We’ve reached the end of season three of Pretty Little Liars and for better or for worse we got a lot of questions answered, yet true to tradition the season ended brilliantly, but still gave us new questions to pounder about until the show returns this summer.

Let’s start of with the ‘less important’ stuff. Meaning the few things not revolving around the identity of A and everything that comes with that.

Let’s talk about Ezria for a second. I really liked how they ended things this season, it was kind of inevitable at this point and I thought the show did them justice. I really liked the final goodbye in that cheesy kind of way because it was kind of where it all started and where it ended – for now. Of course they’re end game. It’s like.. destined!

Another couple I really want to discuss is SPOBY!! Didn’t I tell you from the start that Toby wasn’t dead? I feel all psychic and shit, but how I just loved their reunion and I know it’s pretty irrelevant but Troian looked so beautiful this ep, her make up was simply stunning. I liked how she was kind of dark the first part of the ep, being on the A team actually really suited her. Speaking of, I loved how Aria was like “Spencer’s part of the A team. Game over”, but I think I’d liked a little more of a… I don’t scene, I guess, about Spencer ‘betraying’ the girls, but it was good thinking with the whole Red Coat thing.

So, elephant(s) in the room – Ali is supposedly the girl in the red coat and Melissa, Shana & Jenna are definitely not playing on Team Good. I sort of had a feeling it would be Ali in the Red Coat, but I wonder whether the show’s following the books or not with the whole twin thing, though it seemed like Ali never really died because we saw her get pulled up of the ground in a flashback at the end of the episode. Also, it seemed to me like Ali/Red coat was trying to protect the girls as opposed to tormenting them. So I wonder whether Red Coat is really the leader of the A-team that has been tormenting them, or just trying to help them. I’m thinking Ali wanted the girls together in that house to see them, show them that she was still alive before (probably Jenna) set house to the fire and all that. Seems like Mona’s more or less on Team Good now as well? It’s getting really confusing figuring out who’s good and who’s evil, to be honest. So many questions answered and yet… not.

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I really hope season four will turn things around a bit so the girls gets their revenge. If Red Coat/Ali is in fact playing on the good side, then I’d like to see them team up together and bring down the real bitches once and for all! Would be epic. We’ll see. I for one can’t wait ’till season four, what about you guys?

Notes and thoughts

  • What did the girls see in the back of the car at the end of the episode? It’s killing me, like, literally. Any guesses? I’m thinking, Wilden? Ashley? The body people thought was Ali? CeCe? I want to hear some theories!
  • Wonder whether Wren’s in this with Melissa. Seemed like he wasn’t the good guy we all thought in the last ep, and now we know Melissa’s definitely after the girls.
  • Can anyone find me a make up tutorial of Spencer’s ‘A-team’ make up?
  • Whatever will happen to Ezria? Did someone say awkward?
  • Seems like someone’s trying to frame Toby, or is it just me? Probably Jenna, yeah? I think it’s pretty obvious she’s the one who locked in the girls and set fire to the house. Seems like the perfect revenge, eh?
  • I’m actually finding myself wanting to see a lot more of Ali, still so much we don’t know.
  • What the f*ck is up with the whole Shana thing? Kind of weird she just waltzes into the show and hates the girls for no apparent reason.
  • Is it summer yet?
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    Well, for once, things actually happened in this episode. But yeah, like you said, a lot more questions were raised.

    I have to say – I KNEW IT! I KNEW THAT TOBY WAS NOT DEAD! And I knew that he still loved Spencer.

    And I’m glad that “Pookie Bear” has finally broken up with Ezra. About time she actually started caring about preserving his job. That said, that’s not why she broke up with him, but it’s a good outcome for him.

    I have a feeling that they saw Jason’s body in the back of that car. We haven’t seen him for quite a while, and from memory the only thing they have to go on that he’s alive is a text that Spencer got… and of course, A (or whoever is actually evil?) could easily have his phone and could have sent that text.

    THAT SAID, we haven’t seen Noel Kahn for a while. Or Aria’s brother, Mike. Or that Sean guy that Hannah used to date.

    Maybe it was CeCe in the back of the car. But I have a feeling that she’s going to reappear at some stage, and will be evil. Didn’t we just learn that she wasn’t on good terms with Ali just before she died?

    Yeah, it seemed kind of obvious to me that Toby is being framed for starting that fire. But I’m hoping that none of the Liars believe it was him.

    Shana is just some random bihhh. Honestly. And WTF, Jenna is a lesbo now? And is slowly going blind again, which is yay for me because I hate that clown-mouth ho.

    I think Wren is evil. I always have, always will. Don’t trust those too-innocent eyes and supposably “cute” accent. Pure evil.

    Also… if Ali is RedCoat… and Mona was under RedCoat’s instructions… and Ali’s aim is to protect her former friends (which is what it seems like, because she was the one to pull them out of the burning building)… then WHY was Mona evil? Maybe the A-team (or whoever the eff is evil nowadays) was instructing Mona and posing as RedCoat???

    Who effing knows.

    All I know is, they better start wrapping things up. I can’t take much more than one final season. There’s too many plot-holes by now, too much frustration, and not enough happening in most episodes!