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Last week on The Vampire Diaries, Elena decided to shut off her humanity (drink!). This week: she just doesn’t care, ugh can’t you tell already? So we decided to make a short video of all the times Elena told other people in “Bring It On” that she doesn’t care or doesn’t feel or otherwise acted apathetic in some way.

Watch it or not. I don’t care.

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Michael Collado
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  • Pfft! I did feel a little like they were shoving it down our throats. Really her actions said it enough we didn’t need a verbal affirmation of it ever five minutes.

    • Agreed when Stefan turned off his emotions we as viewer from his actions and dialogue. Out of the three (Damon, Elena and Stefan) Stefan is much more of a bad ass and dangerous with his off, when Elena does it, it’s like a kitten trying to roar.

  • InvestedInYourFuture

    Top-notch writing quality there, show.

    Someone in the writer’s room: “Quick we are almost starting filming and none of Elena’s lines have been written yet!”
    Julie Plec: “I knooow what to do.” *starts frantically pushing CTRL+C and CTRL+V*

  • Didi

    I think the writer’s have a hard time with the whole shutting off emotions thing. She seemed a bit irritated (an emotion) that she had to keep telling ppl that she doesn’t care. She seemed chipper and laughing at points like she was having fun (implies emotion). Also at times, she was impulsive, which implies emotion. She was displaying some Faith – level, “want, take, have” philosophy. Maybe it would have been better if the switch was related to vamp’s conscience not emotions, then this Elena would make sense.