I’d like to start off by apologizing to my readers (all three of you that keep me goin’) for being absent the past few weeks. It turns out moving across the country is a lot more time consuming than I had thought… anyways, on to the good stuff.

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Archer has always been a show that’s been good at their callbacks. Like Arrested Development’s “The C-Word/The Seaward” gag, Archer is good at bringing audiences back to the same joke time and time again while still delivering a solid laugh. Honestly, that’s probably the biggest thing that this week’s episode, “The Honeymooners” had to offer. Truth be told, if we’re talkin’ plot? This one was a little thin. In fact, it’s not even fair to talk plot because there wasn’t one that was strong enough or inventive enough (not in the usual Archer way, at least) for me to have strong feelings on it. I mean, I liked the chain of command shift, mainly because Lana finally got her dues, but that took up, what? Like, three minutes of the episode? For such a great idea for a storyline, it burnt out a little too quickly for my taste. Sure, it was a fine episode of Archer (and a “fine” episode is a helluva lot better than what a lot of shows have to offer on their best days) but it was missing something. As much as it kills me, the aimlessness of the majority of this season isn’t a great sign for ISIS, but who are we kidding? I’ll keep watching.

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Back to the good stuff, though. The main storyline may have fell a little flat, but there was plenty of action from the sidelines to keep me goin’ for all 20-some minutes of last night’s episode. I think my favorite was the addition of “A little of column A, a little of column B.” It’s such a simple joke, but something about Jon Benjamin’s delivery is just so freakin’ perfect. My hope is that we’ve got a new Archer catchphrase with that one. But “The Honeymooners” did more than some of the simple, but undeniably enjoyable jokes. The overlap? It was great. When Archer began “A little of column A, a little of column…” only to be caught off by Mallory’s “Be advised!” I couldn’t help but laugh. I mean, comedic timing must be a little easier when you’re doing voiceover work, but it was like something out of a Cary Grant/Katharine Hepburn screwball comedy. It was just such a classic gag. Still, “the Honeymooners” didn’t shy away from the weird either. Cheryl’s thing with tranqed tigers… I mean, it’s gotta be one of her weirdest sexual hang-ups yet, right? I mean, that’s not just me.

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Overall, it was the little things that kept “The Honeymooners” afloat. The main plot was… eh, neither bad nor that great. I think they were hoping for more of a pay-off with the reveal at the end, but something about this episode just didn’t entirely work for me. Instead, I just sat back and enjoyed the minor gags of the episode. Between the callbacks and the overlaps, Archer has proven itself a surprisingly sophisticated comedy, I just wish they had shown that in the main plot more.

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  • God I love this show, could not stop laughing last night when I watched it.

  • Thom

    Just noticed that in this episode, sea-lab (from the season finale) is on the front cover of the magazine Cheryl is reading when she is talking about answering to her board of directors for tuntmore towers… it really is the little things!