things Klaus has done to them? Yes, please!

An episode centered around Professor Shane? Now you’re just trying to put me to sleep.

Professor Shane was brought into the season as someone who is creepy, that’s why we dubbed him Creepy Professor. Then, the series continuously made him creepier and creepier. And then we’re left with this hour, where they try to explain so much backstory to rationalize his… well, creepiness… but it was too little too late. By the end of the episode, I don’t think anyone expected Shane to not be out for personal gain.

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What’s been rubbing me the wrong way about this season is that no one has control of their own actions any more. It’s not enough that Jeremy has to be given extra strength to take out vampires, but he also has to have his consciousness overtaken with bloodlust. Elena has been revoked of some of her decisions thanks to the sire bond. Bonnie has been manipulated time and time again by Professor Shane, and now has been dragged deeper because of Expression. It’s as if we can’t even be all that angry at the characters for their actions, as they’re just the culmination of third parties that are playing them like puppets. And on that note, we also can’t relate all that much to them either.

Over in the B-plot, after having Caroline gone for a couple of episodes, she’s used as the damsel in distress again only to be saved by Klaus again. I was loving every bit of it as she was yelling at Klaus about what a monster he was, but then he stabbed the woman he loves and bit her to a hopeful death. Ahhh amoré. And instead of at least having a bit of action with Tyler going full-force with it, the show decides to capitalize on Klaus’ emotional side. (And then tease Klaroline shippers, even though we know he may be shipped off to his own show. Though, I guess they need to redeem him a bit to be the lead of a series.) Good acting during Caroline’s almost-death scene, but I’m so over this show treating murders like misunderstood children. No.

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Anyway, maybe I’m the only one who was a bit let down.

Michael Collado
Mike's a television junkie located in Miami, where he spends all of his time watching TV with his best friends couch and cable access.
  • twanz

    hey i need more recaps plz cuz i usually feel the same way u do.. GG is gone now..

    • Haha! I’m trying to find a new show to recap. I feel like, after what transpired, we should hang up TVD for recapping. Maybe I’m deluded.

      • Bamboo Banga

        Deluded is a harsh word… but is almost accurate

        • Hahaha!!! I love you bihhhs!

  • brittany

    “I’m so over this show treating murders like misunderstood children. No.”

    ^ For this I request the HIGHEST of hi-fives. I completely agree, I’m surprised you gave this a C- for real! Scandal has ruined me for all other shows, I know quality now and I shall not put up with anything less than that 🙂

    • I know, I know! Scandal has been spoiling me!

  • lavenderlilly

    Why the hell would bonnie set fire to the forrest? Isn’t there ANY other spell that doesn’t include environmental damage?

    • Hahahha!!! I think it’s just Expression, which is why the locator spell was different than usual. But c’mon, did you think these people were environmentally conscious?

  • Adam

    i think you are missing something big: Damon’s conversation with Elena at the end. Its good b/c Damon decided to come back to who he is. Damon is selfish and impulsive and lashes out when he is hurt. It’s good to see my favorite character come back.
    In fact ALL of the characters need to come back to thier centers. It seemed Stephen started his journey back in the last episode when he decided to do right by Rebekha.
    TVD has been listless for quite sometime now because the writers muddied up the characterizations. This could be the first step in fixing that problem.

  • I would give this episode a C- too. I think the directing was bad as well as the writing. The subplot didnt serve any purpose besides redeeming Klaus (i guess?) for the new show and be a filler storyline to go along with the main story of the episode. It revealed nothing we havent already known about Klaus. Caroline’s last words to him sounds unconvincing because she was dying and he was the only one who could rescue her. The fact that she had just insulted him to no end just earlier that day didnt help either. This whole plot lacks climax. Everything happened too fast that it didnt feel intense enough and i’m sure i wasn’t the only one who knew for sure Caroline wasnt gonna die like that. Tyler was lame and boring. He disappeared for 2 weeks then suddenly come back bragging about the cure and the way to kill Klaus which he didnt seem to participate in the process of getting it. Or maybe its just me who feel like Tyler wasnt part of any team or any plan of gettig the cure. And then he suddenly offered to give himself to Klaus for Care to be saved, which is lame as hell bcuz i didnt feel like Tyler as a slave hybrid did any good to Klaus in the past and for sure not in thr future. He can betray Klaus anytime now that the side bond is broke , why would Klaus need him? The writers just gave me a bunch of things i don’t care about.

    • brittany

      I laughed when Tyler referred to Elena & company as his friends….I mean bruh, I guess you weren’t around for that time where they all were ready to let you die if it meant Klaus died too….

  • All the scenes with Prof Shane were a snooze fest. Same as Bonnie. I just can’t care about Bonnie as a character. She just kept being used by other people the entire series. It’s tiring and boring to watch her. And it’s hard to see her as a baddass witch as well. Sometimes i wish they just kill her off already so these vampires won’t have anyone to randomly burst out some magic to save their ass.
    Love rebekah for pointing out the truths and insulting Elena. Love Stefan for finally truly thinking about himself, not Elena. And love Damon for being Damon again. It’s great that they do things for themselves, not all about Elena.
    Elena was on the other hand, immature in this episode. And i dont really understand her reason for wanting the cure. At first, i thought she didnt want to be a vampire, but then she broke up with Stefan because he wants to fix her, which gave me an impression that she’s fine with being a vamp. Now she’s suddenly all about the cure and be human again. Ao confusing.

    • brittany

      I love Bonnie but oddly enough I kind of agree with you. I don’t want her to be killed but I would like to see her use her head for once, take of her Elena blinders, and think about her own survival instead. She tried to keep Elena human but dear you and everyone failed, she’s reasonably happy as a vamp so why can’t ya’ll jump off the “we must save elena” train and be about your own lives? Worry about school because with ya’ll attendance record it’s likely ya’ll have to repeat senior year lol.

      It’s hard being a fan of Bonnie’s because you see all she goes through at the hands of others but you just wish she’d speak up finally and say “No, I’m not going to be used anymore, and your threats won’t work either.” I kind of scoffed when she said she belongs to herself now and not to the spirits, no honey, you belong to Elena & company.

      Rebekah gave me such life in this episode >.< I can always count on her to take Elena down a peg 🙂 And Stefan just let her each time, it was awesome.

  • monika

    This episode was so frustrating. Didn’t Damon have a whole monologue just two seasons ago where he said he missed being human more than anything else in the world? WHY THE CONTRADICTION NOW? It was just so unnecessary and stupid and didn’t make any sense for him to turn down Elena and the cure.

    • cacherr1

      well I was not a fan of the monologue he gave two seasons ago as it contradicted all his actions prior to him turning and that whole speech about missing being human had to do with the fact he couldn’t be what Elena wanted to be hence “I miss being human”. I never believe Damon missed being human as he stopped acting human before he even turned (with helping Katherine murder people). Damon’s speech from season 2 was one of those treating murders like they misunderstood as he follow up that speech with killing that girl. I do believe Damon does not want to human as while he may miss aspects of it, Damon has proven he loves being vampire and the only issues with his vampirism stems from Elena not being able to put up with it.

    • Tiffany

      I don’t remember that episode, but I can totally see Damon wanting to be human. The whole point of turning off your humanity is because you hurt so much in the first place. But I’m glad he said no to Elena just because that bitch needs to hear it. Yes, you let go of Stefan who fought compulsion for you and is the only one that respects your decisions for the brother that won’t even turn human for you. Burn!

  • QMargo

    I just find it so interesting that they all talk about the cure as if it is in huge supply and it for everyone who wants it….whereas I think that a) it really does not exist and b) if it does…what if it is only for one person? And since option B looks more promising that mean that in order to solve that issue – the cure would have to be taken by an Original, in order for his entire blood line to become human too – that means, drum role please! – They will have to shuv it down Klaus’s throats to become humans again!

  • Vir

    Please Michael!!! I’m soooo missing your TVD photo recaps!!! (especially since The Greatest Show on Earth, GG, ended) 😛

    • I started doing it a little bit

      • Tiffany

        YES! I told you already–I don’t watch anything else you write about. 🙂

      • Vir

        Thanks!!! I’ll start reading your photo recap now, you’re the best!!