The opening video package of Wednesday’s Idol can only be deemed very Bravo-Real Housewives Franchise(ish.) Each contestant said something or delivered an adage and then their image appeared. I was seriously waiting for Phaedra Parks to pop in there holding a peach, preaching about how she’s a “true southern belle” but I digress. The casts’ task for the night was to take on a song performed by any past contender. First up was Curtis Finch Jr. with Fantasia’s “I Believe.” He started a little low and in comparison to the loud band accompaniment it felt a tad awkward. He of course hit his signature high-note at the end but it didn’t move me. Overall he was just okay.

While Janelle Arthur was singing Montgomery Gentry’s “Gone” all I could think about was Nicki being late and the Jokes Ryan Seacrest made previously to smooth it over. Her performance was fun but easily forgettable. Devin Velez took on Carrie Underwood’s “Temporary Home.” He chose to deviate from his traditional “Spanglish” and although his voice was undeniably beautiful he played it far too safely. I was waiting for things to be shaken up and it never happened…unless I depart from his act altogether and skip to Angela Millers’, of course. She did her THANG to Celine Dion’s “I Surrender.”  The richness of her tone, styling of her clothing, and the compliment of the band were all things that worked in her favor.

Paul Jolley used Scotty McCreary as his inspiration in choosing “Amazed by you.” He was very romantic and poised. It had its boring moments but he brought it home, in the end. Candice Glover’s jumping off point was Jordan Sparks’ rendition of “I Have Nothing.” This girl is literally EVERYTHING. Her makeup was fierce, her song selection was fierce and the choices she made while delivering took the tune to new heights. She would’ve got a full 4/4 judge standing ovation if Mariah’s skirt wasn’t too tight for her to stand. Nicki said all Idols should be banned from singing it ever again, because Candice was THAT GOOD! Her parents have got to be proud of her.

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Lazaro Arbos gave a very underwhelming rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s “Break Away.” I have nothing nice to say so I’ll move on to one of the loves of my life, Kree Harrison.  She sang Roy Obison’s “Crying.” I thought it was a solid performance but I couldn’t help but think that she was downplaying her abilities or overthinking how she should go about her delivery. Get out of your head Kree, and get Jimmy Iovine out as well! Burnell Taylor took on Ruben Studdard’s “Flying without Wings.” The song seemed a little bigger than him and he looked very unsure at the end but I enjoyed the twists he put on it. Tell me this though, was he wearing a leopard shirt under that leather jacket?

Nicki’s “Best of the Night” award went to Amber Holcomb however, I think it should’ve gone to Candice Glover. Amber’s performance seemed rushed and at times sounded like she was competing with the band. Don’t get me wrong, she super-finessed Kelly Clarkson’s “Moment like This” but it was only second-place worthy. I’m not the best at these things but I’m going to predict that Janelle and Lazaro will be in the bottom two.

Now that breaking it down is done and over with, I only have a few things more to say.  Angela Miller, Candice Glover and Amber Holcomb’s performances: Google/YouTube those bihhs. Make it happen…like, now!

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