Say hello to Spencer 2.0 guys! Though I didn’t really like this episode particularly much, there were definitely some good stuff here and there such as Spencer in Radley and … well, that was kind of the only thing this episode, but every single scene with Troian Bellisario was just absolutely beyond awesome, which is why the episode receives a B- despite a rather dull and insignificant episode.

Let’s start with the less exciting stuff. Detective Wilden is back. Okay, so that rules out my theory from last week that the body in the woods was Detective Wilden instead of Toby, but that still doesn’t mean it’s Toby guys! It just can’t be. Anyways, Ashley and Hanna may or may not move to New York to get away from Wilden and the whole misfortune of hitting a cop with your car and then sinking it like it was the freaking Titanic, but I think we all know it won’t end like that. Nobody leaves Rosewood, and now I’m starting to wonder why? It’s kind of weird. Speaking of weird, what was up with the whole Shana and four-time Olympic gold-medalist Missy Franklin thing? That was just… Yeah, I really don’t know.

In other less exciting stuff we have the whole Ezria situation. Now, I love the couple, I really do. I’m a sucker for epic love stories, but seriously? I mean, they both knew their relationship was wrong when he was her teacher, so he sacrificed his teaching position to be with her. Okay, so maybe Byron had something to do with Ezra losing his job at Hollis in the end, but basically he sacrificed teaching for his relationship with Aria. The point is, no matter how epic their love is, and how much I think we all know they’re going to end up together, it’s very likely that no parent would ever let their daughters near him if they knew he had a relationship with a former student, whether or not they knew the whole story. And now Byron is going to help him? I know it’s not exactly with good intentions, but still. It’s so out there, not to mention the fact that now they’ll probably have to hide their relationship once again because he can’t be dating Aria if he’s going to teach at Rosewood High again, which means Maggie have all the space she needs to move right in on Ezra. You see my point?

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Now, let’s forget about that and get on with the good stuff. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again and again and again: Troian Bellisario has been killing it this season. Just simply killing it. It has been nothing but a joy and entertaining to watch. In this week’s episode we got a really good look at Spencer 2.0, Radley edition, and I loved it. I loved that even though it was clear that she was very much broken inside and out, she still had the Sherlock Holmes syndrom we all love about Spencer. Despite her saying she’s tired and done, she can’t help herself. She wants to know the truth, no, she needs the truth and she won’t let a ‘minor’ mental breakdown stop her. Also, what I loved in this episode and what I really love in general is when they show how close they girls are and how much they need and depend on one another. Like the scene when Spencer tells Dr. Sullivan she just needs to see her friends etc. I loved that, not to forget the scene when Aria threatens Mona by saying: “No you listen! If Spencer doesn’t get better and doesn’t get out of Radley you’re gonna wish you broke your neck when you fell of that cliff!” – Loved it, go Aria! I’m not really sure I agree with the whole ‘Spencer is the weak link’ thing though. I mean, if all the things that has happened to Spencer happened to any of the others, I’d think they’d probably react the same way, maybe even worse. However, I think Hanna is right about the fact that there’s a downside to being as smart as Spencer. Can’t argue with that.

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Notes and thoughts

  • Hanna have the best lines, no doubt about it: “Nothing works underwater. It’s a scientific fact.” “There’s a downside to being too smart.” “Sometimes you poke the bear. Other times, the bear pokes you.”
  • Ezra’s hair looked so good in this episode, it really did.
  • …..
  • Again, weird with the Olympic swimmer, right?


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  • am i the only one who feels a little tired over the A thing?i mean come on,first it was alison’s ”twin sister”,then the whole NAT team,then the cop,then mona,then toby,then the blond chic,then the guy that died on the train,then ali died but maybe she didn’t.and what’s this thing with the devotion to the stupid slut’s(ali) face?she bullied them,made fun with them,insulted them,blackmailed them but then someone says a bad thing about her ”ooohh don’t talk like that!she was our friend!”

    • Well… yes and no. I’m hoping that we’ll finally get some answers in the season finally next week, and I’m really hoping that they’ll mix it up next season. I’d really like to see things get turned around a bit. I’m a bit tired of seeing the girls as constant victims, I want them to know who’s after them and fight back. That would be awesome.