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It’s March and I’m finally not as busy… which means that I actually will start reviewing things again! In the case of Revenge, our previous recapper had other responsibilities, so I figured that I should come in and check in on last season’s breakout hit.

During the show’s second season, plenty of people had been criticizing it for not exactly feeling as it did in season one. Throughout most of it, however, I kept arguing with myself that I didn’t feel differently about the show. It was still entertaining, dammit! And nothing could change my mind!

I was kidding myself. And sometime this year, I finally allowed myself to feel the same; the show had lost itself a bit and became a bit too high-concept. We began watching this show as guilty pleasure escapism, and it was slowly turning into a waning conspiracy theory. So much so, Emily almost-fourth-wall-breakingly states in this episode, “How did I get so far off track?” And it’s a good question, Revenge. How did you get so far off track? This episode (along with the previous episode) seem to be answering, and correcting those derailments. For that, it was a better episode than this season has churned out. We even had great performances from several key characters this episode.

But for all the talk that this episode was going to change what this season has made Revenge into, it really screeched to a halt in its final moments. Emily literally states, “No distractions.”

Oh, look. Her “brother” is in town. Well, okay.

At this point, we just want to see Emily take someone down in her Revengenda, you know? Give us a couple of those as she makes steely eyes at the Graysons. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

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Or maybe that’s just what I want.

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  • I gave this show up a few episodes back. I just found I was forcing myself to watch it. Glad to hear I’m not missing much. I too, just want those steely eyes. Pair that with a black hoodie (which always seems to indicates trouble) and I’d be a happy camper.