Grade: B-/C+? Somewhere around there.

I hate to be that guy who begins with what was lacking (not really), but it really needs to be mentioned: Where the hell was Silas? I know that he was just going around drinking a lot of blood from different hospitals, but what I hate the most about serialized storytelling is when a chapter ends with such a huge cliffhanger — in this case, the physical and “ghost” worlds colliding soon — and then just squanders that momentum. Sure, we got a lot of Elena just being indifferent, or otherwise mean, to people that have almost died on a weekly basis to save her for the past three and a half seasons, but that was basically it.

Although, you know what it probably is: the previous episode was just so good, you know? And the one before that was also not-so-bad in that it featured Katherine. I guess in many ways, this one was just doomed because of that. Let’s inspect what happened this episode:

Elena walks around munching on different people because, “I just don’t care.” Also, she liked this one girl’s blue bow… so you know, she just had to have it. When you can come across such fashionable bows at closeout prices (in this case, free): you just HAVE to have them. So that’s what she does. And then she lets Caroline fall “on her thick head” during a cheerleading routine because… I don’t know, she’s her friend? And who has time for friends when “I just don’t care”? You know? Friends are so useless. Anyway, then she starts stripping in front of Stefan because, “I just don’t care, Stefffffiiiihhhn.” Even though their sex was good sex, she just doesn’t care. And then she texts the two people she still knows who are alive to have a party at the Salvatore House. And Stefan’s all, “Oh no, people are at my house, this is the WORST. They’re outta control!!!! Supernatural evil beings have nothing on these teenagers in my house.” And Elena’s like, “Yeah I texted them… CAUSE I JUST DON’T CARE.”

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Meanwhile, Hayley and Klaus are having a dinner date because they need a reason to go to New Orleans for the back pilot. And then Halyey asks Klaus why he draws, and he literally says it’s because drawing is a metaphor to show that you have control. Literally. Like, the writers made Klaus reason to the audience why they made drawing a part of his character. And then they’re like, “Look. I haven’t gotten it in in a few months. Let’s fuhhh.” And they go do that. (It was super hot, so you know, good for those two. You go, Glenn Cocos!)

Back at the party, Elena attacks Caroline’s mom.

“Why!?” Caroline, pleads.
“Holy fucking shit have you not been listening? I DON’T CARE,” she responds.

This is where I actually wonder if Caroline does have a thick head.

I think the only really good thing that came out of this episode is that Elena (bluntly and matter-of-factly, like everything she said this episode) tells Stefan that his whole world revolves around her. And his face is like, “Oh crap. I should, like, get a hobby.” And then he and Caroline start dancing (and I was really into it, don’t tell me I’m the only one who wants that to happen). That was fun, and good progression for his character. I kind of don’t understand why he switched from being indifferent to her in the past couple of episodes, but we kind of liked that. So bring that back. I also liked that Elena with her emotions cut off was very different from Katherine in both writing and execution by Nina Dobrev. Don’t ever stop; you’re the best!

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Otherwise, we get more of the same. I already get that Damon likes Elena like this. We know that Stefan likes Elena more as a human. Caroline cries about Tyler being away. So on and so forth.

Don’t misunderstand. I kind of do like the New Elena (even though it constantly feels like no matter what, everyone’s just trying to save her. She could be hanging out in a room made of pillows and the episode would be like, “Oh no! Those pillows might only be MILDLY comfortable! Her poor neck!”). It’s not so much that as it was that this episode had about as much subtext as a highlighter. Plus, it felt a bit like a derailment from the real action: Silas and Crazy Bonnie, etc.

I can’t fault the show too much for making a transitional episode, however. These things happen in a 22-episode season, so I think the series is heading into a really fun place in the coming months. Until then, though… well just pretend I’m Elena. What would I say?

Michael Collado
Mike's a television junkie located in Miami, where he spends all of his time watching TV with his best friends couch and cable access.
  • brittany

    It’s going to be like season 3 all over again *weeps*. Leaves us at an exciting point, then filler episodes until close to the end *sighs sadly*. Whatever, I won’t feel too sad about it though, Scandal’s back next week *celebrates*!

    I don’t know about you but that Klaus/Hayley scene pwns every Damon sex scene for me.

  • KH

    I actually threw my arms up in happiness when Stefan carried Caroline over his shoulder to dance. They just need to get together already. I’ve been waiting for so long. I liked Caroline and Tyler but now, to quote Elena, I don’t care anymore. And I never shipped Klaus and Caroline.

    Also, this new Elena kind of annoys me.

  • I agree with KH below, “this new Elena kind of annoys me.” It got to a point where I kind of forgot about Silas, and then I thought HELLO, it was somewhat of an awkward pull toward a new arc in the story.

  • InvestedInYourFuture

    So let me get this straight – they took away Miss Bella Swan’s agency with sirebond and then managed to take it yet again with a switch, effectively making her blameless yet again? for gods sake, why is this show still on air?

    The hilarious fact being – had there been no shitty writing excuses to whitewash the characters like “OMG EMOTION SWITCH” or “OMG SIREBOND” and had the atrocious s2 and S3 never happened – the plot about Elena going off the rails would be actually INTERESTING.

    Now? its just pointless, since the fact that she has no agency means this means absolutely NOTHING to character development(what’s that you say? Oh right, TVD does not use that) and all the convenient excuses she has in place make her retain her boring characterless bella swan “personality” that the show “created” in Season Two.

    Also nice to see that show has not changed – “going evil” for male vampire means ripping shit to pieces. Going evil for female means manipulating….gods, the misogyny and sexism in this is unbearable.

    • InvestedInYourFuture

      Its hilarious on how writers were all “baw haww, let’s change Elena from the books completely because no one would like her. Let’s turn her into boring caring personalityless good-two shoes”, when the show started. Three seasons latter they start to realize that NO ONE liked the change.

      Had they actually not changed her and left her as head-bitch-in-charge ruthless manipulative ice-queen she was in the books – this show would have been actually good. And this concept they have now would not need silly shitty excuses like sire bonds and “emotion switches”.

    • OneOnOne1162

      Although I agree that the sirebond is a silly plot device and this whole switch thing is misused, you realise you don’t have to keep watching this show right?

      What did you think was so bad about season 2? In general, not just concerning Elena.

      Plus I think we could learn some more about the characters through the use of the “emotion switch” if they used it to answer the question of “What would this person be like without their normal inhibitions and emotions to keep their desires in check?” instead of having them always just turn into bloodthirsty hedonistic murderers. Plus plenty of TVD characters have had character development, Caroline for example.

      I don’t really agree with that. Katherine (a female evil character) killed plenty of people and Klaus manipulates and controls people all the time and so did Damon back in season 1.

      • InvestedInYourFuture

        Oh I am no longer watching the show since the absurdity of S3 ended and a couple of hundred years old vampire got defeated by a seatbelt.

        Season Two started off GREAT(minus devolution of Damon’s character, disappointing resolution of S1 cliffhangers and start of lack of realism in how town reacts to anything). You had the building up plotlines, Katherine becoming bigger threat, Elena and Katherine being unsettled by each other, etc….

        And then Masquerade aired and show started falling apart to pieces – any competence Katherine had was gone, she got delegated to a simple fangirl plot device and Elena became more and more of a holy saint second coming of jesus, with the show abandoning the cptsd set up they had going with her and trying to convince the viewer that REALLY Elena is REALLY this saint and this good and this caring.

        At the same time Show decided to completely screw over Damon’s character – oh and then the writers completely forgot EVERYONE ELSE ever existed.

        Seriously barring for Caroline, the show just decided they have no need to develop or establish any of those characters, instead making everyone jump back and forth with no progress of personality growth. Elena of course was the worst victim of this type of writing, as it devolved her from “decent framework” to a pointless, personality-less object everyone protects. Object who is supposedly so perfect and flawless that if you picked up dictionary, located the word Mary-Sue, Elena’s picture would be there.

        The last DECENT thing in this show was introduction of elijah – this badass unstoppable vampire who loved to boast and was nigh unkillable…

        And then the Original family concept was introduced, character plot armor got turned up to eleven, Elena became even more unbearable, Elijah became a wussy and the show fell apart.

        The plot completely fell apart with S3 – IF S2 was just a simple clusterfuck of decent(Caroline’s journey, build up of Klaus) and bad(everything Elena, everything post masquerade plot, FRIGGIN MOONSTONE IN SOAP BOX), Season Three was the TEXTBOOK-DEFINITION of filler-season. Nothing happened, nothing connected, nothing flew together. It was like latest seasons of Supernatural – Stuff just happened for the sake of it as the cast was humming Benny Hill themesong trying to kill Klaus(who was busy in his meticulous evil masterplan of building houses and painting ponies) YET AGAIN. Caroline got delegated into a role of Damsel in Distress, Elena became even more bland, “Ripper” plotline was a horrible flop that made Steffie even more pathetic and Klaus villain buildup went down the drain.

        And then they introduced Esther the Plot Witch and it went worse and worse and worse. I literally sat through S3 for Caroline scenes, feeling like fast-forwarding anything Elena-based.

        Saw the S4 premiere and it was even worse and I dropped this show like a hot potato.

        Remember how Heroes became incredibly dull yet still had some interesting bits in Season Two – That’s TVD S2 till Masquerade.
        Remember how Heroes completely jumped the shark with S3? That’s TVD season two post masquerade.

        Remember how Heroes was a complete boring mess in second half of S3 and then became duller than cereal comercials in S4? That’s TVD Season Three.

        • booboo

          Why do you still comment on the episodes of you don’t watch them anymore?

          • lavenderlilly

            I actually enjoy his comments, so please dont stop 🙂

  • Tiffany

    So this has been bothering me. I don’t understand why EVERYONE thinks it makes sense that Damon should love/like Elena as a vampire that turns her emotions off or why Elena would be in love with Damon at all. Damon fell in love with Elena because she was the opposite of Katherine. He fell in love with her because she was the only one who always saw his humanity when others didn’t–including his brother. And even though he constantly reminded Elena that he wasn’t Stefan, he always manipulated or turned evil for love. First his love of Katherine, then Elena. So I don’t see how an emotionally corrupt Elena is appealing to him.

    Secondly, as I said, Elena has always forgiven Damon for his wrongdoing, but I think it’s because she saw humanity in him. But at the same time, she is always so adamant about having choice, and Stefan is the only brother that has ever willingly honored her choices even if they sucked. So how could she ever love Damon over Stefan when Damon has time and time again stripped her of her choices. I don’t think the sire bond is a good enough excuse. And it certainly does not make sense to me that the sire bond is no longer in effect because she turned her emotions off. Tyler was sired to Klaus even though he didn’t love him or feel any emotions towards him. The whole hybrid plan was for them to torture themselves through repeatedly transitioning to be free of the bond. So Elena being able to shut if off with a flick of a switch is ridiculous.

    I loved when Stefan started letting Elena go. Telling Rebecah to take away his memories, and telling Elena she doesn’t know what he looks like when he’s not in love with her were priceless moments in TVD history. So I’m all for Stefan falling out of love with Elena, and not having his world revolve around her. Though I think it would be too far for him to not try to help her at all. She didn’t give up on him when he turned it off. I like the idea of him and Rebecah because of the love that was there in the 20s. She was willing to leave Klaus to be with Stefan and got daggered for it. Even though he was the Ripper back then, he and Rebecah have come to share a new understanding as she fights to find the cure. Her character is definitely worthy of love. Stefan and Caroline make no sense. Caroline can’t keep jumping to every available dick in Mystic Falls. Let the girl be.

    I hate Hayley, by the way. She is a waste of space that should be filled with Katherine or Silas.

    • I completely agree on the Damon front, but some time ago, the show decided that this is how each of the brothers love her, respectively, and then had other characters tell them as such. So it is what it is.

      As for the sire bond: Elena was a human who is sired as a vampire, which comes from having feelings for the vampire as a human. Tyler (and the other wolves) are sired to Klaus because they feel indebted to him for breaking the werewolf curse of having to transform unwillingly every full moon.

      • Tiffany

        I understand the differences in the sire bonds. I just think it’s cheap for Elena to able to be free of it so easily. Seems like she’s pretty thankful for being a vampire. But of course she doesn’t care. She is so tiresome.

        I forgot to mention how sad it is that Jeremy was completely forgotten. Yes, Elena “turned it off” but Caroline and Stefan should still be sad about his death. We saw a memorial leaflet, and then all the young people party at the Salvatore crib. Goodbye Jeremy. Matt cried over you in his truck, Elena had a short lived breakdown and burned your body. See ya!

        • LMAO “but of course she doesn’t care.” HAHAH! I can’t.

          Yeah, it seemed a bit anticlimactic. And it’s still not an answer to the sire bond… once she turns on her humanity (drink!), it’ll be back.

    • munki28

      You’re so right about Damon and Elena’s love. It’s confusing to me too. I hated that the writers couldn’t be more consistent with their characters, so they have to get people saying it out loud for the viewers and make us see it as a fact.

      Both brothers fell in love with Elena when she was a whiny, self-righteous human. And then she started changing when she became a vampire and did things that she wouldn’t have done if she were still a human, but Damon likes that too. So what exactly did he like about Elena? Or as long as she still looks like Nina Dobrev and still has the name Elena, it’s fine for him? But Stefan got the hate because he didn’t like her sudden change of personality which I think is more realistic.

      I hate this whole sire bond and emotion switch thingy. It’s like an easy escape for the writers. They made Elena choose Stefan but they knew she needs to be with Damon this season or fans will be upset, but they didn’t know how to do it quickly without hurting this perfect nice girl image of Elena, so they decided to put her in a sire bond because this way, everything is beyond her control, Stefan was just in the worst of luck. And then they made everyone say out loud that this is who Elena really is right now (?) and Stefan is the absolute worst for not loving her for who she really is (?). Next, Elena got so annoying and boring as a character, they couldn’t do anything else for her, so let’s just scratch everything, make her switch off emotion and write a whole new character. Well, they did it once with Stefan already, doesn’t this feel repetitive?

    • Thank you! I have been saying the same thing about Damon and Elena since she changed into a vampire! It makes it seem that Damon is so pathetic that he will take her in any way he can while Stefan was honest on why he loved her and this whole change hasn’t been a good one for Elena. This is why it baffles me when the teeny boppers come out and go “oh my god Damon is the best because he loves her both as a human and vampire.” When it’s more like no bitches, Damon is so love deprived that he will take whatever he can get. This was a filler episode for sure and showed why at times Elena is an awful lead character because it went nowhere. How in the world did Elena beat Caroline in a fight when Caroline is older and has fought way more than Elena unless Caroline didn’t try, what a fail! I hope Bonnie puts her in her place if she tries to go after her as well see how Elena does with Bonnie’s cray cray state. Also I loved how Bonnie’s presence was made with Caroline saying she called her and Bonnie was fine. More like no she is not fine and shouldn’t even be by herself since she declared she could kill 12 people and lift an entire veil, TVD logic everyone.

  • MG

    careless Elena seems like wannabe Katherine and i dont like it. There can be only one Katherine <3. Caroline, i felt so bad for her. Why writers wont leave Car and Tyler to be happy :(? At least Matt is finally rich 😀 😀 And Hayely Klaus was hot

    • QMargo

      The new Elena is like Katherine minus the fashion sense and wit – because in all honesty Nina just played a vampire brat…almost like Vicki was.

  • Monika Alem

    Yeah, this was a pretty useless episode. The only good part was Elena telling Stefan that his whole world revolves around her. I also hated all the Hayley/Klaus scenes. Soooo boring. And I just don’t care about Hayley or her search for her parents. Her backstory needs to be fleshed out a lot more so we can feel more invested in her. Also, Stefan + Caroline needs to happen. They have really great chemistry, both as friends and as a potential couple!

  • cacherr1

    Yeah while Elena did burn Stefan he should got her ass back and said it goes both way because she and Damon always on his dick as well. LMAO about fans who call Stefan the stalker brother. What the hell was Damon then as last I check he was the one who kept coming into her room with her unaware and get in her bed uninvited.

    As for her not caring, people don’t care are indifferent to everything. Elena was just mean for no reason and came across as a brat. I wish the writers let Caroline beat her ass (also the reason she won I call bull as from what I saw Elena sucked at hand to hand combat hence why she got a bow) but if they are saving the friend smack down for Bonnie to make this little dumbass take a seat (but knowing the writers Elena win that even though Bonnie can break bones and put two originals in their place). And to end the I don’t care…she going care if her ass end up attacking wrong person and they stake her dumbass.

    As for Hayley, what ever JoMo’s shirt was off for me to even bother. I am not even intrigue by the spin off.

    also I repeat Team Mystic Falls is dumb, there is blood bags missing and you assume Elena did it. Hello Bonnie was talking about killing 12 people (mind you her ass didn’t say human or supernaturals). You know what just like in a horror movie when the characters are so dumb and annoying, all of them deserve to die (except Matt and Bonnie).

    • munki28

      Can’t agree with you more. I don’t even know why Stefan is getting hate when Damon was the one doing the immoral thing of flirting with his bro’s gf. Well yeah, Delena fans may say because Damon saw her first, well Matt saw her before both of them and no one give a damn. Some people try to make Damon look like this pitiful boy who could only stand on the side watching the love of his life in love with his younger bro, when Damon actually has been pretty active in getting her e.g. like you said, showed up in her bedroom at night, went through her underwear wardrobe, showed up in front of her fully naked while his brother had to leave town to save his ass. And when he didn’t get what he wants, just kill some random people on the street or maybe the girl’s brother. But yeah only Stefan is terrible because he slept with Rebekah after breaking up with someone he loved so much. I mean wtf, he harmed nobody by doing that, except for Rebekah’s bed.

      I have mixed feelings about new Elena though. I like it that she’s no longer boring and whiny. She actually said something funny for once. But I’m not quite sure if they really had to create a whole different character and make her like a spoiled brat. Also, still unsure how this switch off emotion thing works. So is she still in love with Damon or not? At the end, it seems like she is. But then, that’s kinda funny too. When she turned into a vampire, only her feelings for Damon was magnified, was it because of the sire bond or was it because feelings for Stefan is not classified as emotion, hence, can’t be magnified? who knows. Then when she turns off emotion, only her feelings for Stefan seemed to be turned off. As she looked like she still loved Damon at the end of this ep. -.- so confusing.

      As for Hayley, big disappointment that JoMo’s first bed scene in this series was with such a useless boring character that nobody gives a damn about except maybe some TSC fans who like this actress so much. I didn’t watch TSC, so I don’t know how awesome she was in there, but here she is just a tad bit better than April at best. I know it’s not her fault that the character is a snooze fest, but her acting IMO is not that great either. She’s one of the major reasons why I’m a bit wary about The Originals.

    • QMargo

      Because when it comes to Damon people always find an excuse but with Stefan its just a trend to bring him down instead of actually understand what he meant by his “all my fault” comment.

  • klaus had ”controlling” sex,plus we saw JoMo’s was a good day.’nuff said.

  • QMargo

    You know as much as I loathed “evil” Elena, she made only one good point this entire episode – everyone’s life revolves around her…LOL yeah because it was so hilarious when it finally hit those idiots that Silas has been risen…so they have a bit more pressing matters to deal with than Elena’s 13 yearold tantrums..because all she did this episode was insult everyone around her and basically I hoped someone would have said and this is the brat we have been putting our asses on the line for the past 3 seasons? I mean, yeah like Stefan said it is not her, but still wished Caroline was not put down this episode both physically and emotionally…still can’t believe Elena could take her down because LOL ONLY NOW does the Alaric training come in handy….like 1 season late….

    As for Klayley – you know I thought I would be more interested in that but basically it looked like the writers stole someone’s fanfiction and made JoMo and Phoebe act it out because…I really did not that sex scene was so ehhhhh whatever I feel bad for JoMo who thought he was gonna get hate mail after this episode,….because yeah, I have no reaction to this except ughhh why is Hayley still a character forced down my throat and when will I get to see Elijah make out with someone as something to give back those 15 minutes wasted on watching Hayley seduce her grandxsomething father.

    • you think that klaus’s bloodline is hayley’s too?i thought about that,to be honest.

      • Pellinore

        Lol, somehow this reminds me of Bill Compton and his great great niece in True Blood.

  • Jello

    Thankfully there are only a few more episodes left and we don’t need to deal with the obnoxious character that Elena has turned into.

    Why did Caroline not kick her ass. I felt it was so fake since she is older, and older vampires are stronger. Please somebody lock her up somewhere until the end of the season where she can take the cure and go back to normal. I think Nina Dovreb is not such a great actress and she needs to stick to playing whiny and sweet Elena.

    If Klaus was really in love with Caroline he would have taken her away somewhere and mad him love her. He is an original and can do whatever he wants.

    Please, I want TVD to go back to how it was originally, mean Damon and nice Stefan. People will stop watching and it will be canceled. Maybe next season they should visit Klaus in New Orleans and get out of that boring town. Matt is so booooring.

  • cacherr1

    Can we talk about Elena telling Caroline she fights like a girl. What in the world? Newsflash: Caroline is a girl and due to the fact Elena like to take her clothes off in front of the boys or unless their was an anatomy change…she’s a girl too. That only shows she was a brat, cause the badass thing to say was Caroline was fighting like a human. I hope Bonnie puts Elena in her place and say she fights like a little Mitch and tells her to bow the fuh down, doppleho.

    • I was going to tweet about that when it happened, ready for all fo the girl power talk that might have happened, but I didn’t want to instigate something that maybe only I saw. So far, it seems no one is talking about it.

      • Eric Pharand

        It’s probably the least anti-feminist line in the series so why waste the effort?

        • Truth. But it was just so blatant, like everything in this episode.

      • cacherr1

        People called it out on tumblr. I get a man wrote the episode (and I am bit sad it was my favorite writer from tvd who wrote that) but seriously way to be obvious. Narducci needs to stick to his Bonnie filled episodes.

        IDK that line made me laugh so hard and I think the reason it got ignored was because majority of people were fawning over JoMo’s tats (I know I was), crying over the Klayley (KC fans), or laughing at the idea of KC fans reaction to the Klayley. But I guess Elena grew the d while we were on hiatus.

    • Tiffany

      Doppleho! Oh, I love it.

  • Hey Michael no notaste que Matt ha dejado de ser un chico pobre por las desgracias de sus amigos. Primero muere Elena y le dan una nueva camioneta ahora Tyler se marcha y le deja su casa. Entonces que tiene que hacer Matt para ir a la universidad que la tierra se abra y trague todo Mystic Falls hacia el infierno hahahahahahhahahaha

    • Ya se, que venga la loca de su madre a disfrutar la nueva cassa y que Elena o alguien se la coma.

    • Hahaha! I love that Matt just gets stuff when people leave or die. Poor Matt has cried so many tears.

  • I liked that Matt got the mansion…

  • cacherr1

    Question though about JoMo’s tats were all those actually his or did the writers/make-up department forgot JoMo was shirtless in the season 2 finale and didn’t have any of those Tats.

    • I’m pretty sure I’ve read that they covered up his tattoos previously, so those must be his.