Tonight, each of the final ten girls made their way to the stage and attested to the fact that American Idol really is about spotlighting talent, at least a handful of them did anyway. The first hour of the show was pretty lame, I must admit. Zoanette (who just –so-happens to remind me of Tiffany Pollard of, “Flavor of Love”) came out with better hair and a less-quirky outfit, to the tune of Tina Turner’s, “What’s Love Got to do With it.” It was pitchy and vocally disappointing. I’ve never understood and still can’t quite comprehend how she has made it this far but I’m hoping that her subpar performance means we’ll soon be saying goodbye.

Breanna Steer took on Beyoncé’s, “Flaws and All.” Although it was conventionally pleasant the song wasn’t suited for her mild temperament. I was waiting for a couple grand powerhouse moments and all I got was one decent note at the end. Aubrey Cleland was basically the same. With Fergie’s, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” she chose to play it safe. The judges mentioned her beauty and her vibrato but honestly unless those two things outweigh all, it isn’t looking good for her. Janelle Arthur redeemed herself from last week with Elvis Presley’s, “If I Can Dream.” The slowness of the song was a tad on the boring side but her voice has all the makings of a classic country artist. I’m not mad at her, at all.

The following performer was Teena Torres who took Nicki’s advice and changed her hair; thank goodness! She sang Faith Hills, “Lost” and it had a solid beginning and end. The middle, however, experienced a throaty-ness that kind of muddled all the lyrics in together. Perhaps the cameras really did distract her, like the judges said. The night started to pick-up once Angela Miller (my boo-thang) took a seat at the piano at keyed away to Colton Dixon’s, “Never Gone.” Parts of her vocals reminded me of all that is amazing about Demi Lovato’s voice and other parts surpassed even that. If she does not survive the eliminations round this week, America will have officially displayed what it is to be “TRIPPIN’.”

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Amber Holcomb (who also, MUST continue her Idol journey) chose to make a statement with Whitney Houston’s, “I Believe You and Me.” She handled it with such poise and ease that you couldn’t help but commend her efforts. Although some of her runs were a little short, she wasn’t bad at all and received a standing ovation from all four of the judges. Sidebar: Her dimples are EVERYTHING. My country girl Kree Harrison shut things down again (as expected) with Faith Hill’s, “Stronger.” First off, her butt and thighs in those jeans needed a round of applause by themselves but that voice…it’s just…too much. I know for a fact it was taking everything in Keith not to get up on that stage and join her. That girl really has an immaculate delivery.

Last week I enjoyed Ms. Cutie-Patootie, Adriana Latonio but this week she was kind of blah. From the beginning of Destiny’s Child’s, “Stand Up for Love” things were a little slow and it never quite picked-up. Even with her big note at the end, it was evident that she made the wrong song choice. Can you say disappointed? The night ended on a high though, with my FAVE Candice Glover. She put a cool twist on John Legend’s, “Ordinary People” and used her runs to destroy the vocal-scale. When she turned her head to the side I knew that it was something serious! If Nicki wasn’t so obsessed with sucking on that lollipop, she would’ve gotten her rightful four-out-of-four-judges standing ovation. Words can’t describe how talented she is. I can hardly wait to see how the guys attempt to top the girls.

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Now that breaking it down is done and over with, I only have a few things more to say. Angela, Kree and Amber’s performances: Google/YouTube those bihhs. Last but not least Candice’s show-stopping closer: Google/YouTube that bihh. Make it happen…like, now!

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    I’m with you on Kree’s butt and thighs! I wish we could vote for them. They were spectacular in those tight jeans!