So who watched the Catfish: The TV Show reunion on Monday? And who else loved it as much as I did?  I knew this was going to be an epic reunion, so I needed to wait until I had ample time to devote my full attention to it before watching.

I’m glad they addressed the relationship between Nev&Max, because I know quite a few women who have their eye on Nev and his carpet chest (which was thankfully also discussed).  And going back to the first episode and seeing how nervous Nev&Max were was adorable.  They are old pros at meeting random strangers now!

A lot of Catfish issues were discussed, like Max’s lack of love and what life on the road was like for them. More behind the scenes Catfish info next season please!

There was a lot of tension on the stage during the reunion, since most of the ‘couples’ hadn’t kept in contact after the show, so sitting them next to each other on a couch definitely made things awkward. The greatest tension by far was between Jasmine and Misty, who had to sit on opposite sides of the stage just to keep from breaking into a physical fight.  Clearly those two aren’t even close to working through their issues.

And even with the awkwardness, there were still some friendships that made it through the big meeting, like the strippers Trina and ‘Scorpio’ and Rico and James (who broke up, but are still great friends).

The most adorable reunion by far was Max and Kim, who are still super good friends that talk all the time, even though they aren’t dating. And Max lost around 200 pounds, so he was looking a lot better than he did in the episode. Good for him. I really wish they had worked it out, but I’m glad they are still close, unlike a lot of the other couples.

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I was sad they didn’t talk to ALL the couples. What about the other couples that were dating? Why didn’t we get to see if they were working things out? I need to know that catfishing can lead to true love! I guess I’ll have to check out the extended reunion online, just to make sure true love really does exist.

So the casting for season 2 is underway.  Who wants to sign up? I’m more than willing to pretend we have an online relationship in order to meet Nev&Max. Who’s in??

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